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Welcome to my page! My name is Anniebirnie( Ann-Marie Birnie). 

So you're meant to use this to practically promote your work but a part of me is like nah, that's not good enough because you can't promote it with out giving away big details of what you have written about and surely 50 words is too little, so if you want to read my work go ahead, doubt anyone even reads this thing any more. 

I have issues with my brain and memories at the moment so please understand if a word isn't spelled properly or a sentance is mixed up. Unfortunately i'm having issues with that because my brain can't get the words or anything out

Slowly and over time i will be dedicating my time to going back onto every single one of my novels and i will re-write them so that i can make it as best as possible since i wrote them when i was 10-11 years old and now i am 18.

My Novels are

Moving on UP!

Moving on UP! is about a girl named Danielle Backworth,Danielle is a teenager with lots of dreams and wishes but when all those dreams and wishes get crushed by her mum when she finds out her mum wants to move to San Francisco to get away from her ex husband Jake Danielle feels crushed. During my Novel there shall be some surprises and some investigations. April Danielle's mum or so she thinks is her mum is jealous of Danielle and Jakes relationship and would do anything to have that relationship with Danielle but how far will she go read and find out. She will find out being betrayed by her family and friends will happen more than a blue moon.

Moving on UP! Unfortunate Events

This is Moving on UP! Unfortunate events. This is a sequel to Moving on UP!. It starts of good but a lot of Unfortunate events will happen. How will they all cope with what happens and what has happened. With April out the way what will happen now, how are they going to cope and especially if someone new trys to kill them but how.Previously-Today is the 30th and Danielle has to meet up with Steve and the person who caused her misery for so many years. When Danielle gets to Deathvine street everyone is there standing the the grave site. Two BANGS went off who has been shot, who's going to die, What's going to happen?

Moving On UP !- New Version 

I have rewritten my original version of "Moving on UP!" and i have changed a fair few things to it, Which i think you should take a look at because in my opinion although the chapters may be based on the same thing it is completely different with new characters and new story lines. I honestly love this new version and i think you will too if you take the time to read it. Any way here's some information:-  Danielle was what some thought a normal girl you would see in the street who lived with her father Jake, She went to one of the most richest school's where she lived. Truthfully Danielle Louise Backworth thought she lived the worst life she could imagine, she had a horrid mother (April ) Who was set out to destroy Danielle as part of revenge for taking the one thing she loved most in her life Jake, ( Danielle's dad) Jake focused all his time on his daughter after April started losing control becoming agressive and controlling but how far is she willing to go to try get back the love her and Jake once had when they first met each other. How far is April willling to go to ensure her daughter doesn't get the happy ending she and her father deserves.

My Stormy Past

This is one of my newer novels where Michelle Rosa Juliette Henderson is sent away to Boarding school by her mother Claire Gold and step- father Donald Gold due to the upcoming events of her granda's passing- where she used to live and her parents expecting Triplets and having no room for all three babies and Michelle in the house. Claire sends her daughter to go live at Henderson Boarding School with her father Tom Henderson ( The principle of the school and the owner of the town) Michelle learns to open up to the people she lives with in more than one way and eventually ends up seeking their help when some one from her past comes to visit and leaves a shocking mark behind. It's your typical Teenage drama with a few twists and turns on the way. Michelle learns to trust new friends, To Love again after being hurt in the past by those she loved. She learns by the end of the novel how quickly she must grow up in order to survive in the world. She learns that there are people just as damaged and twisted as she is an she isn't alone. 


My Stormy World

"My Stormy World" Is the new novel i have created and still in progress of, This novel bases around Devin Lake and what his life was like with his horrid parent's before Tom Henderson stumbles into his small town saves him from not only his parents but also himself. We see him going to Henderson Boarding School and straight away helping out a boy Trevor who is so used to being bullied  by students that he didn't know what kindness was unless it came from teachers or his family. We watch as Devin become's friends with Adam Warner and Krista Tate his best friends and the heart break he faces when he falls in love with Callie Herberston who walks out in the middle of the night. We read how he and Tom got such a strong Relationship with one another and how Michelle Henderson ( Tom's Daughter) Becomes such a crucial part of his life. We see love blossom for him and watch him learn to trust people in a way we have never seen before. We see him make mistakes and having to deal with the consequences, but we also see that The hatred and pain from his past makes him learn what kind of person he doesn't want to be making him feel more protective over Michelle not only because she is Tom's daughter but because he is drawn to the pain she has also expressed linking them both together, having them both understand one another in a way that no one else can. We see Devin's side of the story 

Stick around because this one gets very interesting with lots of twists and turns and truths that maybe no one expected 

My Plans- I'm currently working on My stormy World But after i have finished that novel I have a fair few plans and projects: 

My Stormy Future

My Stormy Nights 

My Stormy Adventure

My Stormy Youth

Hopefully these all goes well and goes to plan but i also have in the works. At the moment i have all these great ideas for "My Stormy" Novels that i'm blocked for others such as: 

Moving On Up Unfortunate Events- New Version. - I have almost finished writing this novel so will soon be moving on to : 

My Unearthing Miracle:  Which i will be focusing all of my time on, I do have some ideas for this but it's getting them into words that i will be focusing on. 

I have big plans but it is trying to find the time to do them all and when i am writing i get all these ideas of how i can adapt something which kind of happened with " My Stormy" Novels. I have a lot of unfinished work but i am slowly getting there... hopefully 


Favourite Quotes

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light"- Albus Dumbledore- Harry Potter 

"If You love someone,You tell them. Even if your scared it's not the right thing. Even If your scared it'll cause problems. Even if your scared it will burn your life to the ground. You say it. You say it out loud."-Mark Sloan.


"What happens when the one who broke your heart, is the only one who can fix it"- Damon Salvator. 

"The worst day of loving someone is the day that you lose them"- Damon Salvator

"A dream is something that fills the emptiness inside you, the one thing that if it came true, all the hurt would go away"- Glee






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