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New Moon: Through the eyes of an Angel.

Book / Fan Fiction

This is New Moon through Edwards eyes (: Mostly all of the speaking parts and quotes are from the Movie/Book: The Twilight Saga: New Moon By: Stephanie Meyer. Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy… Read More

Real eyes, Realize, Real lies.

Short Story / Romance

This is a story about a girl, battling against cancer. She had a boyfriend, Jason. Jason and Bella. Jason Parker and Bella Trivous. She lied to him everyday. "Im fine." "I cant see you today, im seeing… Read More

Just saying "I love you".Chapter 1

Short Story / Romance

Back then, Saying "I love you." was the hardest thing to do. Now its being thrown around like its no big deal. This is about a boy and a girl, communicating over letters. Friendly letters. Like letters.… Read More

TBD. Story not finished.

Short Story / Romance

Autumn Mitchellson was just an ordinary highschool girl. No drama. No special talents. And no friends. She was the one everyone avoided and bullied. She was just a quiet shy girl, Until she met Brody Finch. He… Read More


Im just going to make this easy breezy: 


Favorite passtimes: Reading, Singing, Writing, Watching movies, Sleeping, Hanging out with my friends. 

I really like the Twilight Saga. Im one of those girls, Yes. I squeal whenever anything cutsie happens. Im working on that though. Im sometimes a stuck up snob, And yes, im working on that too. Twilight (Belive it or not) Has influenced my life in so many ways. When i first saw the book in the store, i was like..'No. I could never read something that big." That would take me months. It was about: [_______________] That wide. (Actual size). But i picked it up anyways, took it home that night and read, read, read! I have never enjoyed a book more then i did Twilight, It took you out of your own world and threw you into a world that you would never imagine was real. Vampires and werewolves. As the series progressed the books got bigger. I found, that the bigger they got, The more interesting they were. The more drama there was. The more fun it was to read it. I finshed the full series on June 1st. I started it on May 3rd (?) I dont really remember. It took me about a month to finish the whole series. I was sad when it was over, but i re read it. As i re read it, i began to understand things better and better. Jokes i didnt get before, or statements they made that i really didnt understand, I began to understand. Sp yes, I love Twilight. :) 


Im an artist and a musician. Ive been drawing, painting, sculpting, and carving since i was in the 1st grade. Ive been in international art shows and ive won 2. People think art is about paper, pencils, markers, crayons and blah blah blah. But its alot more then that. Art is about expression. Thats why i got into art. I was never very popular, so i didnt have many people to talk to. So when i would sculp or draw or paint, i would kind of escape the pressures of middle school. Thats also what i do with my writing. Everything i do, every pass time, is an escape from my natural life. For the whole musician thing, im very versatile. One day i could be better at piano then i would be guitar, but the next day, i would mess up the keys on a song that i practiced on the piano all day yesterday. It all depends. I play piano, bass guitar, bass (Giant instrement used in opera and things like that), Electric guitar, drums, flute, and clarrinet. I also sing. On the piano i can play just about whatever you want as long as i have sheet music in front of me. Im just starting out on the Bass (The big instrument) so i dont know that many songs. For bass guitar, its the same as the piano. Give me a sheet and ill play it for you. Electric guitar (Same as piano and bass guitar), For the drums i kind of just wing it and find whatever sounds good to me and the people around me, and for the flute and clarrinet i havent really played since like the 6th grade so im a little rusty but i CAN play them both. I write my own songs and really just sing whever i feel like it. Sometimes during class or lunch. In the car. 


Im not athletic. No im not a cheerleader, No im not a gymnist, No im not some popular blonde, No im not a sexy tan color. But im me. No, Im not fat. I workout and eat right. Just because im not a jock or a cheerleader, doesnt mean im a fat pig. And i like my brown hair. I have long brown hair (Straight) and metalic green eyes. Litterally. Metalic green. They change from time to time. Green-ish blue-ish one day to full on exotic bright green the next day. So im different. But my deffinition of different, is Unique. :) 


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