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One Chance (by StephanieJane303 & AriellaElie)

Book / Action and Adventure

Twenty-one-year-old Nicholas Wynne has never been your average guy. He's carried the burden of an overwhelming secret for years, determined and on a mission. But, what happens when a girl shows up and turns things upside down?… Read More



Lovelies, just so you're aware, this is a joint page between AriellaElie & StephanieJane303. And we're here to share our joint story with you. If you'd be willing to read, that is. Either way, here is a little about us, and our work:  alt alt

Unique. Loveable. Shy, and yet friendly. In love with the idea of love. Would love to be an inspiration to others. Laughs a lot-pretty much all the time-even if nothing is actually even funny. Thinks that traveling once a year (at least) is a must. Enjoys soaking up the sun and taking long walks along the beach. Has the craziest family. Ever. And still loves them to death. Gets overly excited about things. Wishes summer could be just a tad bit longer-okay, make that a lot longer. Favorite color is green. Hands down. Plays the piano and hopes to learn guitar, soon. Dreams of being an author someday, with books on the shelves in places like B&N and other various book stores all around the world. Hopes to get a degree in early elementary education. Couldn't live without: My family, my laptop, or my iPod.

Loves: summertime; the thrill of performing; thunderstorms; going on roadtrips with friends; making music; star-gazing; plaing with little kids; dancing in the rain; curling up to read good novels  for hours at a time; the feel of sand between my toes. Likes: smoothies; soccer; owls; nail-polish; midnight showings with friends; shopping; photography.

Strongly dislikes: The sound of silverware scraping against a plate; plagiarists; poor manners; crass, perverse jokes; country music. - Photobucket    Skye Montgomery, a soft-spoken and sweet seventeen-year-old girl, lives in a less-than-perfect-lifestyle of lies, betrayal, and, most of all, secrets. Ever since the marriage of her mother, and step-father, Johnny, Skye has been playing with fire in a dangerous game of How Long can You Keep a Secret?. To make matters worse, she and her boyfriend, Bryan, have a few secrets of their own, as heartbreaking as they may be. And finally, after having had enough of the oppressive secrets and lies, Skye is now searching desperately for a way out. For the dark, withering secrets, are becoming too much to handle. But with each passing day, reality becomes its own revolting nightmare, trouble lurking at the corners of past and present, and complications arise with every solution.        Through it all, Skye manages to grasp onto one good thing: Jules, a charming and mysterious, gentleman who caught more than just her attention. His mystery and charm keep her intrigued, wanting to know more about him, while his caring and angelic ways give her reason to smile again. Though she knows for a fact that she once loved Bryan, Jules makes her question the things she thought were most important in her life, changing her perspective on how things really should be.        But the question is: will Skye be able to claw her way out of the strong holds these men have on her emotions and discover herself before it is too late? The answer: It may not be easy when she’s struggling with two of the strongest emotions. Love and Hate. - {Click here to read} Status: On-going Last update: Chapter twenty-nine Photobucket

Fate brought them together. But love could tear them apart. ---

Iris Winchester’s life hasn’t been simple in a long time. Ever since the tragic car accident that killed both of her parents, but miraculously left her with only minor damage, she’s had a hard time piecing her life back together. Two years passed and now seventeen years of age, Iris is living with her older brother and his roommate, working shifts at a quaint coffee shop while juggling the pressures of her senior year, and longing for the day when she can ditch the little ol’ town for the big city to pursue her acting career. Little does she know that day isn’t too far away . . . Rowan Fitzpatrick’s life has never been simple. Growing up as the son of legendary billionaire, Matthew Fitzpatrick, he’s had to get used to being in the spotlight—especially with the kind of talent he has. Now at the age of seventeen, he’s managed to become a major success in the music industry—along with his twin brother, Kendall—and is about to make a music video for their off-the-charts, hit-single “Catch Me”, with millions of screaming fans dying for a chance to play a part. And to make things a little more interesting, their music video director decides to use a world-wide radio challenge for the casting of the female lead. But what happens when fate decides to bring these two very different people together? Will sparks flare? Or will their very different lives clash? One thing’s for certain: Iris and Rowan’s lives will never be the same again, and one of them is going to need someone to catch them if they fall.

- {Click here to preview} Status: Coming soon Last update: Character Pictures Description: Personal Booksie page: Stephanie Jane 303  Email: Twitter: xRaineOverMe FigmentStephanie Jane Word Press (Blog) : Rain Over Me button.png - Photobucket Photobucket

I'm nineteen years old. I've lived all over the USA. I love to read, act, sing, and write. I love old fashioned romance, and I'm a romantic at heart. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love to daydream. I love to do makeup, and am a amateur makeup artist. I'm absolutely obsessed with history. I love stories. I have a really good memory, and once I've read something or seen something, I can remember/picture it, word-for-word.

I love to hang out with my friends. I love inside jokes, especially with my crazy friends. I hate judgmental people, but I try my best to love my enemies. I love princesses and mermaids, and almost anything that sparkles or has glitter on it. I try to be optimistic, and live each day at a time. I'd wear a tiara everyday, if I could. I love to dance in the rain.

Description: Photobucket

Vesper LaBelle ~ It only takes a moment for your whole life to change, forever.

Vesper is a nineteen year old girl with a dark past, who had no idea what she was getting herself into when she went to the bank one day. In a flash, some men break into the bank, and steal twelve million dollars from the vault. Taking the place of another women, Vesper offers herself as a hostage before they leave. Now, she'll need to fight for herself if she wants to stay alive.

Josef Dietrich ~ Will his intentions, good or bad, matter in the end?

Josef never knew how his day would go the moment he entered the bank. At the time, he had only one thought on his mind, but everything changed when he met Vesper. Surprised by her selflessness, he agrees to her proposition. At once he is captivated by the young girl before him, but his conflicted feelings don't help the situation. He cannot afford to be distracted, not now. There are too many things at stake.

David Carter ~ He never could have guessed what was in store for him.

Detective Carter is a young, rather new detective. He is extremely smart, and thinks quick on his feet, which has allowed him to jump through the ranks so quickly. Some people don't think he deserves his station yet, and he has to continually prove himself as a good cop. He ends up as the lead detective on the bank robbery case, and is now in charge of locating the missing money and bringing the thieves to justice – as well as being Vesper's only hope for a rescue. - {Click here to read} Status: On-going  Last update: Chapter thirteen - Ensnare

alt Personal Booksie page: AriellaElie button.png - Now that you know us a little better, here's the summary to our joint novel:  {We'd love feedback; if you have a moment to spare time to read, that'd be lovely} Photobucket

Twenty-one-year-old Nicholas Wynne has never been your average guy. He's always had a secret about him that he will always keep to himself. But what happens when someone shows up in his life and everything turns upside down?  His secret needs to stay hidden, but if he tries to keep it hidden will it be more of a burden that he can carry?
   Meet eighteen-year-old Syrena Moore, a normal girl who’s not hiding any secrets; at least, not any that she knows about. She's just visiting her uncle in Paris with her best friend, Lilianna, when all of her world turns into more than she can handle. Suddenly she's trapped in a world with someone she never expected to meet, the infuriatingly mysterious, Nicholas's. Will she be able to find out all that she needs to know before the world crumbles underneath her, or will she fall under Nicholas's spell. She knows that he's hiding something, but what if that something he's hiding is more than she can handle?
   Nicholas's father's dead, he has to hide an important secret, and he's somehow finding himself falling in love.
  Syrena's been taken into a new and dangerous world, she's being tossed in a hundred different directions, and she's suddenly finding herself falling for a man who's way out of her league.
   Will the two worlds collide and crumble, or will love maneuver its way into their lives and save everything? They only have one chance.  - THANK YOU FOR DROPPING BY!  If you do read or support our story in any way: THANKS. So, so much. It really means a lot. ツ Have an incredible day/night! And God Bless! alt


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