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Location: Gaithersburg, md, United States

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Last Updated Feb 18, 2018

New Title of my book

November 14th, 2017

I decided to change my book title to a shorter version. The original title, "how superman saved me from hell and brought me the world's best kept secret treasures. " was too long for averageaudience, plus there may be copy right issues.


December 19, 2016

I’m still writing the next few chapters of my book.About a week ago, I sent an email to all my friends in the world, asking them to read my book and comment. I wanted to get their first hand reaction and honest feedback.A guy from New Jersey responded, “OMG! Who cares about your book? Is it a scam? What’s the purpose of writing and exposing your life like this?”“How can reading a book scam you?” I replied, “Just be patient, I haven’t finished writing yet. The second half of my book will tell you more about the purpose and how it relates to my worldwidepromotional campaign for my club, World Tour of Amazing Grace.”“Now this sounds even more like a scam to me!” he raised his voice and went on and on like a broken record, “I don't care! I will never do that, because I’m too confident about my life. In fact,I'm over confident about my life, so I don't have to write about it. I will never marry a woman so crazy like you. How could your ex, your Winnie, endure you for so long? You are such a crazywoman, go get a life! How many of your friends have done this before? Zero! None of your friends nor my friends have done this! So you are the only one in this world doing it. You wanted to pretendyou are intelligent and informative, but I can see all your holes. You are a person full of holes” We have known each other for 17 years, and he told me he considered me as a friend. I thought heshould have known me by now, a CPA/CISA with two degrees (bachelor and master) who’s been working hard at Big fours and MNCs for 20 years nonstop. I’ve got a feeling he just hates me so much,although he said I shouldn’t say that, shouldn't put words in his mouth. Anyway, I still want to thank him for his honest feedback, criticism, accusations, because the rest of the world don’t evencare to respond to my email. Two nights ago, I flew all the way from Hong Kong to Maryland just to file a police report because I found theft in my house. They don't accept phone call filing. Twopolicemen came to my townhouse at midnight. I then took the opportunity to introduce my book to them. One of them said, “I already fell asleep after reading the title, it’s such a long title!”Thank God, the other nicer policeman promised to read my book.If a nice policeman knew me for less than one day can read my book, why a so called “friend” who knew me for 17 years or more can't read my book? Life is too strange and too amazing to me! If youhappen to read my book, I just want to sincerely thank you in advance. Do drop me a message or comments about my book. Hope that one day we can meet and become “true” friends!


Sep 28, 2017

Two days ago, I met Kiki, the bank representative from M&T Bank in midtown Manhattan New York.  I was telling her that I'm trying to finish my book. While sharing part of my book and my projects with her, I was asking if she would know the official name of a special chin.

Although I have been in US for almost 27 years now, and speak almost fluent English, my vocabulary is still considered very limited and I found myself still learning new words everyday.

Being born and raised in America, Kiki immediately knew what I was talking about and told me it's called the cleft chin, also known as, the butt chin.

I was so grateful to meet her in this special town and I'm sure I can learn a lot more from her in the future!

Wish our friendship will last forever!



Feb 12, 2017

My dear friends,

I'm trying very hard to write the next chapter. Because everything I am writing is my real life experience, so it's extremely painful to go back and dig into the tortures and suffering. But I still feel that it's a meaningful thing to share what I have gone through, so people who read it can avoid the same mistakes.

Here is part of the draft. 

“In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold (Ephesians 4:26-27).”

After my Winnie kicked me out, I really didn’t know where to go. All I knew was I wouldn’t want to go back to my sister’s place. All of a sudden, I thought about my Superhero and my Buddhism friend, Lucia, so I immediately whatsapp her to see if I could stay with her.

"Why don't you go back to Elaine (my sister)?” Lucia whatsapp me back.


"If you can't help me, I'll find someone else.” feeling annoyed, plus I didn't want to explain much.


“Alright, you can come then.” Lucia finally agreed, knowing so well that she couldn’t change my mind anyway.

"Why are you bothering Lucia?” my Winnie scolded me while I was packing, “you should go back to Elaine!”

What a joke for him to even suggest that! He witnessed how Elaine bullied me right before his bullied abandonment. He used one quick minute to destroy my marriage, and then another quick minute to make me homeless. Now he wanted to use the third quick minute to throw me back to Hell. Of course I wouldn’t listen to him and just kept my silence. What’s the point of arguing with hypocrites anyway? No wonder every time people bullied me, he would either hide in the corner, or run upstairs to lock himself inside the closet. He even taught me to endure the bullying to keep the damages to a minimum!

When I arrived Lucia's apartment, it's already after 10pm and she was still not home yet. Her sister led me to rest in a guest bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night and was shocked to see Lucia sleeping on the dining table of the living room. I waited until the next morning to ask her why.

"It’s better than sleeping on the floor!” Lucia explained.

"But how come you didn't sleep on your bed?” I asked again, still couldn't figure out why she did that.

“But you were sleeping on my bed!” she explained again.

No wonder she was hesitated to let me stay, and now I understood why. I thought she had a third bedroom, but in fact she had already moved into a smaller two bedroom apartment. I felt a sharp pain in my chest to see my friend suffer a whole night for me, even though she kept telling me the table was comfortable. I immediately called my previous partners, Rita and Henry, for help. They told me I could stay in their sister’s rental apartment in Shenzhen temporarily for free.

Lucia saw me packing and asked me, “why are you leaving? Are you not happy with my place?” I told her not at all, but I just wanted her to sleep well.

“Please don’t go. It’s not safe for single girl to stay in Shenzhen alone.” Lucia explained.

“Oh, don’t worry! I’ve traveled to so many different places before. I can take care of myself. Plus I just want you to sleep in your own bed tonight.”

“I won’t touch my bed. I will wait for you to come back.” Lucia sounded very serious.

Another sharper pain came through my chest again! How could I hurt my friend again and make her so worry about me? She’s more than a sister to me, much more than my Winnie and Elaine combined.

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