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Hey guys! Sorry I've been gone so long, college is crazy right now. I finally got a new short story published, it's called "Stars." Check it out and comment what you think! I've been out of it for a while so my writing is a little rusty--don't hate me! Love you all and thanks in advance!

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I will be gone for a large portion of the month of August, so please don't hate me if nothing gets posted. I will still have access to my phone, so I SHOULD be able to respond to any reading requests or comments. Sorry for the inconvience, but hopefully I'll get some new stuff up soon to hold you off until my return!


PS: I'm way way behind on reading all the new stuff you guys have written, so please give me a few days to try and catch up before messaging me about them. I see them, I promise!!!


Hello all! Thanks for stopping by, though there's not much to know about me. I go to Texas A&M (gig 'em!) and am double majoring in biochemistry and genetics. Wish me luck on that. I swam for all my life and might have swam some more if I hadn't murdered my shoulders. Ah, well. C'est la vie. I have an asshole of a cat whom I love more than anything, and who has a habit of walking across my keyboard at the worst times; ie, when I'm trying to finish a lab report. She's a turd but I guess I'll keep her around. Let's see...I love music. All kinds. Rock when I'm driving, instrumental when I'm reading, punk when I'm writing, and pop when I'm hanging out with my friends. Honestly, though, I pretty much listen to everything, except yodeling. I like to think I'm funny but my friends tell me I'm not. I think we both know they're lying.


I love writing. I love it to death. Not really sure what else to say on that subject...I suppose I could go on about my obsession with nice pens, or my need for dozens of empty journals, or even about the desk drawer overflowing with half-finished works. But you probably don't want to read about all of that, do you? I thought not. Moving on!

PS: if you're a fan of historical essays, I'm published in a book called "Turning Points in World History." Turn to page 243 and you'll see my name under the title, The Jews Go Home: The Creation of the State of Israel. If, for whatever reason, you do decide to read it, please try not to be too hard on me. I was fifteen. It was a school essay. It was for a grade. I beg you, don't judge me.

I also love reading, so PLEASE ask me to read your stuff--I promise I will, and I'll comment on it, too! Double win! 

I write a lot of science fiction, so if that's your thing, I invite you to read some of mine! And by invite, I mean plead. Please. Help meeeeee. 


Hanorbi: okay first things first, THIS KID IS ONLY FOURTEEN. I swear, it is unreal how talented he is. And he can do everything, too! Poetry, sci-fi, fantasy; you name it, he can do it. And he can do it better than 90% of everyone else, myself included! I'm so jealous of his abilities. Ugh. Just do me a favor and go read his stuff. I promise, you won't regret it.

Criss Sole: her story, for those of you who  don't know it, is heartbreaking. Hell, it's heartbreaking even if you do know. Her writing is, in a word, emotional. Soulful. Food for thought. Basically, flawless. Please check her out. Please.

Jack Motley: oh my god he is amazing. Witty. Funny. Deep. And, most importantly, a really damn good writer. Emphasis on "really." He's kind of under-appreciated around here, so please go over to his page right now and check him out. This guy is always ready to answer a read request, and he's such a good reader, too! I love his writing. I love it. 

rebelgenesangelwings: I only recently discovered her and I love her works. I mean, there's not really much else to say. She's so  fucking talented. It's incredible. Sometimes I hate her for how amazing she is. Plus, she's always willing to lend a helping hand to a little fetus of a writer (aka, me) who is trying to make a name in the publishing world. She is wonderful. Look her up and enjoy!!

Mr Watson: the writer who turned me on to poetry. As a reference, I HATED POETRY. You can imagine how well that went over in the public high school system. I decided to try one of his pieces...and might have fallen slightly in love. Seriously, guys, it's amazing. You have to check him out. You have to. I'm not giving you a choice.

Whiskey Charlie: ah, my very first critic on this site. The memories. The heartbreak. The pain. He's not just a wonderful reader, though--he's an incredible writer, too! Plus, his war stories are 100% true, which makes it even better. I promise you won't be disappointed after you read his stuff. He's sharp as a tack and his comments on other writers' works are hilarious. Hopefully he won't think my joking is offensive...if you're reading this, Whiskey, please know that I hold you to the highest regard. Look him up...and enjoy.

Fernglow: this guy is awesome. If you're a fan of humor, you MUST read his work. The man is one of the funniest writers I've ever met. It's brilliant, his work. Sheer brilliance. You'll love it. I promise.

Adrian Hunt: if you are prone to nightmares, stay away from him. His stuff will keep you up all. Damn. Night. I speak from experience. You think I'm joking? Check out his "The Greater Good" and tell me how you feel in the morning. Can you say psychologically terrifying? It's incredible. Absolutely incredible.


Alright, if you actually read this far, you're either,

A. really interested in my writing and therefore awesome

B. bored

C. lost

D. all of the above


Thanks for stopping by, and please don't be afraid to get in touch--I promise I don't bite!

My cat might, but I swear I won't. 

Ciao for now!





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