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One of the main reasons or probably the only reason i joined this site was to gain an outlet for my work. All my friends and relatives dont understand why i love to write. To tell you guys the truth neighther do i. Writing to me is an inherent urge, it helps me forget everything else and transports me to another place.I know this sounds wierd to most people but i know that anyone who writes can understand what i am talking about.

My reading intrests are quite far ranging, i have read countless books by almost all the great writers such as Charles dickens and Tolstoy to name just two. Fantasy and fiction are the two genre's i most enjoy.

I would dearly love some constructive criticism. Good, bad or ugly i appreciate criticism but i only request that whoever reads my work please give me honest opinions.

I have previously recieved publishing offers for my poetry and have also had a few articles published. But unfortunately its almost impossible to get work published in my country especially for first time writers.

I hope you enjoy my writing:)

O.k I really feel that i must add a few things to this.

1. i will read and try to comment on any work by anyone "WHO IS SERIOUS ABOUT WRITING", i might take my time but believe me i try my best to be helpful.

2. i will NOT profess to be a gr8 writer, but i am confident in my own ability. Writing is something that is sacred to me, hence i take commenting on other people's work very seriously.

3. Please understand that i cant comment on every persons work although i do try. And let me tell you at the very outset, I CANOT AND ABOLUTELY WILL NOT comment on loosely plotted novels dealing with vampire or any other mythical love stories.  Most of them are too inspired from "Twilight" any way and unfortunately that whole genre does not intrest me it is too immature by far.

4.I dont mind punctuation errors, neither to i mind minor mistakes. But an author for me has to take his or her readers seriously. I will only read further chapters of a book if i feel the author is  serious about going ahead with the tale. It is highly insulting when i write a comment, pointing out all the deficiencies and then am told that the writer is not interested in editing since that is too boring. Let me tell you right now that any writer worth his or her salt will never let their work stand unchanged especially if they know it has deficiencies.

5. i would also like to point out that I appreciate everyone's comments and i do not mind honesty. Believe me i can take criticism, since i am my own worse critic. I would also like the help of all my readers who enjoy my work. I never shy away from improving my work, and all ur suggestions are always dully noted.

6. I feel i also must tell everyone that the poems i usually like r the ones with the following componants:



C)Symmetry and construction.

I can do without the rhyme but the other two for me atleast are essential. I feel that they must be present especially in the longer poems. I don not mind short poetry but i can be of most help to authors who write classical poems as apposed to the modern stuff.

7. Also let me just say that i donot like to read poems by authors who try to make them too complicated. To them i would only like to say that none of them(Atleast from the ones i have read on Booksie) are anywhere as good as Emily Dickenson, Edgar Allen poe or Sir Oscar wilde. These poets could write simple and heartfelt poems that anyone can understand because it is a lot harder to make a poem universal then to write gibberish that only the poet himself can understand. I am far more impressed with simple yet meaningful poems.

 Here is an example of the kind of poems i like:

A light exists in spring, 

Not present on the year,

At any other period,  

When March is scarcely here.

A color stands abroad,  

On solitary hills,

That science cannot overtake,  

But human nature feels. 

It waits upon the lawn;  

It shows the furthest tree,

Upon the furthest slope we know;  

It almost speaks to me. 

Then, as horizons step,  

Or noon’s report away,

Without the formula of sound,  

It passes, and we stay: 

A quality of loss  

Affecting our content,

As trade had suddenly encroached  

Upon a sacrament.

                                                                                                                         By Emily Dickenson.

In the end i would only like to say that henceforth i am becoming alot more selective in my reading, I will only comment and read fiction(Romatic, fantasy(NO VAMPIRES OR BDSM), suspense and thrillers) and poems. No more essays or rants.


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