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Last Updated Dec 03, 2018

Malachi Stone final chapter four posted.

Malachi Stone

A Cackle of Witches

Chapter four: Burn, Witch, Burn has been posted.

The final chapter in this tale is done.

Hope you like it.



Malachi Stone

A Cackle of Witches

Chapter three: The Wicker Man, has been posted.

I know... I know... I said that was going to be the last chapter in the story, but I decided to leave it on a cliff hanger.

The final chapter (I promise) coming soon.


A Cackle of Witches

Chapter two: The Witches Cauldron

has been posted.

hope you enjoy it


A Cackle of Witches

Well my writer's block has broken, huurrraay!

So I bring to you,

Malachi Stone: A Templar's tale.

Book Three: A Cackle of Witches.

Chapter one, A Witches Brew, has been posted.

As usual any comments are most welcome, read and enjoy.






Malachi Stone: Once bitten

Chapter 5. The lair of Lilitu

The final chapter of Once bitten has been posted in all of its gorefest glory,

Read and enjoy.





Malachi Stone; Once bitten

Chapter 4. The chapel of the undead.

Has been posted

Malachi and Mosha make their stand against the attacking Vampirii in the village chapel.

the final chapter in this story coming soon.


Malachi Stone; Once bitten

Chapter 3. The blood stained castle on the hill.

Has been posted.

Esteban the thief must use his skills to break into the castle and retrieve an artifact that will help him and Malachi in their fight against the Vampirii.  

hope you enjoy the read.



Shee-an-Bro chapter 46 has been posted.

A not so sweet hangover cure.

Cu and his team are about to leave Bannerock Hillfort and head for the Nathair Cul Mountains.


Malachi Stone. A Templar's tale: Book two. Once Bitten.

Chapter one: Thunder in the Mountains, has been posted, this will probably be a four part story.

Malachi and his little thief companion, Esteban have travelled to Wallachia to search out and destroy a cult of blood sucking Vampirii. expect lots of dark and brooding melancholy from our big dark and brooding Templar! and a little light entertainment from Senor Esteban his wisecracking sidekick. oh yeah and lets not forget buckets of gore as well.

hope you enjoy it? and as usual any comments are most welcome.



Chapter 44: A clandestine meeting.

has been posted.

Cu Mactire has a secret rendevous with a mysterious woman.



Chapter 43: The power of the Bard

Has been posted.



Sam Tunney : Desperado

Cowboy, Sam Tunney rides again in 3 loosly linked

short stories inspired by the music of one of my

favourite bands, The Eagles

Part one: Desperado. Sam is called out for a gunfight by Doolin' Dalton.

Part two: Witchy Woman. Sam helps the Witchy Woman protect a sacred burial ground.

Part three: Hotel California. Sam wishes he never stopped for the night in this place?


I hope you enjoy reading them, and as always, any comments are welcome.




Robyn Hoode

Has again been renamed! its now called:

The silly tales of Robyn Hoode.

Because I originally planned this to be an action adventure series and never envisioned it as a humourous tale, (it just morphed into one) I thought the first chapter was a bit dark with no laughs at all, so I have rewritten it and hopefully injected some humour into it from the start with a little cheeky nod to, Monty python.

If you have already read Crucifixion and rebirth, then give the new revamped chapter a go its a lot more, well, silly!



Shee an Bro

chapter 38: it's a bear!

has been posted.


Why I love being an Atheist: thoughts.

I have to say I find it quite perplexing that being an amateur writer who can spends weeks constructing a short story, researching and planning out each scene and developing characters, plots etc and writing it. can get hundreds of reads from the Booksie members, but recieve not one single comment, good or bad on that piece of writing.

Can then cobble together a rather tongue in cheek one page essay on my own personal none religious beliefs and in less than 24 hours recive 8 comments on it. 7 of which either complimented me on my stance even though some where not of the same mind set as an Atheist, and one which by-passed the comment process and simply went for the personal insult.

Actually that didn't annoy me at all but made me laugh, as it just proved point number 2.

Its a funny old World we live in!

Anyway, sending you all positive vibes of peace, love and prosperity to you all. And may the ink in your pens (or printers, lol) never run dry.


Shee an Bro

Chapter 37: Cu Mactire's Sidhe side awakens.

Has been posted.


Shee an Bro

Chapter 36: Creatures of the dark are stirring.

Has been posted.

to those of you who have been reading Shee (many thank's) I have started to include the characters location in the world of Tir Dhuchais (Home land) just to give you a little bit more info on this fantasy world and its size. Its a pity I am unable to give you the map I drew for Tir Dhuchais, so this is the next best thing, I suppose.

I will be going back to all of the other posted chapters and adding locations and small topoligical details at the beginning of every chapter to add a little more richness to the story and the world it is set in.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this short chapter.


More shards of a time traveller

the first draft of the prologue to the further adventures of, Dek and Lucy have been posted.

let me know what you think.



Chapter 34: A mysterious meeting in the forest.

has been posted.



Chapter 33: Forging new friendships.

Has been posted.



Robyn Hoode

Ch 9; The Wedding Crashers has been posted.

This will be the final chapter in Robyn's tale for a while.

however he will return for a spooky spoof Halloween special edition entitled:


Robyn Hoode and the ghost knight of Sherwood forest.

With special guest appearances from, Malachi Stone the Templar knight and his sidekick, Esteban.

Also a very special appearance by the mystery solving medeival superhound, Scabby Dick. so don't forget to tune in at Halloween to be shocked and appalled by this truly scary ghost story.




Chapter 31; A stranger in camp, has been posted.


The Ripper by Gaslight

At last the end is here!

Chapter six and the final chapter seven has been posted.

As usual all comments are welcome.


The Ripper by Gaslight

Chapter five has been posted. I orginally planned this story to be only five chapters long, but it seems one more will be needed to finish this chilling tale.

Hope you enjoy it.



The Ripper by Gaslight

Chapter four has arrived and been posted. Only 2 more chapters to go for the big reveal and finale.

hope you enjoy it.


The Ripper by Gaslight

Chapter three has been posted, hope you enjoy it and as usual any comments are welcome.




Chapters 29: The quest begins, and chapter 30: The Kelpie,  have been posted.





Shee an Bro:

chapters 27; A web of lies & 28; Scrying for the truth,  are posted.



The Ripper by gaslight

Chapter two has been posted.

chapter three should hopefully be done by the end of the week, so not long to wait!

As always, any comments are welcome.






Ripper by Gaslight: Chapter one has been posted.

Hope you enjoy it,

as usual, Any comments are welcome.




Shee an Bro

Chapter 25; Brave souls laid to rest, has been posted.


The Ripper by Gaslight

Well my new project is underway.

This will be a 5 part short story based on Jack the Ripper.

It is gruesome, bloody and has my usual twist on the tale.

The prologue has been posted, read and enjoy.

As usual all comments are most welcome!



Just a short message: I know I haven't posted much this year, Its due to work commitments, painting and decorating the house, etc..

I am however still writing when I can squeeze it in.

Coming up. will be:

Satanic files final chapter

Robyn Hoode: The Wedding Crashers.

And a little something new I am working on, All I will say, is its set in Victorian London, Watch this space!




Celtic-Scribe63 movie reviews.

I have posted my new portfolio of movie reviews. a fun and eclectic collection of movies, some of my favourites and some real stinkers. this will be an ongoing collection of reviews, some serious, some not so serious, depending on my mood when writing them.



Seraphim;Book Three

The Satanic files, has been posted.

The prologue and first 2 chapters are ready for scrutiny!  

The story is set 500 years after the Exodus and takes place in Ancient Babylon.





Chapter 21: Demons of the mind, has been posted.


Chapter 19; A story of heroes. and chapter 20; A declaration of war, has been posted.





chapter 18 has been posted; The Ard Droi (The High Druid)



The alternative tales of Robyn Hoode

Chapter Eight: It's off to Sherwood we go,

With hey-nonny-no and a fol-de-rol.

Has been posted.



The Egyptian title revised.

Is now called: The Egyptian: The Carnelian Heart.



The Egyptian: Part three.

The concluding part of ,the Egyptian has been posted, hope you enjoy it and as usual, all comments are welcome.


The Egyptian

Has turned out to be a 3 part story. Part two has been posted.


The Egyptian.

A 2 part short story about a tomb robber who uncovers a plot to murder the Pharaoh.

part 1 has been posted.


Robyn Hoode; chapter seven

Nottingham. A corrupt Sheriff and a Vengeful Templar.

The latest installment of my (tongue in cheek) retelling of the Outlaw in green. has been posted. It may not be pollitically correct for this age, but it was written in the middle ages (Well that's my excuse anyway, lol) I didn't actually plan for it to turn out to be a (comedy) it just decided to go down its own path and hell I followed it and have to say it is my little guilty pleasure writing it. Well it makes me laugh. I hope you will give it a go and see the fun side of it, as I do.


Upcoming stuff

Shards of a Time Traveller (revisited) DEK and Lucy will be back this year in a brand new adventure.

The Egyptian 1,336BCE: He is a tomb builder by day and a tomb robber by night, Akoris Nebke Ferurre stumbles across a secret cult of priests up to no good. Will he ignore them or will he get drawn into their web of intrigue? 

Seraphim, book 3: The Satanic files: Shani Tarath the Angelic being and guardian of Earth is back, and this time she is in ancient Babylon thwarting the the plans of one of her own kind, the rogue Angel, Lucifer.

Sam Tunney: our cowboy friend is saddling up for a new adventure, this time against some nasty Bandits south of the border.

Malachi Stone: A Templar's Tale. Once bitten. The sullen knight and his sidekick, Estaban are up to their necks in it again, fighting more supernatural beings and undead in Wallachia.





A Tir Duchais novel

The Dark Shee trilogy

Book one.

This is my first full scale novel, it is set in the mythical land of Tir Duchais. the land is set in an Iron age Celtic world environment heavilly influenced by Celtic myth and legends.

Shee-an-Bro is a village and part of the Celenioth clan. the story involves a young Druid, Cu Mactire as he investigates what initially looks like a barbaric murder, but then quickly turns into something more dark and sinister which leads him and his companions on a quest full of peril and danger as the fate of his clan are held in the balance.


I hope you will enjoy it, and as usual all comments are welcome.



The concluding 4th chapter of, Malachi Stone has finally been posted, hope you enjoy it.



Malachi Stone

A Templar's Tale

Wolfmoon: part three.

The third installation of this four part short story has been posted. I had originally planned this as a 3 part short, but things rarely work out the way I plan them, lol.






Shards of a Time Traveller: chapter five.

At last the final chapter in my time travel adventure has landed, hope you enjoy it.



Robyn Hoode Chapter six: has been posted.


Shards of a time traveller: chapter four.

The penultimate chapter of my time travel short has been posted.

All comments are welcome and appreciated.




Blood on a Raven's Wing

my entry for Reaper's fantasy genre, action adventure contest, Bring the action, has been posted.

I hope you like it, I had a blast writing it.

All comments and critiques are welcome.



The Alternative adventures of Robyn Hoode:

Chapter Five

Prison Break.

Has been posted.

Continuing with our tongue in cheek version of Robyn Hoode. Our Hapless heroes come to the rescue of Alan A'Dale.

Hope you enjoy the read, and as usual, any comments are welcome.


Malachi Stone, continues his adventure in pursuit of a pack of werewolf knights.

All comments are welcome,


Shards of a Time Traveller: Chapter three has been posted.

Just 2 chapters to go!

I hope you like it and thank you all for your support and encouragement.



Kind regards


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I am a hobby writer who loves to write historical/celtic period fantasy short stories. although I have written 1 full size novel in a trilogy I am working on in my spare time.

To anyone who takes the time to read my stuff, I thank you and hope you enjoy it.


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