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I'm a bit shy and quiet. It's hard for me to make new friends at times. I love to read, draw, and most of all, write. I like writing things mostly deep and meaningful, things that can get people thinking about the world or oneself. People have classified me under unique; a refreshing mind to be around with if you will. I love animals, especially wolves. They are mysteriously beautiful, and when they sing, they sing in harmony, much unlike our own society where we can't even sing a single note in tune. Butterflies fascinates me, as like the moon and the stars, and things that gives innocence to this world, like flowers and children. I believe in God and I love Him with all my heart. He's the reason for my open mindedness and quiet observance towards the world. Feel like judging me? Go ahead. Say or think whatever you want towards me. Think that I'm a hypocrite, as most people often think towards us Christians. But to let you know, I'm not a hypocrite. I love all, black and white, gay or not. Even if I don't agree with your opinions, I do try to look on both sides of the story. In fact, most of my friends are atheists and I have a friend who is gay and I love them all to bits. I don't think that I'm better than anyone, I'm just observant. I don't judge people, but I can read people fairly well. I'm willing to be anyone's friend as long as they have an interest in being my friend. I'm often easily angered or frustrated, lashing out at people who don't deserve my moods. I'm sensitive, but not petty. I'm thoughtful. I actually don't know much about my personality. I don't really care much for liars. I'm very protective towards the ones I love. I also enjoy snow. I could stand there and admire snow all winter long. I also enjoy autumn. It's amazing how beautiful the world can be once if you just step back and look at it. I enjoy rock, metal, alternative, and screamo songs, but I do also listen to soft songs as long as it holds a deep meaning to it. My style consists of skinny jeans and loose tops. I streak my hair once a year. A different color every year. My long life dream is to be an author, but if that doesn't happen, I plan on opening an creamie shop down in the South. Which reminds me, I love ice cream. I adore ice cream. Oh my gosh, I can't even begin to explain how much I love ice cream. Oh, and roses are my favorite flower.

I was born August 23, 1996. I live in a small town by the name of Northfield. It's a boring town, but if you just look hard enough, you can find fairly interesting stuff in it. I live in  a small but comfortable house with my younger sister, my mom, my dad, my dog, and my cat. I live in the middle of the woods, and I love every minute of it even if I'm bored out of my mind because I'm out of walking reach to a friend's house. Actually, I'm in walking distance to one of my friend's house, but he's boring most of the time. I enjoy his company. Maybe more than I should. But I'll leave him to his video games and just deal out my boredom from my house instead of taking it our on him. I'm unusually close to my younger sister. We don't get along sometimes, but I enjoy her company. She understands me more than anyone ever could. We could just look at each other, and we'll understand each other. I'm second closest to my dog, Hannah. She is a Rottweiler-Black Lab mix and I baby her to death. She has leg problems because she has the barreled chest of a Rottweiler and the thin legs of a black lab. Her chest weighs her down and she has trouble supporting herself sometimes. She's only six years  old. She still believes she's a lap dog. She believes she's a human so she doesn't enjoy other dog's company much. In fact, she hates other dogs. It makes me laugh, for I'm not quiet a people person, I'm more of an animal person and the animal I own is a people animal. Make sense?

​I collect Monster can tabs and put them on a silver chain necklace. I started the fashion, then all my friends started to copy me. I don't wear my necklace anymore, but I do hang it on a nail to my door. I am thinking of something else original to do, so then they can steal that idea. Oh well. I like wearing necklaces and anklets and lace gloves. I love wearing sweatshirts. I play the cello and the electric bass guitar. My sister plays the piano and she is currently teaching me how to play it. I'm pretty active and I enjoy spending my energy on playing with my dog. I enjoy reading fantasy/fiction/non fiction, science fiction, mystery, and/or romance novels.

And that's pretty much all. :) Want to know anything else? Just ask.

Deeper Than Her Enemies' Graves


Shaelyn looked up out of the barred up window. The half moon was suspended in the dark sky. Despite how many stars were in the sky, the moon seemed to be just another lonely figure in a distant land. Seen by millions of people, but more than half of them don't seem to give the moon a second thought. Sometimes Shaelyn felt that way. Just a lonely moon accompanied by many stars, but felt a knack of lonesomeness anyways while millions of people saw her but none of them gave a single thought about her. When people look at her, they never seem to compare her to the little girl running around in the forest with her wolf. Maybe that's because the rare people who had seen her died many years ago. So what was left to Shaelyn's name was the fairytale that people made up about her.

A girl with a mysterious past. A clan causing trouble. A kingdom set out to kill them. Shaelyn, a sixteen year old assassin, has a duty and that duty is to protect her clan at all costs from the kingdom... but when the prince of the kingdom captured her, she began learning so many secrets about herself. Secrets deeper than her enemies' graves...

Favorite stories:

The Forever War:Ousma

Little Brown Package:Ona Whim

Institute for the Insanely Irregular:JinxMaylo


Oh! I forgot to mention (until now) that I also enjoy photography. 

altYes, I took all of these pictures from my very own camera :) I'm impressed with them and I do hope you like them.


altThis is actually a reflection in a puddle from a parking lot.

altThis is a close up on the picture above... only this one isn't a reflection in a puddle.

altAnd she is my beloved canine friend, Hannah. I love her to bits and wouldn't give her up for anything.

alt My dog hugging my legs.

altHow my best friend would kill me if she knew I uploaded this.

altAnd my cat after taking a bath :P I have the battle scars to prove it didn't go so well, but my sister and I prevalled in the end.

altThe woods in where I live.

altThis is the fire in which we had built in the middle of winter. We were very proud of this fire.

altEven though it is in the middle of nowhere, the beauty makes up for it. I enjoy living here every second of my life.

altI like taking pictures of reflections. This one is a reflection in a window. That's me holding the camera. Behind me is a band of my girl friends.

Now some pictures of some food. Yes. Food.



And that's about it :P


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