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My name is Cody (obviously) I'm 15 years old, and to me, art is extremely important. I used to stay in my room for days painting, reading, and writing. Although, I can not do that now, because of school, martial arts, and chores. If I want to write, paint, or read, I need to stay up late, and wake up early.
I usually only end up getting 3-5 hours of sleep, but for some odd reason, it doesn't bother me.
Sometimes I may seem like I'm being rude, and hating on your stories, but I am just used to giving, and receiving criticism. Please don't be offended by me pointing out a few things. If you don't want me to do that, just tell me.
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Bellow this is an old profile I made on another website. I will remove some information later, I just wanted to put this here instead of typing it all out.

MY PROFILE BORN: September 29-1996--14:59---Tulsa Oklahoma. I was born prematurely. If the doctors had taken a second longer to do whatever they did to keep me alive, I would have died. Against all odds, I survived, and healed faster than most. The Doctors were surprised. (That's what I've been told.) I was supposed to have an identical twin, but something happened, and the fetus died. The placenta formed a thin layer of skin over the dead fetus, and proceeded to dissolve the body. Everything was normal, but a hole formed in the skin, and I was in danger of being crippled, or dissolved as well. Not only that, but my lungs weren't fully developed. There was something else that I should have died from, but I can't remember. I'll have to ask again. Kind of sad though, there was nothing I wanted more than to have a twin, and when I was 10, my older sister told me what happened... LIVED IN: California, Kansas, Wyoming, several places in Oklahoma. I'm probably forgetting a place, but I can't think of it right now. My memory isn't that great, I can't remember the towns that I lived in. I do remember the ocean in California, the somewhat pleasant, freezing climate in Wyoming, but I don't remember anything from Kansas, besides finding a seashell in the middle of a dry field. I miss the cold weather, and I miss the ocean. I don't know why, but I don't like Oklahoma much... IS CURRENTLY LOCATED IN: Muskogee, Oklahoma. RELIGION: Christian. I've been a Christian ever since I was 5 years old. (Maybe sooner) My mom used to take me to church. I remember someone giving me a bible. That was the greatest gift anyone had given me at that time. Years passed, and we all stopped going to church. Eventually, we found a place to stay, not far from where we first lived. Me and my little brother started going to church. I loved it, my brother didn't. after a few years, he stopped going, and so did I. Not long after, things started to happen. I became a really bad person. I won't even begin to explain all of the things I did. I remember listening to a hard rock station on the radio. It started to go out, I didn't know what was wrong. I hit the button to change the channel three times, and stopped on a Christian rock station. I was about to change the channel when I heard a song that made me stop. I listened to it for a while, and left the radio on that channel ever since. I started going back to church, and everyone said they missed me. I was surprised they even remembered me.. Later on, they told me that I should go with them to Falls Creek. (A Christian camp) I went home, got my savings, and in June, went to Falls Creek. It was the greatest place I've ever been. There was always something to do, people were nice, and I was actually asked to group with people. We'd go to the swimming area, skate park, and to the basketball court, then go get an Icee, or hangout at the coffee shop. I met a girl named Carlee there. She and I talked a lot. She understood me so well. We had a lot in common, and we became best friends really soon. I went home, and that's when I realized how I really felt about her. Each day, I thought about her more, and more. I'd stay up all night, unable to sleep, waiting until morning so I could call her... I'm going to stop the story here.. I'm getting off subject... LANGUAGES I'M LEARNING: German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. I speak very little of each language, but that's because I'm teaching myself. I'm best at Japanese. I'm learning German, and French because I plan on going to Europe and go to college there. I'll be there in probably ten years, and then probably stay there for ten years. My mom encourages me to stay there and not come back to America, and my dad doesn't care what happens to me, so I might stay in Europe... I tried to learn Russian, but I got as far as saying 'Hello' and I gave up. It's been about a year since I've spoken French, or Spanish, so I've forgotten a lot. Good thing I remember how to ask if they speak english, lol. THINGS THAT INTEREST ME: Writing, painting, drawing, photography, and reading. I've always had an interest in writing stories, ever since I knew how to write complete sentences. I'm not really sure why I used to write, but I know why I do now. Writing allows me to escape from the uncontrollable, unpredictable reality, and enter a world of my own creation. It allows me to momentarily live in a world that I can control, one that I can create my own fate. When I write, I can see, feel, taste, hear, and smell what the character does. All of my anger, sadness, and loneliness leaves me, and I can actually have a moment in my life where there is nothing to worry about. I am able to express how I feel, and what I think, without anyone criticizing me, or making fun of me. Drawing, and painting help to bring what I write about closer to reality. I guess it gives me more comfort. I could spend hours, or days in my room, drawing, writing, and painting without ever feeling bored. But unfortunately, I can't. My parents are more interested in how much work I can do before I fall behind schedule, rather than how much creativity I can express... As for photography, I just saw things that I never wanted to forget, no matter what. I'd grab a camera, take several pictures, and save the best ones. People said I have a natural talent of photography.. but I think they're just trying to be nice... My interest in reading shares the same reason that I write, only it's a world that someone else created. I enjoy all kinds of books, adventure, romance, horror, and more. I'm starting to read more vampire stories.. I guess they just got my attention because I like the night more than the day, and vampires are creatures of the night. Q: Why do I believe in god? A: Because it gives me hope, I guess. Q: If I hate violence, why do I work so hard at learning how to fight? A: I hate to fight, but I try to learn to fight so I can protect myself and others. Q: Why am I homeschooled? A: Because the schools where I live aren't so good.  


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