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As I stood looking at the clock waiting for 3:00pm to come around. I wonder if I should go through with it. Through with what could happen if I am caught. I could just leave like I normally do and, just keep living my life day after day. But I am sick of my life repeating itself. My shift at the bank ends and, I clock out. The bathroom is near the door so, there shouldn’t be any problems. I approach the door after saying goodbye to my co workers and, quickly enter into the ladies bathroom. I look around to see if there is anybody in the room. There isn’t. Then I proceed to retrieve the gloves, mask and the bag I hid in the trash can, earlier today. I hid in the only stall in the bathroom for hours. I try to stay quiet and, make sure nobody finds me. When I am sure everyone in the building was gone. I put on the mask and gloves and, try to leave the bathroom. But when I reach for the doorknob I get a sinking feeling. The door was locked and, now I am trapped in the bathroom. My brain panicking now trying to find another way out. Then I realize right above my stall there was a vent. It looked big enough for my size so, I gave it a try. I took the vent cover off and, pulled myself up the vent. As I was crawling I was wondering where the vent would even end. I just kept crawling hoping for a way in. I approached a panel where I realize I was above the back of the bank. I took out the panel and, jumped down to the bottom. As soon as my feet touched the floor the ringing of the alarm echoed throughout the building. I froze in fear then I acted quickly because, the alarm was only a noise alarm. No cops were alerted till someone heard it, then called them. I sprinted over to the alarm and, entered in the code. I was so relieved ,but still alert to anyone who might have heard it. I walked to where the money draws were and, found stacks of $100 dollar bills. I stuffed my bag with money till I couldn’t carry anymore. I have never in my life saw all that money at once. But a cold hard reality hit me. How was I supposed to get out of the bank. Any window I break will send a alarm to the police. Also the teller windows are blocked off with metal bars. I have trapped myself in the bank without realizing it. My brain was running at a rapid speed trying to find another way out. I couldn’t believe I didn’t think they would lock the bathroom doors. Or even if they didn’t I couldn't get pass the metal bars on the teller window. But right when I was about to give up hope and, face the concinquince. I thought of brilliant idea, I will wait till the manger opens up the bank in the morning. Then I will sneak out and, I can stay in the bathroom so I’m closer to the doors. I put the plan into action and, got on top of a chair and, jumped into the vent. I navigated my way through the vents till I got to the bathroom. I fell on to the bathroom floor then stood up and, collected myself. I took off the mask and gloves then, set down the bag. I went over to the mirror and looked at myself. I didn’t believe this was real. I mean, I’m no criminal, how did I even get the idea of this ridiculous plan. If I do get away with the money would I come back to work. I guess I’ll decide when the time comes. I spent most of my time just sitting down and, going over what I will do when the manager comes through the door. I dozed off for a bit but, remained awake in fear of someone finding me. I look through the side of the door to see if the sun is out ,occasionally. I’m waiting for the sound of my boss opening the doors for hours. When I was sitting there I thought of the worst case scenario. That my boss comes in and finds the money missing then calls the cops. And does not unlock the doors so, I can’t escape! I tried to forget what I just thought of so I don’t drive myself crazy. I have no clue what time it was but, I could tell the sun was up. I laid back and, closed my eyes but, right when I did that. I heard a car pull up in the parking lot. I immediately jumped up to my feet and, picked up my bag. I stood still trying to listen for him. I heard him unlock the doors and, walk into the bank. I watching through the door. He walk over to the teller windows and, unlocked the metal bars. Then he moved his way to the back of the bank. Now he was beyond my vision and, I could only hope for the best. It was a good solid 15 minutes before I saw him again. He walked over to the bathrooms and unlocked them. I went back into the stall when I saw him come over. When I heard that click of the door unlocking, I felt so relived. But my happiness was short lived when I heard the front door open and my boss say, “Hello Officers, there was a break in last night.” I was petrified by what I was hearing. One of the officers spoke, “Ok, well what is your name.” He said. “My name is, George.” He explained. When of the officers spoke again but, this time a female. “When did you notice anything wrong.” She said. “When I got into work just this morning.” He said. “When exactly was that, sir.” Said the officer. “Well, about 9am this morning.” He admitted. This went on for a while and, I could hear everything. I had no clue when I was going to be able to have the time to escape. But the next thing I heard come out of the officer's mouth nearly killed me. “May I please use your bathroom.” But the worst thing about it was she was the female officer. “Sure it’s right here.” He said. I couldn’t think on what to do. I was in the only stall of the bathroom and, didn’t  have anywhere to put the money. I heard the officer start to walk over to the bathroom and, I panicked and, stuffed the bag into the vent of the bathroom. The bathroom door opened and, I held my breath, well the officer slowly walked over to the stall. I started crying and, I realized I had to had to give up so I held my hands above my head. The officer stopped in front of the stall and, opened the door. That is when I yelled, “I surrender, I took the money.” Due to the sudden yell and jump scare the officer grabbed her gun and, fired twice at me. I was shot in the stomach and, then in the chest. The officer ran toward me and, called for help. Now as I lie there on the cold bathroom floor I wonder if it was worth it. Worth my life. I had money, I really didn’t need anymore. But why would I think of risking my life for something I didn’t need. I guess you can called it ignorance.  

By Dylan Raadmae               


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