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What does one write about oneself? I'm a fantasy writer, though occasionally I dabble in other genres (all fiction, I have enough of real life every day). I was recommended to Booksie by a friend who has some stories here (highly recommend: Iason Tonyaka). So far I have completed four novels and am currantly trying to get those published. Chances are, however, those will never see Booksie light.

For all those wonderful readers out there, this will be my little corner to field test those stories that I don't want anyone who actually knows me to read. You know, the kind of stuff that's embaressing to write, things that are a little outside my normal expertise. I hope that those of you who would be considerate enough to read my stories rip them apart.

That's right, I said rip them apart. Be absolutely brutal. There's a character or plot twist you don't like? Tell me! You hate my writing style? Tell me! But for the love of all that is right and good about our world, tell me why. I'm not perfect. My writing has a lot of room to improve, I know that. I also know that the only way I could ever hope to improve is if someone else points out my weaknesses. So, please, if you have a problem with my story, tell me why in as much detail as you can so that I can, hopefully, fix it. This, naturally, goes for if you like my story. I'm not fishing for compliments, but please, tell me why. The only thing worse than someone saying "Your story is horrible, I hate it," with no specifications on why is hearing someone say, "It was great, keep up the good work," without elaboration. I need to know where my weaknesses are, but I also need to know where my strengths are so that they don't turn around and become weaknesses. In short, feedback is much loved.

I understand that the way Booksie is set up, it's hard to give overly detailed feedback, since you have to condense all your comments into a little box at the end, and can't comment while reading. With this in mind, anyone who would like to really rip into something and is willing to give me really detailed feedback on my story, please tell me! Just drop me a line (asthorne@writeme.com) and I'll send you a copy of the book for you to comment on. Likewise, I'm willing to do this for anyone else who needs an unbiased, unmerciful reader. My grammer sucks, but I'm good at finding inconsistancies and holes in plot, and I'm very good at finding places where you could fluff up your wordcount. I'm an avid reader and love helping others improve their writing. (Side note: I usually only check that e-mail once a week and tend to delete e-mail from unfamilar names, so let me know who you are and that you're from booksie in the re line.)

In case you haven't figured it out from my way too long bio, I have a tendancy to run on. In real life, I'm actually a very quiet, very shy person. Ask anyone who actually knows me and you'll get odd looks, though. All my words tend to get sucked up into my stories or talking about my stories. Seriously, get me started on one of my characters or a story I'm planning and I can go on for hours without actually answering your question. I also have a severe case of what I like to call the "ooooh, shiny!" syndrome. I'm far too easily distracted, and most often those distractions come from my own mind. ::sigh:: (for example, I began this paragraph to make a point, and distracted myself way too easily. For those wondering, my point was that because I tend to run on, I'm a novelist and not so great at short stories)

As a side note, since putting up some of my work, I've discovered that I've become addicted to comments, good or bad. Because I know it takes time and thought to leave a comment (even if it's just a couple words), I'm willing to take a look at and comment on anyone's work who comments on mine. I should warn y'all though that I know nothing about poetry. I suck at it and, when given a choice between short stories (which I detest) and poems, I'll go with the short stories every time. I'll still read the poems and comment on them, though. Just thought that a warning would be fair, since, while I will read and comment on poems, my comments probably won't be overly helpful or detailed. I'm sorry >.< (Due to personal issues, I'm afraid I don't have as much time as I used to, so for the foreseeable future, I can't promise to be able to read and comment on everyone's work who has read and commented on mine. I'm sorry -.-)

Another warning, I suppose, would be that I try to live by the golden rule. You know the one, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or something like that. I say this because what I would like more than anything else is an honest comment pointing out areas in which I can improve, or areas in which I excelled. Keeping this in mind, most of my comments will be along those lines. I'll try to keep them encouraging, but please, if I point out an area in which you can improve or seem to be complaining about something, don't take it personally! I'm just trying to help. I know how discouraging it can be when you don't think someone enjoyed your writing. You are, naturally, completely free to ignore my comments. After all, what do I know?

Let's see... what else... Oh! I have no life, so when I work on a story, I tend to throw myself into it. I'm actually a pretty fast writer (because I have nothing else to do and I like to set impossible goals for myself. Like finishing a novel in a month, which I'm proud to say I've managed twice already.). What that means to all you beautiful readers out there is that I update quickly. Of course, I'm a big fan of leaving them wanting more, so unless there's a lot of demand, I won't post more than a chapter a day, no matter how far ahead I am. Also, I don't like wasting my, or anyone else's time. I'm kind of weird that way, I guess. If someone doesn't seem interested in a story, I don't feel I should try to push it on them. So, given that, every story I post will be completed, but I might not post it all. If there's enough interest, then I will, but if there isn't then I'll just leave it hanging. I'm easy, though, all I need is for one person to tell me he or she is still reading.

I have three... no, four book catagories. I don't mean genres, I mean catagories. I have the books that I won't post on Booksie, mainly because they're things that I've spread out in my normal network of readers and it would kind of defeat the purpose of the stories on Booksie not being read by people I know. I have the books that won't be posted on Booksie that I'm co-writing with a friend (or in some cases, friends). Those won't get posted because it's not just my call and  most of my co-writers are paranoid about posting on the web. Then there's the books that I'm co-writing with Iason Tonyaka, which will be posted but might not be on my page. And finally, the most important ones, are the books that I'll post on my page that are all mine. The point (yes, I do have one!) is that I'm always writing, but I might not always be posting. I appologize if this annoys anyone who really likes my writing -.-

Also, for the most part, I'll only be posting first drafts on Booksie. My aim is to get my writing published, and I always tend to add scenes and things during revisions. So, there will be a lot of typos and my stories may be a bit choppy. That's why.

So, yeah. Thank you in advance to everyone who is willing to take time out of their lives to read my story. ^_^ Much love to you all!


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