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Okay guys,

I have something really important to tell you guys. I am officially quitting Booksie. I don't think I will be coming back! So if I entered any of your challenges, please croos me off! Bye! And please don't comment on my stuff anymore!         

         All About Moi


I’m a  human being

So does that make  me normal?

Of course not.

I was never normal.



name: Carmell Manson
birthday: August 1
zodiac sign: Leo! Rawr.
where were you born: Hmmmmm......somewhere
where do you live now: Again.....somewhere...
height: LOL, don't know. I'm super tall. Wait, let me check.....oh. 154 cm
hair color: Raven black
eye color: Dark chocolate, and not the kind that make you feel all melty and swirly inside
tattoos: Um, nah
piercings: Ears? But I probably want to pierce my nose when I grow up



color: Purple!!!
food: Mmm......chocolate
candy: I'm really weird....I don't eat candy
movie: Ooh, that's a hard one! I'm a totaly movieholic!
tv show: OMG, I have so many! But currently, it would be Gilmore Girls and Hope & Faith
actor: Will Smith!! Duhhhh
actress: Anne Hathaway! Eeeep!!!
band or singer: Taylor Swift ROX MY SOX!
song: Anything by Taylor Swift or Leona Lewis
holiday: Anything that doesn't make me go to school
month: August, my birthday!!
season: Summer, my birthday happens then! Also, I get to go swimming and eat lots of ice cream! And I go to see my BFF and grandparents!
day of the week: Friday, that's when our weekend starts
store: Westside....
restaurant: I'm more of a fast food kind of person......but I'd say Noodasia
sport: Ew, sports suck. But I like batminton.....and basketball
animal: Walrus!!!! EEEEE!
flower: Um, jasmine? Don't know


*Have You Ever....*

danced in the rain: LOL, yeah, and also had my mom get MAD at me a lot cuz of it!
tripped and had an embarassing fall: Duh! I'm known to be real accident prone :S
smoked: No way!
got drunk: Ahem.
done drugs: Hello?!?!?!
gone skinny-dipping: Ew.......nuh-uh
been in a car accident: Um, no, but I've been hit by a car plenty
been in love: Not really......
met the president: Of what? I met the President of Losers and Stupid though
met a celebrity: Yep!!!! A lot!!
cried over a movie: Unfortunately, yes. I'm really sensitive
shoplifted: By mistake, yes
laughed so hard you cried: Ahahaha.....definitely
cried for no reason at all: I always do


*The Last.....*

thing you said: "Whatever"
thing you ate: Don't tell anyone......*whisper* A Kinder packet
song you heard: White Horse by Taylor Swift
movie you saw: Uh.....I watched a lot.....oh! I remember! Another Cinderella Story
cd you bought: Great. Um, Celine Dion....I think
book you read: Shoot. I'm a total bookworm, but I think it was The Clique by Lisi Harrison
phone call: Sarah!
IM: Jude AND Sarah!
person you yelled at: LOL, my sister


*This or That*

pepsi or coke: Pepsi, def
mcdonalds or burger king: McDonalds....never been a fan of burgers
chocolate or vanilla: Hard one.....vanilla....with chocolate chips!
tv or movies: Movies
colored pencils or markers: Markers...though I HATE coloring
sun or moon: Sun, I'm scared of the dark
day or night: Day........get to play
pants or shorts: Depends
long sleeve or short sleeve: Again....depends
n'sync or backstreet boys: BACKSTREET BOYS ALL THE WAY!
burgers or hot dogs: I'm vegetarian, so I'll go with burgers
rock or rap: Rock n Roll!
aim or phone: They're both cool
romantic comedy or thriller: LOL, romantic comedy AND thriller
waffles or pancakes: Eeeeee!!! BOTH!!
peanut butter or jelly: Peanut Butter, def



what color is your toothbrush: Um,'s blue
do you believe in love at first sight: Maybe......sure
have you ever wished upon a star: Lol, I TRIED to!
what other language(s) do you speak: Tamil, and I'm learning French
if you dyed your hair what color would you dye it: Um...brown with red streaks!
if you could change your name what would you change it to: Some really exotic name......or not. But I always change my mind about my fave name. Right would probably be Tabitha
what are the last 4 digits of your phone #: Excuse me?
what's the weather like right now: Cloudy.....miserable
what instruments do you play (if you play any): Piano....yuch
do you talk to yourself a lot: LOL, yes, unfortunately


*Things I Will Read*

Thrillers - Who doesn't love a good thriller? I love anything having to do with murder and stuff. This is my favorite!

Romance - Anything that's sweet. But I don't want anything that will make me feel too uncomfortable, like, PG-15 stuff or R-rated.

Humorous Fiction - I love laughing. It's sort of like my hobby. So anything you have that might make me laugh, I'm definitely coming over to read it! Two funny novels that I'm reading are:

Be Kind, Rewind by Keayva Mitchell

Diaries of the Obsessed by cantlive4evr

*Things I Will Not Read*

Fantasy - Sorry, I really don't like things about fairies, werewolves, etc etc. This leads me on t my next topic.......

Vampire Novels - OMG! Seriously, every single vampire novel is the SAME. I've never read any different vampire novel. Booksie is flooded with them!

Fan Fiction - Grrrr.......why can't you make up your own stoy? No offence or anything, but seriously. :( . I especially can't STAND Twilight fan fiction.

Poetry/Scripts/Essays/Articles - I like story. Scripts....nah. Poetry......don't understand most of them. But I love my best friends Laila's poetry. Essays.....yawwwnnn! Articles? Oh please.

That's all for now! Bai!


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