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Only a few people on Earth  are born with powers you can only imagine. Some of those People are, Colby, Jacob, and, Ryan. And When people are born with these powers they are bound to take advantage of it.


Created By: Colby Miller, James Harpole, & Jacob Gidden

    Help From: Jayden Audette and Ian Gundberg


Doodle Lord< started chatting with >The Traveler


DL: I just f0und s0mething man!!!

TT: What Did you find this Time.

DL: 0h l0rd n0t another 0ne 0f y0ur stupid time & space puns!!!

TT: Don’t give me crap, You're doing it too, You're even talking in leetspeak

DL: XP I kn0w, anyway...I f0und a b00k 0n h0w t0 c0ntr0l 0ur p0wers and I f0und a bunch 0f new spells in it as well!!!! I think I’m g0nna call the b00k, the magical b00k of magic.

TT: Well that’s great(ly stupid), but could you come to the courtyard me and-

TW: P!zza 4 d!nner!!!!!


Doodle Lord< Kicked >The Wind< out of this chat


TT: He seriously needs to give me some Space.

DL: Shut up! Anyways what were y0u g0ing t0 say bef0re TW cut y0u 0ff!

TT: I was going to say “Well that’s great, but could you come to the courtyard me and TW Are waiting for you to bring the Pizza.”

DL: 0k I’ll be 0ver in a few minutes. I’ll bring the b00k with me t00.

TT: You better.

DL: D0nt y0u w0rry y0ur little butt 0ff i'll be there with a h0t and ready anch0vy pizza.


>The Wind< Butted back in


TW: Gross!

DL: Y0ur gr0ss y0u farted 0n my pill0w. N0 w0nder we call y0u The Wind.


The Traveler< Banned >The Wind< From this chat


TT: He’s so annoying sometimes.


Jacob Got on his bike and road to the courtyard where him and his friends were going to have pizza. And were Jacob was going to show them his magical book of magic. (M-BOM)

Jacob met Colby & Ryan at the courtyard. He sat the pizza down on the table.

“Letsh shee da M-Bom” Colby sputtered with a mouth full of pizza


Jacob set the book on the on the table. He opened the book to a random page.

Ryan came out of nowhere and blew the dust off of the pages in the book. The two pages had drawings of finger motions. They were steps for a magical fire spell. Ryan stuck his hand in the air and moved his fingers in the motion it showed on the page. His finger turned into a snausage.

“Ahhhhh”Colby and Ryan screamed.

“Hahahahah” Jacob Bellowed  “now i can call you snausage fingers.”

“Beeeeeeeeep,” Jacob's watch started beeping and alarming him. “Oh sorry guys my parents want me home. Seeya!”

“I’ll Text you if Anything happens, K?”

Jacob got on his bike and rode off.

“Ok Ryan, Time to fix your finger.” Colby muttered.


The Traveler<started chatting with >Doodle Lord


TT: We fixed Ryan’s finger.

DL: C00l, Im g0nna have t0 DRAW the line with Ryan and magic.


DL: Y0u cant st0p me fr0m making puns my spirit is LIFTED higher than y0u can reach!!!!!

TT: Gimme a sec to grasp the Gravity of this situation

DL: That puns stinks-

TT: Like your pillow?

DL: >:(0k st0p with the puns & J0kes that just t00k it t00 far. My fart pill0w is seri0us biz

TT: Ok Sorry Mate

DL: I went thr0ugh 5 b0ttles of Febreze to get rid of the stench. The fart burnt s0me 0f my pill0w. It was h0rrifying t0 watch.

TT: Yah I know.

DL: So anyways now that you’re done fixing his finger, Whatcha doin?

TT: I’m currently attempting to Find some spells for you to use on the battlefield, oh yeah i'm also sitting on the ceiling of my bedroom.

DL: 0h yah I left my b00k at the c0urt yard and Wait Why are on the ceiling?!

TT: I… Don’t know… :/ Maybe my Powers are acting up?

DL: :| Oh. Have fun with that...Bye dude!


Doodle Lord< Started chatting with >Judge Brutal.


DL: Did I tell y0u I f0und a magical spell b00k.

JB: No, Well I guess you did now though.

DL: Well I f0und a magical spell b00k!!! :O)

JB: Wow amazing, tell me more… (-_-)

DL: I will Sh00t a Fireball 0uta my hand and burn y0u, if I d0n’t turn my fingers int0 a snausage…

JB: Ummm :T

DL:Wait Gimme a Sec


>Doodle Lord< Added>The Traveler< To The Chat With>Judge Brutal


JB: Who’s this Guy?


DL: I’m magical as well and he’s my c0usin btw

JB: Oh he sounds cool.I guess. :|

TT: I GUESS!? >:(

JB: Calm down! You weirdo. (-n-)


The Traveler< Kicked >Judge Brutal Out of this chat


DL: I can Tell y0u guys dislike each 0ther. :|

TT: we don't like each other. We have a history.

DL: 0000h what is it tell me the st0ry!!!!!

TT: Don’t want to talk about it. (-⊓-)


Doodle Lord>left this chat


Doodle Lord> Started chatting with <The Wind


DL: what'sthe hist0ry between Marcus and C0lby

TW: Well it was like love at first sight but not.

DL: (:| 0h… umm.

TW: Yah

DL: S0 are y0u still with c0lby?

TW: No, I am st!ll at the courtyard. I have been test!ng out spells.

I found one where you can mold d!fferent objects. You can’t change the substance but you can mold !t !nto d!fferent shapes.

DL: 0h nice, can’t wait to get my b00k back. >:\



Jacob Hopped onto his bike and drove towards the courtyard.


The Traveler< Started Chatting with >Doodle Lord


TT: Why’d You Leave?

DL: I was asking ab0ut y0u and Marcus. (:\

TT: And you asked Whom?

DL: Ryan.


DL: Geez… well what happened?

TT: *Sigh* It happened a long time ago. Marcus and I both like this really cute girl. We both tried to impress her. She dropped it like a bomb and told us, she didn’t like either of us. Both marcus and I blamed the fact that she didn’t like either of us on each other and ended up getting in a huge brawl.

DL: H0w c0me y0u have y0u n0t t0ld me this bef0re?

DL: C0lby?

TT: Sorry Fell off of the ceiling.

TT: Anyways it’s kinda a touchy subject for me, it was probably the worst day of my life, Lost the girl of my dreams, my best friend, a fight.

DL: W0w, That’s just- huh

TT: I think I need some time to like meditate… ttyl


The Traveler< Left this chat


DL: P00r guy… Didn’t even mean to use a time pun…


Jacob Got onto his bike and road back to the courtyard.

Jacob Stopped His Bike. He saw Ryan Reading M-BOM. Jacob took the book and got back on his bike. RYan gave Jacob a displeased look




Purple Dude< Started chatting with >Bacon Man


PD: Dude my father has an uncle who has a sisters whose brother knows a few guys who have a magic spell book.

BM: So your saying we can get powers from them and we can become super awesome!!!



Bacon Man< Started chatting with >The Traveler


BM:SO where is the book?

TT: What book?

BM: I know you have the book and I have a favor to ask.

TT: Who are you and what do you want?

BM: I JUST SAID I WANTED THE BOOK!!! ):O and my names Green. Btw. ;)

TT: How’d you get my number?

BM: I know a guy ):) so do you want to hear my request?

TT: Nah M8 not in the mood


Bacon Man> left the chat


Purple Dude< Started chatting with >Bacon Man




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