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Location: tbilisi, Georgia

Member Since: January 2010

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Name is: Irene Aka Irina 
My age is: 14, sometimes 3 and a half year old
I was born on: 23/12/95 
My gender is: Female :) 
Nationality: Everything
Hair color: Light brown.
Eye color: Brown 
Weight: 46 LIAR! ok ok  47 ^^
Sign: Capricorn
Pets: Imaginary Puppy 
Siblings: Sister
Word most often used to describe you: Lazy, great dancer, Crrazyy!
Would you consider yourself psychotic: HELL YEAH!!!!!
One thing you're really good at: *blink* Acting...?
Are you the jealous type: Umm...*blink* skip question
Are you an overall happy person: Umm... skip question
If you could change your name, what would you change it to: Sora  i adore that name :)  
What does your name mean: *shrugs*
Piercings: one in each ear
Tattoos: I will have one ... soon.... someday.....
Where were you born: Neptun
Where do you live now: Georgia tbilisi.... small...boring....
Who do you live with: The voices in my head, my family
Occupation: Assassin..ugh ... i mean i am a freshman ^^
Stereotypically, what would you describe yourself as: crazy girl that is trying to fit in this boring world... but cant
Your cologne/perfume: Nina ricci :) 
Where do you normally like to shop: Woah...I shop?
Jewelry you wear and why: hoop earrings and bangles... oh and two rings on my finger.. i cant live without them **
Word or phrase you frequently use: Shut up!  or  Why so serious? :))) hahahaaaa 

Favorite musicians/ bands: Blue october, muse, i like japanese songs too 
Most annoying boy band: All
Most annoying female pop artist: All
What festival would you most likely attend: no idea
Favorite song right now: Blue october into the ocean ;((
Song that makes you cry: Fukai mori... Lay it down ..... all of blue october....
Song that makes you wanna dance: Hip hop :) almost all of them 
Song you want played at your funeral: FUKAI MORI!!
Song that you would sing karaoke to: If I know it, I'll sing it
Song that you like to sing in the shower: I don't sing in the shower....
Song you would most likely strip to: ....skip question
Song that gets stuck in your head really easily: 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua
Song in which you value mostly for its lyrics: Blue october ... Into the ocean
Your boy/girl friend: I'm single and proud of it!!!
Your parents: No of YOUR bussines 
Favorite CD: Pink Funhouse :)))
CD that you bought and hated: never bought one
What CD are you listening to right now: nothing
First CD you ever owned: none
Most recent CD you bought: none
Theme song for your life would be: Fukai mori :) deep forest 


Piece of clothing: hand rap thingie
Food: Pizza!
Color(s): Red and purple
Breakfast cereal: Cocoa Krispies
Junk food: chocolate.. i am a maniac
Time of day: night... 
Season: Winter and Autumn
Holiday: My b-day, Christmas, and Halloween ( you never said they all had to be real holidays ^.^;)
Quote: "nobody dies virgin ... life fucks everybody
Piercing on a guy: On his ear maybe...
Piercing on a girl: Umm...I had a friend pierce her tongue and it looks cool...
Part of the body: Eyes...
Place to get a tattoo: Ankle, arm, and back
Number: 23 O_o
Book: Does the dictionary count...? I mean, it DOES make a good weapon...*sweat drop*
Author: Conan doyle :))
Superhero: batman?
Commercial/advertisement: noneee
Pizza topping: Pepperoni
Meal: Mac & Cheese
Magazine: none 
Phrase to say when your pissed off: CRAP!



Do you think everyone has a soulmate: MAYBE 
Do you have a best friend? I have many
Who knows you better than anyone: i dont know myself O_o 
Who would you give your life for: every single one of my friends.
Three most important people in your life right now: My buddies and facebook 
In your relationships, who usually is the more dominating one: me?? ^^
Have you ever intentionally hurt someone: Many, mentally and physically
Ever cheated on someone: oO HELL NO! THAT'S JUST MESSED UP RIGHT THERE!
Someone you wish you could forget: many
Someone you wish you could apologize to: no one ...
Someone you see yourself still talking to in 10 years: Everyone...
How many boy/girl friends have you had (not counting current or petty ones): 3
How many are you still friends with: none :D
Have you ever been in love: yes...
What is love: All of the other emotions in one place...  
What are the most important things to you in a relationship [friendship]: Honesty, trustworthy, and always there for you
Name something someone could do that would totally piss you off: Not'll use it against me someday...I know you guys...
Describe the perfect person: Perfection is a flaw
Last thing you do before you go to sleep: look out my window and make a wish on the first star I see...yes I still do that stuff...><" I can't believe I just admitted that
First thing you do when you wake up: cuss out those damn pigoens outside my window then fall back to sleep
What would you die for: YAOI!!!!
An extreme sport or daring thing you'd love to do: Swim with great white sharks...oO OO Oo
Something you do that really annoys people: almost everthing i do annoys people...><
One thing you can NOT live with out: , music, anime, internat, comp, phone, and stereo
Most awkward place you've ever fallen asleep: Umm, school, bus ......?
What do you sleep in: old shirt...
Something you're really proud of: my talent for being a cat... hatin rats... runnnig from dogs.. :D:D:D:D HAHA XD


been arrested: Almost
stolen anything: No
squeezed the tooth paste from the middle: Who hasn't?
drove without a license: Yes...( just recently, and the reason why I got stranded in West Covina )
walked thru a drive thru: Hmm...a new idea...*puts it on her 'to do' list*
dreamt in a foreign language: Umm...yeah....
drank from the carton: Yes...I was mostly raised by
been stranded in an elevator: No
got caught masterbating: oO WHAT THE HELL?! no...o.o;
pictured a teacher naked: oO; not that i can think of..
used the last of the toilet paper and didn't replace it: No...
read a friend's journal or diary: Yeah...I was tramatized for a while...><
took the last cookie from the cookie jar: Hell Yeah!
skipped school: yes
snuck out of your house: never!
littered: *shrugs* i don't know. and if i did, oops
been outside the US: No
used a corny pick up line: *blush* yeah...
had a summer fling:  yeeaaahh

coke or pepsi: FANTA
mayonnaise or miracle whip: whipped cream! j/k, either
rainbow or chocolate sprinkles: chocolate! 
in or out: In and Out! they've got the best burgers!
creation or evolution: they both come from subjects i hate, so niether
whipped cream or cool whip: WHIPPED CREAM!!!!
mittens or gloves: i hate them both
cursive or print: print...i can't read my own cursive
long term or one-night stand: long term
coffee or tea: Coffee
leader or follower: umm...none?
sherbert or italian ice: sherbert...?
open or closed: i don't even know what the Hell you mean
long or short: Who came up with this thing? It's confusing me!
sunrise or sunset: Sunset, mornings suck
bush or gore: Stupid Government...and who's gore and bush?
sandals or sneakers: Sneakers
to know or not to know: It depends what I want to know and what I don't want to know
summer or winter: can't i just say both?
gold or silver: Silver, gold sucks
top or bottom: something tells me this thing is starting to get perverted...oO;
bar soap or body wash: Body wash! soap doesn't smell pretty
bath or shower: Always shower
pajamas or naked: PJs!!!!!!
cat or dog: GOD i mean DOG !! XD  
to be or not to be:WTF? Shakespear?.
should i stay or should i go now: Do what ever you can make your own damn choices

love: To be truthful...Yes
peace: yes
war: no
god: MAYBE
christ: MAYBE
an after life: I'm a supernatural freak, take a guess
the boogie man: I used to, and I believed in him more when my brother's did that mean thing to me with their walkie talkies....>< ( if you want more details, ask )
life on other planets: NO!!! ( attempts to hide her UFO behind her so noone will know she's the leader of the Earth invasion from Mars )
intelligence: Yeah, and I don't have it
magic: HELL YEAH!
ghosts: I'm a supernatural freak, take a guess
santa claus: I quit believing in him after I caught my mommy dearest in the act ( fourth grade )
angels: Hells Angels...^.^;
heaven: Maybe
hell: MAYBE
justice: Yes, but justice sux
fate: Every thing you do creates a new fate for you. So, therefore, I don't believe in just one fate


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