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Location: United Kingdom

Member Since: June 2017

Last online: May 2021

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Last Updated May 14, 2021

'Inspired By' A series of Fantasy stand-alone shorts

'Inspired By.'

Is an ongoing series of stand-alone Dark / Grimdark / Fantasy short stories approx 6 pages long. Inspired by the fantastic artwork of Frank Frazetta. They can be read in any order. Like Frazetta's artwork, they are, Dark, brutal, barbaric, primal, bloody, and gore-ious.

Give them a read...

The Barbarian

The Sorceress of Kardesh-Shan

The Deathdealer

Tamaris: Huntress of Thuldonia


The Nam

Is a 3 part biopic of a young G.I on his tour of duty during the Vietnam war. 

It's Brutal, bloody, action/adventure stuff.

Read it now if you haven't already.

Part1 M.I.A: Lawman's helicopter is shot down. He and one other survive the crash deep inside the DMZ.

Part 2 Blood Trail: Lawman runs through the jungle with the VC hot on his heels.

part 3 Paint it Black: Lawman has only five days left of his tour... Will he survive to return state-side and taste his mom's lasagne again...




The Vikings Are Coming!'

Has been re-edited (some newly added content) to a short story, format.



Operation Black Sun

Die Shwarzen Sonne

A Tongue in cheek WW2 Spy thriller steeped in Nazi conspiracy theories has been re-edited and has added, shocking pictures of evidence showing that these things really happened!

So, have you got what it takes to join Spawn team alpha on an incredible journey to the Hollow Earth, as they battle the Nazi Thule Society?



'Inspired by'

Tamaris, Huntress of Thuldonia


A mother is set on a trail of bloody vengence against a ferocious mountain giant


'Warning' contains strong bloody gore and scenes of horror.



The Skinwalkers

Final Chapter 4, posted

Dine Bikayeh: Sacred Ground

Gabe faces the Skinwalker for a showdown and a fight to the death.

Hope you enjoy it and feel free to add any comments, they are always welcome.



The Skinwalkers

Chapter 3 posted

Wakinyantanka: The Thunderbird


Gabe our Cryptozoologist and his companion, Shirley De Marco a secret Government Agent, enter the grounds of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch on the trail of the paranormal entity haunting the property.




'Inspired by,'

The Sorceress of Kordesh-Shan

has been posted



'Inspired by,'

The Death Dealer

has been posted.



New! 'Inspired by,'

This will be a series of stand-alone Fantasy short stories, inspired by the Fantastic Fantasy artwork of Frank Frazetta.

Each story will be accompanied by a picture that has inspired me to write a story about it.

I hope you will enjoy this tribute by me, to the marvelous artwork of Frank Frazetta.

And what better a start than 'The Barbarian' The picture I use for my profile.

Read and enjoy and comment.



Skinwalkers Chapter 2

Ya' aash nilch' I : Spirits in the sky.

Gabe and De Marco travel to the Uintah Navajo reservation, where Gabe has an associate who may be able to help them capture the Skinwalker.



Shards of a Time Traveller: B1

The story that introduced us to Time Travelling Marvel, David Eusabian Kasimov (Dek) to his friends and his A.I companion, Lucy, has been revamped. Dek has undergone a bit of a personality re-fit, bringing him more in line with his two sequels. Also, some scenes have been re-written.

So, if you have not read it, or even (shock, horror) fancy reading it again then why not join Dek and Lucy as they bounce around time on the trail of E.T. as they visit Nazi Germany 1945- Roswell 1947- Area 51 1974- Ancient Sumaria 2000BCE- Cuzco Peru 974ACE-



Gabe Hussey is back!

'The Skinwalkers'

'Yee Naldlooshii (He who walks on all fours)

Chapter 1 Posted

Gabe Hussey, Crypto-Zoologist, and Agent De Marco are about to embark on their next cryptid adventure, hunting down the Native American Spirits known as Skinwalkers.


Hope you enjoy the ride.



So, I have reached the 90,000 read mark! WOW!

thank you to all who have read my stuff, become fans, and sharing your comments. I applaud you all for your great support.

My top 3 read counts are

1. Shee-an-Bro - 16745 reads. My Celtic myth Fantasy novel has struck a chord with the readers, thank you for reading it.

2. The silly tales of Robyn Hood - 4638. a tongue-in-cheek re-telling of the son of Sherwood. a collection of 10 short stories of Robyn's wacky adventures and his even more wacky Merry men and woman!

3. Celtic-Scribe63 movie reviews - 4629. Well, this one caught me by surprise! a collection of well, movie reviews!



The Squatch

Chapter 4

Netting The Big Fish

Gabe and De Marco are hot on the trail of the Squatch.

A Rip-roaring finale to this action-adventure story



The Squatch

Chapter 3

Tag 'em and Bag 'em

Gabe has a visit to Hospital from Detective Browning and meets a new ally.



The Squatch

Chapter 2

The Night Hunter

Gabe goes Squatch hunting at night... What perils await him in the darkness of the surrounding forest?

Well, you will have to read it to find out!




Gabriel 'Gabe' Hussey is a new character I have been working on to star in his own series of Paranormal stories.

Gabe works, indirectly with a secret branch of the U.S government. He specializes in hunting down and discovering Cryptids... Unidentified folklore creatures, and investigating paranormal activity.

I hope you will join him in his new adventures!

Gabe's stories will be told in (FP-limited) writing style.


So Without further ado! I present to you,

Part one of, The Squatch

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading your comments.

And don't forget, if you like it then, hit those Like buttons and Shelf buttons.


Celtic Scribe-63




The Nam

Part 3.

Paint it, Black (posted)

Lawman is back in another action-packed, bleak story set during the Vietnam War.

This time his squad is sent deep into the jungle looking for an enemy VC training camp.




The Nam

Part one: M.I.A (posted)

Part two: Bloodtrail (posted)

genre: War and Military

Story format: short story / First Person

This is a two-part short story about a US Marine shot down behind enemy lines during the Vietnam War.

Tough, gritty, bloody, action-adventure.

Enjoy the read!



Declassified: UFO, Down

During top-secret maneuvers by NATO in the North Atlantic, 3 fighter pilots encounter a UFO.

This story is a transcription of their close encounter!




Happy New Year!

At last, my last nightshift is tonight. And then I am back on furlough for at least the rest of January.

Working in Hospitality has been a challenge over the last year. I have spent more time on furlough than at work. I am not complaining, I took the breaks well, did a lot of writing, fell in love with my guitar, again!

I count myself lucky I still have a job! thank's to working for a big international company, which supported its hospitality staff by furloughing us or giving us other jobs to do in its stores.

I also managed to finish my second Celtic-myth novel in my Dark Shee trilogy, Nuall-an-Aich. I will be starting the last book, Bri-an-Dugh this year. I am looking forward to writing it.

Let us all hope that with these new vaccines coming out, we and the world can get back to a normal life, very soon!

Take care and stay safe.

Best wishes



Due to work changing me to nightshift. I just have no time to write. Sleep all day, work all night. It is brutal. Hopefully, after Christmas, I should revert back to my day shifts and start rolling out some new stuff around the end of January.

Cheers and have a Merry Crimbo!

Malachi Stone B5 The Devil's Ashes

Malachi Stone our favorite, sullen, Templar Knight, is back in another blood, drenched, medieval / fantasy, action, adventure, hunting down more evil-doers.

This time Malachi, and his companions, Esteban the Archer-thief and Mosha the Mystical Cabalamancer, are off hunting down a Cult of Devil Worshippers.

So, why not join them on this gruesome, gorefest, as they hack and slash their way through their fair share of enemies along the way.

Have fun!


Hi There!

Celtic-Scibe63, here!


So what can you find in my portfolio?

Allsorts, really! It is an eclectic collection of mainly short novellas, averaging 5 chapters; roughly about 75 pages per novella.


Genres covered are Fantasy. Historical Fantasy. Biblical Fantasy. Celtic Myth. Sci-Fi. Horror. Humour. Historical Fiction.


And don't forget, if you find something that you like, then hit those like buttons and shelf buttons.

Also, I would love to hear from you and your thoughts on my stories, so get those comment boxes filled in.

With regards





Profile Information

I am a hobby writer, I write in my spare time, just for pleasure. I have been writing for over 25 years, now. I mainly write short novellas, usually 7 chapters long, at most.

I first started out writing Historical Celtic based Fantasy short stories, but since being with Booksie, I have dipped my toes into other genres, and now write everything from, Sci Fi, Gothic Horror, Humour, War and Military and Westerns and other little oddities.

To anyone who takes the time to read my stuff, I thank you, and hope you enjoy it.


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