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   Chapter One

[The Dugeons of Dark ] In the Dark Dungeons of Gaspian Dap were Mangroves , Oaks , palms and many more ... It was a vast Biome whom one can not categorize on the basis of Geological Sciences but the long trees beside the river bank looked like sausages dipped in sauce to the viewer's eye. Well there wasn't a sensation of life..Even the wild was afraid of that darkness and loneliness . Animals were growing larger and more famished and hungry. The snakes exceeded the limits commonly 800 to 900 feets long . While the other predators were also growing large.. No matter how long was each snake or how terrible was the hunger of Wild, the people of Aag the man animals were the supremacy. They were the kings of the deadly dungeons. About Humans the only word cruel isn't appropriate but they are more than that. The people of Aag were really annoying not even for the clan itself but also for that deadly threatening wild. They themselves were misfortune for nature and they destroyed everything which they were into. They were not just discourteous but also humiliating for others of their kind. The animals of different species were violently behaving and couldn't able even to alleviate the worries of each other..They looked annoying and extremely anxious.They are in extreme depreciation.It seemed that their days of life had been numbered and it seems the environment is not appropriate to them.The place inhabited by them looks awful.They briskly move through the woods with their giant and heavy bodies. Anyone can estimate that their lives were borrowed.Danger zone of forest was that deadly hollows to whom no one wish to went but seldomly someone who was not aware of that danger unintentionally reached there will have to regret and repent over it alot. The trees joining head to head are the conjoining beaks of birds left no space above them to peep into them.The wildlife is terrifying, horrified, hysterical, perplexing troublesome and much more which needs no words The temperature used to exceed normally beyond 4 degree celcius mouldings the living creatures to look like fur balls . Actually it wasn't the fur it was the snow itself. In summer it was extremely hot and gave a look of grilled French sandwiches and sausages to the beings . The weather and ther living Environment was a fuss both were really annoying and couldn't be underestimated. It felt like a clash of titans. Inspite of all these dangers the place was naturally beautiful. Actually the beauty of place lied in it's Deadly nature. The flowers looked like beads in the fights.The rays of sun were reflected from the water of fountain and produce a mesmerizing view.The dew drops shows an aquarium of sea life.The wind was blowing.The butterflies while dancing sings sweet songs and it present a jocund company.The bunches of flowers were put into a single glance as if it was an oyster in the pearl whose shine was radiant, glorious and gleamed. The mountains were hard and rigid having deadly sloping sides and rounded edges. The highest part of the mountain which was a summit is known as deadly point....and a tunnel formed by minning and digging the ground and a cave to it's one end where undiscovered secret were buried. Children twirled about, gazing up at the canopy, searching for the birds that sing sweetly. The sun broked through the cracks, lighting up the dirt path ahead of them , decorated with outgrown roots, wildflowers and fallen leaves that crunch beneath their bare feet. The affection of the Homosapiens for the forest was unusual. They used to write following words on their houses. "The forest is like open arms , ready to embrace u without judging u.It caresses u with its beauty , sound and smell. it makes u feel alive" It was in that land surrounded by huge tall sturdy trees of to which there gigantic is unmatched.The (Island Jo b ha) was unparalleled in charm and beauty with it's trackless boundary in the dazzling rays of tropical sun. The sun was blowing and blazing with it's full charm. The _arrowheaded rays of sun scattering from the window_ splashes on the face of Raphael he put the blanket on his face with a disgrace on his face juusstt like the students when the teacher take an extra period . He was in his dreams where he was a big business man and while he was passing from his office cabinets all his staff members stood up and started applausing him but out of no where a voice full of anger came/ touches into/ his ears seems like some one is far away from him which now heard loud as someone is running towards him and shouting at him all of sudden he wake up , his mother was shouting at him and telling him tha it is 12:00 and u r still sleeping ,after a chin silence a flying chappal landed on his face Wait a minute let's take a pause .... About Raphaelo or most commonly known as Raphael by parents or Raph by friends was a total freak he was a misfortune . To be called a Jinx was the perfect identity for him . He always had a bad hour as misfortune didn't follow him he was himself bad luck. Though he was smart but his smartness due to the maleficent luck he had , always reversed from the mean . The people of the clan were furious something unexpected happened. The most respectful Principal of the clan was fighting with her husband the teacher at the public medical school. She was furious and was so harsh and bitter that It felt of munching a bittergord under your teeth Raph asking his mother for this type of disgraceful behavior," Mom !! wht was that I'm not supposed to seek a flying slipper even before washing face , I barely woke up .. Wht was that for ?" ..Raphael's Mom murmured and his Dad said , "Shut it u son of a rascal !! that was for having such idiotic company". Now Rapheal was thinking about the tragedy which could had taken place when anyother flying slipper touched his delicate cheek with his Mom's shout, "Getup you're good for nothin lazy..." Raphael said " fine I'm goin to the school and by the way dad when u became a Rascal ?" he after saying that winked at his father and ran with the speed of a falcon. While his dad went red as a tomato and cried angrily, " do u want belt dose in breakfast " ...While Raphael was the friend of Obstinate and Stubborn people ignored his dad's calls and abuses as he was after all used to that. While at Medica College of Medicine Geena : coming out from her clg bus ,the view of her clg is in front of her What a beautiful morning but there is something missing_ bf / gf passes by her Her mind got up with an devilish idea she go in front of them and confront the boy Geena;You liar! How can u do this with me I was so sincere with you but YoU! ( by making a Pietiest face) Boy : whattt? What are you taking about? Are u taking to me? Geena : oh really


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