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Ever A. Darling

Location: Levittown, United States

Gender: F

Member Since: December 2013

Last online: April 2017

Open for read requests: Yes


Last Updated Apr 04, 2017

More Updates. New Stuff. Some Awesome Ideas. ღ

| N e w  U p d a t e s / 4-4-2017|

ღ Working on a new short story. Keep your eyes open for more.

- May or may not post a contest soon. It's been so long since I've hosted one, and I think it'll be fun. Any ideas? Throw them my way. If anyone wishes to partner up about it, send me a message.

Check out the two new pieces of work I have posted in the past week.

"Beautiful Demise" - Poem.

"Perfect Disaster" - Short Story - 18+. ღ


I am also starting a vocabulary word of the day. I think it'll be quite awesome considering in the past, I found it difficult to find new words to describe what I was trying to put without sounding like a true novice. You can find these on my actual profile, along with the word, the definition, and maybe even a poem/short story based around it, or using it in some sort fo form.

Think it'll be a fun challenge.


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R e a d i n g  R e q u e s t s  A r e  O P E N

Do not expect feedback.  Only works I like will receive some sort of feedback from me.

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W o r d  o f  t h e  D a y

Abase: Verb. ; Behave in a way so as to belittle or degrade. ; humiliate, humble; demean; lower; debase; cheapen; discredit

"She was abasing his credibility in a snarky manner."


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ιη тнє ∂єѕєят, ι ѕαω α ¢яєαтυяє, ηαкє∂, вєѕтιαℓ.

ωнσ, ѕqυαттιηg υρση тнє gяσυη∂, нєℓ∂ нιѕ нєαят ιη нιѕ нαη∂ѕ, αη∂ αтє σƒ ιт.

ι ѕαι∂, "ιѕ ιт gσσ∂, ƒяιєη∂?"

"ιт ιѕ вιттєя - вιттєя," нє αηѕωєяє∂.

"вυт ι ℓιкє ιт."

"вє¢αυѕє ιт ιѕ вιттєя."

"αη∂ вє¢αυѕє ιт ιѕ му нєαят."





Image may contain: one or more people, flower and plantA b o u t  T h e  A u t h o r 

ღ Twenty-One ღ

ღ Caregiver | Ex-Waitress | Not In College ღ 

ღ  Single | Bisexual | Romance In Novels Is Better Than Reality ღ 

ღ  Pennsylvania Bound ღ

ღ  Animal Lover | Aspiring Writer | Author In Progress ღ

ღ  Been Writing For 10 Years ღ

ღ  Poetry | Short Stories | Novels Are A Possibility ღ

ღ  Major Grammar Nazi ღ

ღ  Always Open To Collaborate If Someone Grasps My Attention ღ

ღ  Constantly Coming Up With New Ideas ღ


Image may contain: flowerR e a d i n g  R e q u e s t s

† Reading Requests Are Open  † 

I will make myself clear. I will not always be online. 

Don't spam me. 

I don't do read-for-read, or fan-for-fan. If I like your writing style, I'll be sure to send you a fan invite. If not, don't bug me for one.

Don't expect feedback. You'll know I read your request if it is deleted from my Quickee section.

From the above statement, do not spam me with the request again, nor do I like aggressive comments from pissed off people. If I don't like your work, then so be it. Not everyone likes the same stuff.

Third Person only! Unless it is poetry. I refuse to read First Person.

Grammar Nazi; I'm not here to decypher your written work.

Poetry will always be accepted. I have a knack for emotional pieces, as well. They will always be high up on my list.

If I do leave feedback, I am quite an honest, blunt person. Not rude, but honest. I'll leave constructive critism where it belongs. If ya don't like it, then don't ask me to read it.


No automatic alt text available.† Accepted Reading Requests 

Poetry ; Always accepted. 

Short Stories ; Accepted to a certain degree.

Novels Less than three chapters only. Any more than that, and it will not be accepted. 

† Preferred Genres 

Romance, Fantasy, LGBT, Tragedy, Action and Adventure, Horror, Humor, Mystery and Crime, and Young Adult.

I will not read ; Sci-Fi, FanFics, War related stories, or anything Non-Fiction unless it is a topic I enjoy.





No automatic alt text available.

W i n n i n g  P i e c e s


"Death Collides" | Short Story | ; Third Place in RaeBlair's '1,000 Word' Contest. (Also awarded 'Best Supporting Character' & 'Best Original Cover').

"Forbidden Desire" | Short Story: Erotica | ; First Place in the category of Lust in AnarchyBlues' 'Seven Deadly Sins' Contest, which was also co-hosted by MysticWhisp, too.

"The Anditote to His Insanity" | Short Story; Tragedy | ; Second Place in RaeBlair's "Speak With Sound" contest.

"Cannibalistic Desire" | Short Story; Horror | ; Honourable Mention in Obscure's'The Obscure Horror' Contest



No automatic alt text available.F a v o r i t e  B o o k s i e  W r i t e r s  &  R e a d i n g  L i s t

Anarchy Blues

For a while, I was gone from Booksie, and the first person I come back to on this site is this writer right here. Not only do her stories seem to cling to me in some kind of way, but she's an amazing writer who's work is worth the recommendation, no doubt.

D A Draven

 This guy right here has the talent I wish I could have. His stories are haunting, gripping, and not only has he been working immensely on making his writing better, but his technique and style have grown increasingly well. I am now reading his story "Two Beds and a Coffee Machine". Check it out if you're into a unique kind of writing with metaphoric phrases, and hauntingly good plots. Despite our differences in the past, we have become rather close over the past few months, especially recently involving a huge problem that has risen across Booksie, itself. We are working together to figure things out, and help each other along the way as we settle this problem for others, and with others, as well. He's an amazing writer. Very unique in his own way, and I would be lying if I said his writing wasn't grasping. Seriously, check him out. You won't regret it.


Her new novel "Iris" is neatly written, with characters who instantly grasped my attention and liking. It's a fantasy, and I have always had a weakness for fantasy-written novels with unique twists that diverge from the usual cliche plots. Definitely take a look.

B I Smith

I was absolutely drawn to this writer's story the moment I read the first sentence. His story, "A Crusading Heart", is not only heart-breaking in such a beautiful way, but it is intricately written with diologue, detailed scenes, and a plot that is rather unique. Unique writing is a big thing of mine, and this writer has definitely made his way onto my favorites list.


Another gratifying writer who's story "Worldkeeper" was beautifully written. At first, it is slow, but the more you read, the more you understand the metaphorical sense that encases every word within each paragraph. The ending is saddening, though, in a good way; a way that instantly put this writer at the top of my list.


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