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Last Updated Dec 17, 2016


So I am back and ready to attack!! I have been going through a lot. And I think I have gotten a handle on some of it. Going back to some of my stories? Not sure yet. But I have been writing new ones. And to get my creative juices flowing, I will be posting short stories here and there, so I hope you enjoy them.

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Ummmm Hey!!!! I'm 22 years old! I looooooooooooooooooooooove writting! I started writing when I was nine, but my first stories were mainly based off Characters I've seen in movies or TV (Harry Potter and The Sweet Life Of Zack And Cody) THey were embarrassing and I shredded them! But my writing got better over the years, and I'm pretty proud of them! But I usually base my characters on gay teenagers! Why? Because I think they're cool! Considering that I'm bi. But yeah....I like writing Romance, Action, Fantasy, and Sci-fi. I can't write a thriller to save my life so don't ask me to try to write one. And I can't write a mystery because I make it so obvious who done whatever I made them do. So don't ask me to write that. I love Anime! I also love Manga! Did I mention I'm a huge reader? I love to take silly Surveys!!! Like this on for example:

What's your name? Black Roses

Gender? *Takes off clothes* Imma female!

Age? 20

Height? I'M FINALLY 5"5!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so Happy!!!

Weight? non of yo beezwax!

Hair color? black Eye color? very dark Brown.

What are you doing right now? Ummmmmm typing?

Do you have an imaginary friend? I used to

Do you want an imaginary friend? not really

Are you in love? Yes I am, but I'm not telling

With who? Did I not just tell you I'm not telling?

Are you lying to me? no the proof is all there, just read it

Turn on your TV. I'm in my room

Grab the nearest book. Turn to page 96, paragraph 2, line 3. What does is say? Inventors created machines that used power from running water and steam engines to spin and weave cloth *it's my history book*

Look to your left. What do you see? My bathroom

Who's your crush? I'm going to put you on my hit list

What was the last thing you ate? pancakes

What were you doing at 6:45 this morning? sleeping

What was the last thing you yelled? WHY THE HELL WOULD I WANT TO BLOW YOU!! (long story)

Do you have a job? no

Do you have a car? hell to the yeah! Do you have siblings? Yes

How many? five brothers, and nine sisters, no lie If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Britain or Japan

Do you believe in magic? Um I refuse to answer any questions until my lawyer gets here!

Do you believe in fairies? *stays silent*

Have you ever fallen down a flight of stairs? hee hee yeah!

More than once? three times, actually the third time I was pushed

What did you do when you got to the bottom? I kicked the stairs and the screamed FIRETRUCK and started yelling at them...I'm loved a lot less for that

What's your birthday? October...thats all I'm sayin

What's your birthstone? Opal

Zodiac? Dog woof woof

Astrological sign? Libra

Type your name with your feet. black rfoses *that's pretty good actually*

Was that fun? laptop smells like feet now

Run around the house. HELL TO THE NO!!!!!!!!! How do you feel? stalker

Do you own a credit card? *sighs sadly* no

Do you like to shop? no

What's the last thing you bought? Food

Do you have any children? o sure, I have two kids OF COURSE NOT YOU FREAK OF NATURE!!

Are you married? am I married

Who's your crush? STOP ASKING ME THAT!!!

What's you favorite color? black and purple

Favorite animal? Leopard

Favorite fruit? orange

Quick! You have to save the world! does that involve getting out of bed?

Someone has a knife to your back. what is the guy doing in my bed?

Do you swear? hee hee yes

Do your parents know you swear? shoosh no!

What is open on your computer? this idiotic survey and Booksie

Do you sleep walk? dunno

Do you sleep talk? heh heh u wouldn't belive the things I said in my sleep!

What's the weirdest dream you've ever had? Flying cows eating flying soft tacos... What are your favorite books? Maximum Ride, The Chronicles of Valdimir Tod, The Outsiders, Vampire Knight, Rainbow Boys, Somebody Is Watching Us...I should just end it here cause you'll be here all night

One more question...who's your crush? *shoots you in the throat*

 Yeah, survery's are awesome, they're the best!!! I also like making up random words that don't make sense, it's pretty funny. I also can speak a little Japanese, and a little french. I also love Korean bands, only cause the guys are hot! hahaThat is all I have so far

Stories I'm working on

Nightmare- Completed (on Booksiesilk)

Parolee- Ongoing (on Booksiesilk)

Bound by Blood- Stopped until further notice



Another survey!!!


Are you single? - Yesssssum What is your favorite color? - Black What do you like in the opposite sex? - Ummm Personality Where do you shop at? - Kohls and Hot Topic Who is your celebrity crush? - Taylor Lautner Would you rather play on the xbox or wii? - Wii...cause I never played an Xbox before Do you smoke/drink? - Nopers What's your favorite holiday? - Hallowen Do you have siblings? - yeppers How many? - 5 brothers and 9 sisters! no lie! What sounds like a good night to you? - Sleeping! Who is your bestfriend? - Jade

What is the one thing you can't go a day without? - My laptop....I would kill people then myself Are you a backstabber? - No Who do you want to be like most when you grow up? - Myself Have you ever mooned anyone? - EW NO!! Do you go to church? - No Hollister or abercrombie? - What?! If you had one wish, what would it be? - That the cafe I will one day own be very succsessfull (totally spelled that wrong) Is there a song stuck in your head? - Yeah! What is it? - I Like Your Hair Have you ever stolen anything? - Totally Mcdonalds or burger king? - Burger King One word that discribes you. - Insane What's your favorite pick up line? - Hey are you a guy? Cause I dig guys! Girls are pretty sweet also





Hola como estas? Never took Spanish


What are you obsessed with? Sims

What do you dip your chicken nuggets in? Honey

What was the last road trip you went on? Oregon Shakespeare Trip

When's the last time you dance with someone? Yesterday

What's your favorite show? SpongeBob

If you could visit anywhere, where would you visit? Texas

What's your ringtone? Michael Meyers

What's the wallpaper on your cell phone? Matt and Mello getting married (I change my wallpaper everyday)

Who is the 6th text message in yur inbox from? None of yo beeswax

Go to your pictures...what is the 33rd pic of? Rin from Blue Excorcist

Whose your 78th contact in your phone? Don't know that many people

Whose your favorite character from The Office? Don't get that Channel

Have you seen every episode starting from Season 1? What did I just say?

What color is your hair? Brown with burgendy

Favorite quote? What the Flapjack?!

What kind of car do you have? a Ford Escape, 2002, I named him Lil' blue

What makes you laugh? Seeing other people in misery

Whats the last movie you saw in theatres? Vampire Academy

If you could co-star in a movie with any actor/actress you would it be? Jack Black

Whats your favorite article of clothing? Don't have one

What were you doing on New Years? Over at my friend's house

GASP! LOOK! WHAT'S BEHIND YOU?! My stalker weirdo friend

What are you looking forward too? Living out my dreams

Are you the life of the party? I AM THE PARTY

Finish this sentence...You are______ A BOSS

If you could meet Barack Obama, what would you ask him? Why did you screw us over?

Pop Tarts or Toaster Struddles? Pop tarts

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate? Milk chocolate

Truth or Dare? Truth

Do you kiss your mom with that mouth? Hell nah

Your getting chased by the Easter Bunny! What do you do?! Yell Easter Kangaroo and run faster

Whats in your junk drawer? probably junk!

Whats something about you that no one knows? I'm secretly black

What kinda phone do you have? And LG (Llama Grahms)

Whats the wallpaper on your computer? A sim brushing his teeth

Do you dance when nobody's watching? I dance when EVERYONE is watching

What's your race? Black

Whose your loudest friend? A loud friend

When your having a party, who definitely has to be there? A Cesar

Whats the best food combo? Bacon, Bacon, and more Bacon

When you need someone to talk to, who do you go to? GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!!

Whats your favorite band(s)? BLOOD ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!!

What song do you want played at your funeral? Scream For My Ice Cream

Your mom goes to college! YOUR DAD GOES GOES TO COLLEGE!!!!!!


Yet Another Survey


Given a Hickey? no

Had a one night stand? NO!!

Made someone cry? Dozens

Opened your Christmas presents early? All the time

Been online for more than 10 hours in a row? no

Pretended to be someone you weren't online? friend on Facebook

Eaten food that fell on the floor? Hell no!!

Been caught cheating? I'm not a whore

Been caught naked? Do I look lik a whore to you?

Flashed someone? You really must think I'm a whore

Gone out without underwear on?

Got into a fist fight? No

Swallowed bath water? Yes

Peed in the pool? Hahahahhaaaaahahaahhhhhhaaahaahah yes

Thrown up in public? no

Been so drunk you can't walk? no

Peed in public? No! Unless you mean in a public bathroom

Broken wind and blamed someone else? No!!

Done something mean you regretted? I don't have regrets

Ever played pull my finger? No!


Another Survey


How are you feeling today? Kinky

Why are you so Cute? It's all in the genes

How old are you? 19

Do you have a bf/gf? I'm single baby

Do you have a crush on someone? Only sexy people

Do you have children of your own? no

What bugs you? bugs

What stresses you out? Sexual frustrations

What do you do for fun? Doin your mom

Do you go to school? Work? Yes...I'm getin an eduCUMation

Are you a Flirt? When I want to be

Whats your sex life like? inexperienced

Whats your love life like? Single

Are you materialistic? uhhhhhh

Do you love to flirt? meh



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