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Small Hiatus. Please read!

All entries for the Christmas Contest have been read, and I am still waiting for clarification from the co-host until I proceed any further. Though, we have hit quite a snag, due to the fact I will be moving back to Pennsylvania tomorrow morning, meaning I will no longer have a laptop. This will cause my writing to stop for quite some time, until I get a laptop for myself in the upcoming month, or two.


Because of this, the Christmas Contest has been put on hold until I can post the results. To do this, I will use my best friends laptop, but until then, I will simply be on to do reading requests, and that is it.


I am sorry for the inconvenience, and I will be sure to get on when I can. (:


Until then, have a great week, darlings. <3 

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A b o u t  T h e  A u t h o r 


My name is Megan, and I am a writer in the midst. I've been writing since I was twelve years old, and have always found myself getting lost in my own imagination; creating stories inside of my mind, and writing them out on paper in a style that has become quite unique over the years. I'm a reader, a note-taker, and a determined twenty year old woman whose dream is to become a well-known author around the world. I'm currently living in Maryland, actively searching for some kind of job, and I'm also taken by an amazing guy who has been there for me every step of the way through a ton of obsticles in my life. He has inspired me - and sometimes I even say he has corrupted me - but in a good way, of course, and because of that, my writing has changed drastically with improvement over this past year. My writing means a lot to me, and I put all effort into the stories I publish on this site. Booksie has been a part of my life for almost two years now, and because of that, I have many fans who love reading my work, and count on me to intrigue them with every written story that has come from my own creative mind. Lately, I've been into detailed horror, tragedy, and emotional pieces considering the current mood I have been stuck in for the past couple of months. Other than that, I do like to change it up a bit, and put something together that most of my fans, and newly-fanned readers, will enjoy.

† Random Facts 

I used to live in Pennsylvania with my father and his girlfriend, but have currently moved into an exceptionally beautiful apartment with my roommate who offered for me to stay with him for the time being. Because of this, I am taking full advantage of the opportunity to start a new life by getting a new job so I can save up for an apartment of my own, meet new people, and work on improving my writing skills on the side. I'm also into role-playing, which is quite confusing to those of you who have never heard it before, or those who's minds instantly go to the rather dirtier topic. It's a hobby of mine that has given me the chance to use my creativity, imagination, and mind to thoroughly work on my writing with others whom also enjoy the hobby as well. There are many people I have met who have become very close friends, this including my boyfriend as well. They all have inspired me, and written with me over the past year, and I am truly thankful for that. 

I'm obsessed with music; any genre, besides Country and Rap. My favorite animal is the elephant, and my one goal is to save money so I can get a small tattoo on the inside of my wrist of a simple elephant later down the line. Food is a given. Who doesn't like food? One of my favorites is my father's home-made Spaghetti, and since I no longer live with him, I will be taking that recipe into my own hands and making it myself. Favorite movies would be "October Baby", or the Disney movie "The Lion King". I tend to watch Netflix on a daily basis, and get sucked into countless episodes of "Gilmore Girls", "Criminal Minds", "The Vampire Diaries", "Medium", and a few others as well. Obviously I read books, and one of my favorites would have to be "Trouble" by Samantha Towle. 

That's about it with me, and if you have any questions, feel free to throw them my way. Thank you, darlings. 


E m a i l  A d d r e s s 


For those of you who would like to contact me outside of Booksie, whether it be writing related, or just to say 'hello' and talk, then here is my address. Feel free to email me whenever, and I'll be checking my inbox on a daily basis. 



C o l l a b o r a t i o n s  &  C o n t e s t s 


† ​Collaborations † ​

Maybe some of you know this, and maybe some of you don't, but there is this new website on the internet that makes it easier for writers like us to collaborate on our creative thoughts, writing, and other material as well. 

It's on GooglePlus.comwhere you create your own account and profile. If you already have a Gmail account, it shouldn't be hard for you to do. To the left is a bar, where you can add and follow your friends and interests, and also edit your profile to your liking. 

Instructions if preferred:

In the right-hand corner is where you will need to go. You will see a square with tiny little squares within in (best way I can describe it, so don't judge), and you will click on that. Go down to the more button, and click on DocsIt will open up a new screen, and from there, I prefer you take the quick 'tourso you know how it works. That's completely up to you. It literally takes ten seconds to do so. 

From there, you will obviously click on a blank sheetor if you already have something that you're working on saved within your Google Drive, then it should show up on that very screen as well. What's great about Google Plus is the fact they have other templates as well, and keep it organized so you know where to look for your work. 

After you have clicked on a blank sheet, you can begin your writing. Another great feature is in the right-hand corner, where you can share your writing with others as well. This is where you can begin collaborating with other writers, allow them to read/edit your work, and where they can add comments and feedback to your writing as well. It definitely comes in handy for writers like us who want the opinions of others. 

If this seems a tad bit too much for you, then obviously you can stick to the emailing between writers, though, for me, I prefer this to be the easier way, because not only can you always come back to it, but it's a Live Feed as well, meaning you can see what the other person is writing, while also chatting through the Chat Box as well on the side. 

 † ​Contests † ​

Christmas Contest is coming to a close. Both Annie Silver, and I will be reading all entries, and coming up with the winners after this Sunday

Accepting contests is also my thing, because I love the challenge that comes along with it. So if any of you are hosting a contest, please let me know, and if I'm not currently busy at the time, I'll most likely join depending on what the contest entails. 



R e a d i n g  R e q u e s t s


† Reading Requests Are On Hold For Now. † 

I will make myself clear. I will not always be online. If someone decides to leave me a reading request, I will get to it as soon as possible. Maybe not right away, but don't spam me. It gets under my skin when people do that. I'm pretty fair when it comes down to reading requests. I'm also fairly, and respectfully honest. If I don't like something, then I will tell you in a gentle way. This goes for novels mostly, considering I can't exactly read every single one of the novels that are requested for me to check out. Also keep in mind that I am big on grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I'm not here to decypher your writing. I'm here to read, leave feedback, and get critique on my work as well. 

† Accepted Reading Requests 

Poetry ; Always accepted. 

Short Stories ; Accepted

Novels Less than three chapters only. Any more than that, and it will not be accepted. 

† Preferred Genres 

Romance, Fantasy, LGBT, Tragedy, Action and Adventure, Horror, Humor, Mystery and Crime, and Young Adult.

I will not read ; Sci-Fi, FanFics, War related stories, or anything Non-Fiction unless it is a topic I enjoy.


C h r i s t m a s  C o n t e s t  W i n n e r s


(Will Be Added Soon)



F a v o r i t e  B o o k s i e  W r i t e r s  &  R e a d i n g  L i s t


Archie Carne - This amazing guy right here is the sole person who has helped me immensely with my writing over the past year and a half, and I couldn't be more proud to call him my boyfriend. Even though he is rarely on this site, I still want to commend him for all he's done, and how much his writing means to me. He's seriously an author in the making. Check out his novella "Those Which Lurk Within the Ether".

AnarchyBlues For a while, I was gone from Booksie, and the first person I come back to on this site is this writer right here. Not only do her stories seem to cling to me in some kind of way, but she's an amazing writer who's work is worth the recommendation. Her story, "Cowboy Has a Heart" has only two chapters at the moment, but damn, are they professionally written, and truly worth the read.

TheAntiHeroAngel - Also known as D A Draven; this guy right here has the talent I wish I could have. His stories are haunting, gripping, and not only has he been working immensely on making his writing better, but his technique and style have grown increasingly well. I am now reading his story "Two Beds and a Coffee Machine". Check it out if you're into a unique kind of writing with metaphoric phrases, and hauntingly good plots.

FunWriting Her new novel "Iris" is neatly written, with characters who instantly grasped my attention and liking. It's a fantasy, and I have always had a weakness for fantasy-written novels with unique twists that diverge from the usual cliche plots. Definitely take a look. (:

B I Smith I was absolutely drawn to this writer's story the moment I read the first sentence. His story, "A Crusading Heart", is not only heart-breaking in such a beautiful way, but it is intricately written with diologue, detailed scenes, and a plot that is rather unique. Unique writing is a big thing of mine, and this writer has definitely made his way onto my favorites list.

Hanorbi Another gratifying writer who's story "Worldkeeper" was beautifully written. At first, it is slow, but the more you read, the more you understand the metaphorical sense that encases every word within each paragraph. The ending is saddening, though, in a good way; a way that instantly put this writer at the top of my list. 



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