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Location: Marseille, France

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Last Updated Oct 25, 2022

A little bit of freedom


I'm out of the hospital, guys. Loads of inspiration for that Timothy story, woah. It's overwhelming.


How do I start?


I've missed you guys. It was hellish lately. I had lost my phone and to cut a long story short, I've been missing out on so many things.


I'm 26 now and it feels like it's the cornerstone of everything that will happen in the upcoming future. Woah it's overwhelming to think about this but to be honest with you, I'm already feeling this is gonna be a great year. I've got so much to share with you.


Timothy still stands, stronger than ever. He's a real and imaginary friend so I take it that even adults can have imaginary friends. I mean it's helping. And to delve into something else than my psychological issued, I've been taking care of classes for one student (I'm still a private teacher after all) and I gave a class to an adult and it didn't feel as easy as it was for kids (junior high school). 


However, I'm taking that concours to be a class teacher and I'm sure I want to but I prefer private lessons because I wouldn't have to deal with the stress of many students crying teacher teacher teacher every step of the way. I don't actually know what I want except making every student knowledgeable and happy. I have another approach with life and I am ready for the big jump.


How did these news got so long? I wouldn't know. Lol


How about I share that alien story with you guys, to make up for the longest absence in the story of internet, meaning 14 days. It's called "Gliese".


Timothy is ongoing but I lost like 8 chapters on the way to this moment and I really don't recollect what the heck I wrote. But I've got new chapters. It's not be easy explaining what's missing. Oh my God. Wrecked.


Love you guys. Thanks for everything. :)

Let's keep up with the good work. I'm so happy to work. Hehe


Dewa, mata ato! (Japanese phrasing for "See you later")


PS: Okay I read where I left off with "Timothy" and you'll have to use your imagination however, I will continue this story. Gliese first.




In between, my stuff have been ridden here and there. Let me buy my New Samsung and we'll have a fresh start. I have a lot of imagination, EVERYTHING is possible. With my brand new life I'm truly happy. But I wish y'all the same.



Yesterday belongs to yesterday. I am back with a brand new phone

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This is Gliese. My planet. It got carried away by its star's gravity. I am that alien.

"I present to you Gliese, my planet, or as you call it quite unnecessarily: Gliese 625b. I came to terms with the fact that I'm not from this one so I did a little searching and this is my conclusion. Haha Don't worry, we're all polyglots where I come from. We know ALL your languages, have our own (twilight is "gloord" in Gliesean) and we know everything about your 80s radio and TV shows onwards. Also, we're very tech-savvy, this was our thing first. We have googleplex hypotheses on how to reach you, but I am not of them, I got stranded here. Much like Clark Kent was ? We evacuated the planet in mass because of something you guys call the "global warming" for which you severely need to have a "global (what do I say?) UNIVERSAL warning", but my shuttle landed here, after years of wandering in the outer space. 5 other Glieseans were with me in this shuttle and I'm still trying to find them. But, try to find 5 golden needles in a planet."

I wish this were true. Oh Geez, yes ! The following story will be about aliens, I pretty much got a synopsis here! :) When I will be done with Timothy, I'll get to that, I promise. 


I can hear Timmy asking me LOUD AND CLEAR TO ME "FOH-KEES". It means "focus"



It's all about how my heart was broken, shattered and shelved. 


I am a job-seeker who likes to write about anything. I am 26 years old this year and I am gay (which is the reason why most of my work will probably be gay-themed or gay-related). We don't have enough representation to my taste. And yeah, you get the gist. I was born in an Island called Mayotte, which is Muslim and does not support gay rights. I have been through a (hell) lot. I mainly love novels (why would I be here otherwise?), reading and writing. I write in English, most of the time, but I also like writing in French since it is my mother tongue and I can nuance things in a more efficient way. Never in Spanish, although I started a story in Spanish (I never finished). I will try to provide you with as much as I can and I will fill up my bio as I go along and come to this website.

Coming out has been something difficult: among my parents, breaking the news (coming-out) was not the best idea I ever had. What I mean by that is that they really took it badly and I kind of regret the fact I told them that. Never mind. Now it is done, I guess. No harm done, ever since. / That's not true today, I take that back, soooo much harm done ever since and counting. 

My sentimental life has always looked like things you see in movies: it's never quite that simple. Like an "I love you, and you love me, there's nothing that can stop us from being happy". It's all soppy and melodramatic. lol It always was a complicate, intricate, abstruse love life. That is the main source I draw inspiration from. Inspiration feeds on many things, but the greatest inspiration of all is the one drown from sadness, anger, and melancholy. That's what I think. How would like it if anybody wrote a song about "Oh it's so shiny outside, my world does NOT collide to anything whatosoever, together forever after?" I don't think much people would relate. 

Actually, I'd say French helps me a lot, when it comes to speaking English. It might seem crazy but there are a lot of resemblances between those two languages and more often than not, people tend to tell me my English is very formal and straight to the point. It seems to me that the standard French (by "standard, I obviously mean the "grammarian French") sounds like a lot like formal English way of speaking. Of course, it is open to discussion.

I have a new lease on life: Not caring any more. I used to care too much, maybe that's reason I can't shake out all the negativity and I need so much positivity in my writing (the novels, at least the songs are always gonna be sad sad sad). I grew up with such propensity to think that the heroes always win and the vilains always lose. Disney movies much? Well, couldn't be more wrong. The vilains always win because... Yeah, they are vilains.,In life, that's how it seems to work. I'm pretty optimistic and see the good in people but. I don't care about it anymore. I got to the point where I clearly am everyone's vilain and I'm fine with it, I'm am winning something out it? If I win at life? BUT. There's nothing I can lose apart from my own life and my lighters (dayum). 

Right, this is not psychological cell, and you guys are not my therapists. 

But TIMOTHY is. This is my BRAND NEW STORY everyone. This is more like therapic, again, just like Toronto Stories, but differently... With every bad sides of myself.  Timmy is my imaginary friends. We sometimes have existential conversation and helps me think when my mind is saturated. So I thought I'd share his own story. It's shinier than my own and deals with life better than any Donovan in the planet.

When I'm down like this, seems like every meaningful thing to write everything down, dancing everything away, or sing away the blues. 

So, I'll come here, more often, like literally letting that webpage wide open and write a fucking memo about coming here not just to post, but also to drag myself out of my mental bubble. That's how therapeutic this story is to me and I really hope that you'll like it as much as you did Dear Japan. 


This Gliese story got me so hyped up, I'm so astute sometimes lol





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Progression: Unfinished

Rate: 30%


Background: BLACK. 

Font-color: WHITE.




Guys guys guys !!! I'll be back for good tomorrow when my phone is bought. I earn a tad lot of money. Bear with me: A NEW SAMSUNG NOTE. I'LL BE CHECKING THE PRICEE REAL QUICK AND REVEL YOU WITH MY SOLEMN WRITING STYLE. EVERYTHING? IN STYLE.





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