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Well, I'm 21 years old and  I grew up in a small town where I spent most of my time either reading books or writing them. I had a very interesting childhood really, my brother and I never got along. Mostly we just beat the crap out of each other. My mother wasn't exactly supportive of me, mostly she just told me I was going to be just like my older siblings, which was two older sisters who both dropped out of high school and got pregnant and can't pay their own bills. And my brother who constantly was getting into trouble with the law, but no longer lived with us..thankfully. But I proved her wrong by graduating from high school and being accepted to a college, but I didn't waste any time waiting for an apology. I pretty much just booked it out of that house the second I turned 18, I lived with a few friends for the summer, and then in the fall I went off to college. I rarely communicate with my family, and I like it like that. I hope to become an famous author one of these days, because writing is my passion and I love every minute of it. I do a bunch of odd jobs, like the one I'm doing now, which would cause most people to scream and run away but not me, I work at a morgue, I pretty much just stand by and hand them their tools and when they're done I'm the one who cleans up...not the most glamorous job ever, but hey, if I ever need to write about an autopsy or something, I'll have a more first hand approach to it right? haha..

Well, I posted the first chapter of one of my stories today. I really hope that everyone likes it...I hope I have time to keep this up. But I'll post as much as possible, hopefully nothing happens that would take up my schedule. But if anything does, then I guess I could probably bring my laptop to work and post on my breaks! worries! Lol...every time I say that I'm reminded of The Lion King..haha...anyways! Please read my story and don't forget to comment! THANKS! I gotta run! Valete! (Plural Goodbye in Latin...another thing I'm studying..haha) :D

Salvete! (Plural Hello in Latin..see I'm even teaching you Latin! Aren't I just the best?! Lmao..j/k j/k) Well I just posted the THIRD chapter of my novel, Subject # 336! By the way, I screwed up on the title thing..I put Chapter 1 after the title, because..well I'm an just ignore that little goof up of mine! haha woops! Anyways, I hope whoever reads my story COMMENTS and likes it! Haha...well, I'm really starting to like the fact that I found this site while goofin' around at work! haha..I know right, great way to spend my time at my job! lmao..but hey! It wasn't like there was much of a rush...I mean seriously, it's a morgue...lmao...anyways. I had a very interesting morning, I got to help the Doc with an autopsy! Woohoo! Loads of fun there! Lol...actually to be honest it was awesome...but maybe that's just was the body of a gun shot victim, RIP...and it gave me some ideas on what I want to write about in the next couple chapters of my you think you can figure it out??? Hee hee...if you do, keep it to yourself, because I want it to be a surprise to those who haven't figured it out! haha..well I got to go! Valete!

Salvete! Hey everyone...I'm sorry I haven't posted new chapters yet...but I haven't really been in the mood to come up with them, and I don't want to post a chapter that sucks because I'm not feeling it...ya know? So, as soon as I work out some stuff that is bringing me down, then I'll post! I'm sure it wont take too much longer, so please just be patient with me! Thanks a bunch! :D Valete!

Salvete! Just figured I'd fill everyone in on why I've been a lil slow on posting, I'm VERY sorry, but like I had wished wouldn't happen, I got pretty busy...but I'm doing my best! So please just be patient with me! I'll try and wiggle in some more computer time, but it's harder than I thought it would be. But I'm not giving up!!:D So please just keep reading when I post, and please please please comment. Thanks a bunch! Love ya! Valete!

Salvete!! Well I'm back!!!!!!! Yes I know! You are all VERY excited! I am too! Ugh...the past little while was HORRIBLE! I felt so bad for leaving you all hanging, but I just updated my first story Subject # 336! SO GET TO READING IT ALREADY! I really hope you love it! And I'll be on more often, mostly because I have been writing a lot lately, in a little composition book so I have more to put on here, and so it will be more convenient for me to post! So no more worries! I'll be posting...I was going to post today for Layla The Kinamo but I was having technical difficulties at the time, and  now I don't have time to type it all up, but I will do it soon! Well I gotta run! Valete!!!


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