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Just trying to get noticed or signed by a publisher.

Start Of Prologue

(A space view on Earth as the narrator speaks)

Narrator- In the year 2023 the world was over populated and over population brings many problems, disease, hunger, crime and the Earth was in total chaos. Then came the day of The Miracle. In North West Africa there was a boy.

(A young African boy is walks along the desert sand when he sees a huge tree in the middle of the desert. The tree is very large and has white streams of magical energy flowing around it.)

Narrator-He was going on a daily patrol when he stumbled across something he has never seen before on this or any other patrol. A large majestic tree that will change not just Earth but the entire universe.

(The white streams of energy flows from the tree and into the boy)

Narrator-The tree made all humans faster, stronger, and with skin so thick it could withstand a bullet.

(Cuts to a meeting of world leaders)

Narrator-The world leaders have discussed many times the best way to cure over population on the planet Earth.

(cuts to men and women working on a shuttle pad)

Narrator- It was to colonize other planets and now with the new energy from The Tree of Eden. They had the strength and manpower to do so. Why did people leave Earth? To start a new life, to explore a new world, or maybe because staying on Earth only meant certain death.

(Cuts to people boarding two sets of shuttles)

Little girl- Mommy

Mother- Yes dear

Littler girl- Why are we on the ship to the poor peoples planet

Mother- (Lying) This planet isn’t for the poor honey. Daddy and I just liked it better then the other planet

Little girl- I heard Tommy’s dad say this planet was nothing but a big desert though.

(mother sighs in discomfort) (cut to ship landing on the desert planet) (In cockpit)

Ship Pilot- How its look captain

Ship Captain- (checking gauge) It’s says the atmosphere will support oxygen.

Ship Pilot- So will we be able to breath out there?

Ship Captain- (sigh) I hope so.

(Door opens and The Captain, pilot and a crowd people step out the shuttle door next to an oasis. The Captain and Pilot walk over to the Oasis and the Captain bends down and takes a drink. Then he stands back up.)

Ship Captain- The water is drinkable!

(crowd cheers but there cheers are cut short when they when the look not far across the oasis to see 7 foot tall cat-like beast yet they stood up on two legs, upright like humans. The massive creatures looked very strong it had a lion like mane with cat-like claws, teeth, eyes and tails)

(cut to the other set of shuttles landing on the other planet. The doors open and people rush out on to the grassy plains cheering excited and happy to see land after being cramped inside the ship for so long. After a short celebration everyone notices on top of a hill in the distance stands beasts with demon like horns standing on hind legs they snarled and jeered at the site of the humans)

Narrator- They had stumbled across a beautiful planet with ugly natives. They called the beast demons because of there horns and there feast for human flesh.

(cuts to the desert planet)

Narrators- While one group of the Earth settlers fought there natives the others made friends with theirs

(Shows the Cat beast natives of the desert planet showing the land around to the humans then the to leaders shake hands in a sign of alliance) (cut back to the grassy planet as they battle the demons.)

Narrator- Months passed and the demons had been beaten back to the King of The Demons liar and he wielded a powerful sword. One swing and he could kill fifteen humans.

(Humans wield high tech swords made of sharp light weight steal. They slash at the demons as the demons try to rip at them with their claws.)

Narrator-Yet one man was bold and brave and he charged the king.

(King of demons swings his sword killing humans and across all the dead bodies one human charges the King in a rage and slashes at the king of demons and upon the slash from the brave human the king and all the other demons aura is absorbed into the king of demons sword. All the other humans look on the man in amazement.)

Human Solider- Jeremy defeated the King of The Demons

( Jeremy stood looking at the sword that had just absorbed the auras of The Demon King and his army He turned around and raised his own sword in victory and the army of humans cheered.)

Narrator- The people worshiped young Jeremy Jawran and grew up to be the planets king they even named the planet after him. The once grassy beautiful unnamed planet was now named Jawron.

(4 years later) (A shuttle from the desert planet lands in a landing pit on Jawron) (King Jeremy waits on the landing pit With two Jawran Officer) (The doors opens and out walks the cat beast)

Jeremy- What the!

Officer1- Demons!

( Both officer’s unsheathe there swords) (A human runs out the ship waving arms)

Cat-Human- No No No stop! Put away your swords.

Jeremy- By god man what happen to you.

(The humans eyes are yellow and the hair from his head is so long it ran almost all the way down his back his finger nails are long and sharp like claws and his teeth where sharp like the cat beast he even had a tail. Every other part of his body was still human)

Cat-Human- Well I figured you would be surprised to see how I look but don’t be worried. I am still Human

Officer2- Hardly

Jeremy- Now Now don’t worry friend we have some of the best scientist and doctors here on Jawran.

Cat-Human- No It’s fine we actually like it this way we have gained lion like strength and cat like speed.

Jeremy- But then your not even human!

Cat-Human- Well (Pause) We are half human

Officer2- But also half Demon?

Cat-Beast- (speaking very slow and choppy as if he because he is new to the language) Please the demons you meet on your planet where hostile but we are not.

Jeremy- Listen these things,(pointing at the cat beast) can not be trusted! Don’t side with them!

Cat-human-You don’t understand we already have.

Jeremy- Then you are no better then them. Get out of my site!

Cat-Human- (angry) Why you stubborn fool! FINE! we will leave and our people will build a even better civilization than yours. Half human and half demon makes us superior to you!

(Jeremy and officers begin to walk away)

Jeremy- (calmly) please leave

Cat-Human- That bastard ( turns to cat-beast ) I am sorry you had to see that my king.

(The Cat-Human bows to king)

Narrator- The cat beast demons of the desert planet adopted human culture. There language, food and way of life. The King even took the hand of a human and mad her his queen. (showing the King and queen hand and hand) The demon natives had changing culturally but the human immigrants had changed phyiscally, mutated by breathing the planet’s air and drinking it’s water the humans became more demon like with their long hair, fangs, long claw like fingernails, yellow eyes and tails. This was now a planet of half breeds. This was now the planet of the Damon’s.

End Of Prologue


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