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Last Updated Dec 09, 2019

Operation Black Sun; ch5 posted.


Operation Black Sun. Chapter 5. die shwartzen sonne

If you are reading this then I have added some compelling photos at the end of each chapter. Why not revisit them and take a look! 

Apologies for taking time with this story, but work at the moment is gruelling and I have very little time to write, but at last! the penultimate chapter in this intriguing story has been finally posted, hope you enjoy the read.



Draconus: A Dragon Tale

I have decided to post one of the alternative endings to this fiery tale, Check out end of last chapter for the  new fiery ending .


Chapter Four: The Hollow Earth

I had originally planned for this to be a four part novella, but have decided to make it five chapters. the final chapter hopefully shall be posted by the end of this week.

happy reading and as usual all comments are welcome.

Chapter Three: Wewelsburg

Hope you like it, and as always, any comments, selves or likes are much appreciated.


Operation: Black Sun

WW2 Occult thriller/action adventure

A 4 part novella

The Nazis are up to no good! Churchill has assembled an allied force of occultists to go deep behind enemy lines to discover what the secret SS Thule society is upto and stop the Third Riech from taking over the world.



As The Crow Flies

Is a short story of life and death and reincarnation



Attack of the Martian Bloodworms on Mars

Part script, part story, all weird 1950s style sci fi Bmovie.




Draconus: A Dragon Tale

A small hamlet is under threat from a terrifying fire breathing Dragon. 

A planned 3 part short novella full of action and terror.

Enjoy the ride.



Stone the Crows

A short tale of horror for your delectation.



Seraphim: Book four

The Messiah Files

Shani Tarath returns for an earlier adventure, in which she is tasked by Yahweh to find a human vessel to spread the word of God amongst the people of Jersualem.

This is a six part novella featuring religious conspiracy theories and a sprinkling of my own unique fantasy dust.

Hope you will enjoy the ride.


Little Black Spider: A poem for Arachnophobics

I think I may have lost the plot!

Read and enjoy.


More Shards of a Time Traveller

Book Two

Dek, our time traveller from the 29th century is back in a brand new adventure.

Dek is taken to Mars where he has to travel to the Red Planet's past to try and stop an alien attack on one of their Mars colonies.


Hi There!

This is the news feed of Celtic-Scibe63.

In this articale you will find details of all of my short stories, novellas and books.

It is quite an ecclectic collection of stories, and I am sure there is something here for everyone.

So why not take a look and pick a story that catches your attention.


And don't forget, if you find something that you like, then don't forget to hit those like buttons and shelf buttons.

Also I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on my stories, so get those comment boxes filled in.

With regards





The Powder Monkey

A six chapter novella

Genre: Historical fiction / action adventure

'Avast ye there, me hearty's. A pirating we are going!'

My new adventure is going to be, if you haven't already guessed? a seafaring Pirate yarn, telling the rise of a cutthroat Pirate, Daniel Penross; The Powder Monkey.

'It is a tale of high adventure to be sure, you scurvy dogs! so break out the rum, for there be action, adventure and plunder aplenty, to entertain ye, in the coming chapters.'


The Ripper by Gaslight

A seven chapter novella

Genre: Horror / historical fiction / fantasy

London, Whitechapel 1888 and the narrow warren-like streets of Whitechapel have become the hunting ground for a monstrous killer of women, a serial murderer the newspapers have nicknamed, Jack the Ripper.

Retired University lecturer of the sciences, Sir Charles Wilkinson Maynard is hired by Inspector Abberline the detective in charge of the murder cases, as an advisor on the strange and grotesque mutilations of the Ripper's victims. Sir Charles uncovers clues that lead him and the Police to the notorious Chinese opium houses and shadows in the night and a supernatural killer stalking the streets.


Shards of a time traveller

A seven chapter novella

genre: Sci Fi / action adventure / UFO conspiracy theories

Dek is a Time Displacement Operative, a TDO; Deck comes from 2995AD. he works for a top secret government organisation as a time travelling observer with his A.I companion, Lucy.

During a routine scouting mission to Germany 1945, Deck's observational shard suffers a malfunction in which he is caught up in a secret war going on between extraterrestrial beings, spanning five different time periods.


The Lighthouse

A six chapter novella

Genre: Gothic horror / fantasy

James Hawthorne is an archaeologist returning from a dig on the Orkney Isles when he is shipwrecked on a small Isle with a Lighthouse and its two occupants, a husband and his mute wife.

James soon discovers all is not what it seems with this strange couple, as he is plunged into a world of horror and pagan rituals.


Merlin: The true story of my life

A ten part story

Genre: Historical fantasy

Britain 5th Century AD. This is the tale of the rise of Merlin, the son of a Roman General and an Celtic Druid Mother. After the withdraw of the Roman Legions, Britain is thrown into a dark and dangerous time. A new leader must rise to protect the shores of Britannia from hostile forces, and that leader is Merlin the Wizened.


A three novella book series

book 1: The Demon box

book 2: The Armageddon files

book 3: The Satanic files

Genre: Religious fantasy / action adventure

Shani Tarath is an angelic being, one of the seven Celestial Guardians of the Earth. With her human ally, Black market archeaologist, Peter Adams, she faces demonic forces intent on making the Earth their own.


Malachi Stone: A Templar's Tale

A four novella book series

book 1: Wolfmoon

book 2: Once Bitten

book 3: A Cackle of Witches

book 4: The Mummy's Heart

Genre: Medieval fantasy / action adventure

Malachi Stone is a sullen Templar knight who travels Europe seeking out  and destroying supernatural and demonic forces wherever they may be hiding. 


The Cabalamancer


A four chapter novella

Genre: Medieval religious fantasy / action adventure

Mosha Ben Jasher is a Cabalamancer; he is a member of a secret Cult of Rabbinical Holy men. They are descendents of the Edomites, who reside in the hidden valley of Kadesh, in the Sinai Peninsula.

They are practitioners of the mystical arts of the Kabbalah, which were revealed to their founder, Kohan Jasher, over millennia ago by the Ruach Hakodesh; one of the seven celestial guardians of the earth.

They are also the keepers of the seven seals of Solomon, seven powerful arcane grimoires, which hold the secrets of summoning the seventy two spirits of Solomon.

With the power of the Sephiroth at his fingertips and his array of mystical weapons, Mosha is a slayer of Demons, or the Shedim, as his order call them.

The Shedim have a name for Mosha, for he is well known and feared amongst their diabolical ranks, they call him, Aryeh Yehudah, the Lion of Judah.


Sam Tunney: Tales of a Wild West Cowboy

A collection of four short Western stories

1: Sam Tunney and the Coulson Gang

2: Sam Tunney and the Comanche

3: Sam Tunney, Desperado

4: Sam Tunney, Aces and Eights

Sam Tunney is a drifter cowboy travelling around the Wild West, these are his adventures.


The Egyptian: The Carnelian Heart

A three chapter novella

Genre: historical Ancient Egyptian fantasy / horror

Akoris Nebkha Ferrure is a tomb builder by day and a tomb robber by night. During a foray into a tomb in the Valley of the Kings, Akoris comes across a secret cult of priests planning to assassinate the Pharaoh, Akhenaton.


The Vikings are coming!

A two part short story

Genre: historical fiction

79 AD Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast with its christian priory are attacked by a Viking raiding party.


The fire guardians of Stonehenge

A Short Story

genre: Historical fiction, Stone age

A tribe of stone age people stop the world from ending as they light the night fires at stonhenge to guide the great sky spirit, Satu back to them.


Gods of the North

A short story

genre: historical fiction / fantasy

An outdoor adventrer on a climbing trip to Hammerfest in Norway, discovers the fabled hammer of Norse god, Thor. He is transported to the time of the Vikings.


A Highland ghost story

A short story

Genre: horror

A farmer in the highlands of Scotland is visited by a ghostly ancestor.


A Fishy Fairytale

A short story

Genre: fairytale / horror

Amy is a five year old girl who makes friends with a family of fairies that live at the bottom of her garden.


The Celt

Two short stories

Genre: Celtic fantasy

1: The Celt and the Brigands

2: The Celt and the Red Legion

The adventures of a Wandering Celtic warrior in Dark Age Britain.


The Tales of Cormac the Sailor

Two short stories

Genre: Celtic fantasy

1:The Storm

2: Son of the sea

The adventures of a Celtic sailor and his crew as they travel the waters around Britain and Ireland.


Blood on a raven's wing

A short story

Genre: Celtic fantasy

Two warring Clans meet on the Battlefield, only one Clan will leave victorious.


And now the screaming starts

A short story

Genre: Halloween horror

Six friends in Ireland go camping on an old fairy mound on Halloween night and encounter a ghostly ancient Celtic tribe of Pagan worshippers.


The Highwayman

A short story

Genre: Historical fiction / action adventure

Tom Kallis is a lone Highwayman who gets more than what he bargained for during a stagecoach hold up.


Shee an Bro

A novel

Genre: Celtic fantasy / action adventure

The epic journey of the Druid, Cu Mactire with his companions, the MacRatha brothers, Niall, Cian and Fergus and his half sister, Belisana Must travel to the forge of the Smith-god Goibhniu to get magical weapons that will help them capture the Dark Sidhe god that has escaped its cairn prison and has possessed the body of a rival Clan King.


The Silly Tales of Robyn Hoode

A collection of ten short stories

Genre: Humour / Historical fiction / action adventure

A not so serious retelling of the legendary Outlaw bowman, Robyn Hoode as he and his half-brother, Will Scathelocke travel from Jerusalem during the crusades, back home to jolly olde England, meeting new friends along the way.





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I am a hobby writer who loves to write historical/celtic period fantasy short stories. although I have written 1 full size novel in a trilogy I am working on in my spare time.

To anyone who takes the time to read my stuff, I thank you and hope you enjoy it.


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