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I know people say that you should make yourself stand out, but what is the point of that when you would rather be alone, sulking in a corner? That’s how I live, I’m the girl who would rather be by herself then have to deal with the insults and put up with the crap comments everyday. I’m done with all that. I want to be by myself and I don’t get why people can’t see that.

So you’re probably wondering why I started with that, right? Well, it’s only because that’s what I am… alone. I like it though. So I guess I should say more about me. Well here it goes. So, I’m becomingthenewgirl. I’m a teenager with not a lot to say for herself. I haven’t lived much of a life yet, and I’m not ready for it. Life sounds WAY to complicated for me to handle right now. Especially this year. I’m going through a lot of problems right now and I’ve found that poetry is a way for me to express myself. Okay, maybe not myself, but the dark girl that lives inside me and will never leave my side. She is well, me for now! So sorry to those people who don't like her and are disturbed by her, you shouldn't care. 

So I guess you could consider me emo, because honestly, I am pretty emotional, I have cut myself, I wear the color black a lot, and lets not forget about the punk music that plays on my iPod all the time. Haha, oh well. I'm just cool like that... NOT REALLY! Ya, I'm anything but cool... I'm pretty much the odd ball out. You know, the one who is all alone sad in a corner while everyone else is smiling... Ya... that's me. Loner girl.alt

Some days, I don't even feel remotely normal, like what's the point of trying in life, but you have to get over it, you know? I mean I know sometimes you really feel like you shouldn't, but you know you have to just to make it through to that next day. Anyways, I know I'm not normal, but there are just those days when I just feel so abnormal and so unwanted that I can barely bring myself to get up. So, I've learned that even though swearing at people and putting them down in your mind "makes you feel better" it just makes you feel worse and tears are what you need to get out and make yourself feel better about life. 



So my style is just a bit different than everyone else's in this world. I say that I wear black, and I do, but I also wear bright colors to hide away the pain. Bright colors make me seems happier and crazier (in a good way) than I am. You have to pretend sometimes, right? Well okay, for me, it's not sometimes, it's all the time. I don't think there has been one day in my life when I have ACTUALLY been happy with something. There are those occasional things that make me feel good about myself, but that is extremely rare. So, this next picture kind of describes me. I am that girl that people say they love and the next thing you know they hide from me when I walk down the halls at school (mind you that there are only 17 kids in my grade). I'm done with all that. People can hide from me and you know what I'll say to them "FUCK YOU! I STOPPED CARING A LONG TIME AGO!" BEST ADVICE TO ANYONE WHO IS TIRED OF PEOPLE OF PICKING ON THEM! alt

So I have no heart left. My heart has been broken by so many people in this world. The last guy who broke my heart still has part of my heart and it seems that he won't give it back ! I have a new boyfriend now though, but he has broken my heart before, actually last school year... It seems like such a long time ago though. Oh well, I'm happy with him now. Anyways, back to my broken hearts. I don't like the way these guys treat me. They promise me forever, take my heart for themselves, break it when they're done with it and leave me to be hurt for the reset of my life. BUT I AM DONE MOURNING OVER YOU STUPID BITCHY GUYS WHO BROKE MY HEART! YOU ARE INCONCIDERATE (SP?) AND ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELVES! SO WHATEVER I HATE YOU!alt



So I have a place I created for myself called Loserville. It's the only place I feel like I belong because I created it for myself and I love it there. Loserville is a place where I can be as much of a loser as I want and have no one care. It's a perfect place for me myself and my denial. Oh, how I love my denial... HAHA! Anways, Loserville is amazing. Once you become my fan, you become part of Loserville, which is a GREAT thing. Being a loser is not a bad thing, it's just a thing to be proud of about yourself! EMBRACE IT!]alt


So anyways that's me! PLEASE CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE! It is in the link column below and to the left! THANK YOU! 






alt Sorry if this offends anyone (I AM NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT WHAT SO EVER!




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