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Hello Booksie people! 你好!こんにちわ!

Hi! As you now, my username is FlameandAxe. I’m not the type of person that reveals all my secret identity to strangers. But I have some things to share with you all. I’m currently 14 years old and will be 15 years old this year. My home is in Surabaya, Indonesia. English is obviously my second language, so if there’re some grammar mistakes in my stories, please correct it. I would gladly appreciate that! And one thing- I’m a girl. Unlike most of the girls in my grade, I’m really boyish and energetic. I love sports and sometimes I would play basketball with the boys. I remember last year when I played soccer with the boys, I kicked the ball into the goal. Suddenly, a boy said to another boy: “Look! A girl beat you up!” I laughed when I heard this. But in my mind, I’m a bit against what that boy said. What’s the matter if I’m a girl? Aren’t we supposed to be equal? So, to know more about me supporting equality for men and women, you can scroll down and read more about it. 

Interest and the Urge to Write

I got so many interests. I’m interested in sports and arts mainly. I joined Karate last year- Kyokushinkai. I feel really proud to be a member IKKO (International Kyokushin Karate Organization) even though I know I’m still below blue belt.

 The only sports I liked mostly were martial arts and other sports that included weapons such as archery, fencing, wu shu, etc.  All of these were influenced from the movie I watched since I was a kid. My family likes to watch action movies including those old Chinese kung fu movies. Concerning martial arts movies, my favorite ones was Bruce Lee- he’s awesome and he beats Chuck Norris (inside joke)!

I don’t only watch those Asian action movies, but Westerns too. My favorite action movies were Transformers, MIB, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbits, Mission Impossible, and many others. What I liked most was Lord of The Rings and The Hobbits. Even though there are many actions and cool things inside it, but its main theme was friendship and theme work. I liked it.

Other interests or hobbies were reading books. I read lots of books (in English) and was about to read many more. I read different kinds of short stories. Sometimes, my English teacher would ask me and my classmates to read books. As from my English assignment, I read “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. It’s really good! I’m now currently reading ‘The Lord of The Rings’ trilogy. Because of my interests of reading lots of book, I got the urge to write stories. I liked it when I have an assignment to write a story, because I liked to imagine things and would be willingly to write some parts of my imagination down.              

My last and my most favorite interest is to learn different kinds of language. I can do Indonesian, English, a little bit of Chinese, and not that much of Japanese, France, Greek, and Spanish.

Women’s Right

As I see in this world, I still see less rights given to women. And as a girl, I have the urge to make equality in this world. If only I could participate in MUN (Model United Nations) in my school, I would like to reveal my ideas about women’s rights. Unfortunately, I still need to work more on my debating and presentaition skills. When a boy said to another boy that a girl beats him up, I felt a bit upset, because I see that they underestimated girls (didn’t mean to offend boys- not all boy do this).

Sometimes, in the internet, I saw jokes about how girls supposed to stay in the kitchen and not drive the car. I saw an image of a car crash and there’s the caption that said “Women”. And in this big wide world, I see victims of raping were mostly girls. WHY?! Why are people doing this to us?! We got underestimated and sometimes were accused of making things wrong. Every time I learned History, I see how womens are supposed to stay isolated at home (except from some countries). Because of this, my favorite Historical figures were those rebelious women such as St. Joan of Arc, The Trunk Sister, Boudica, and many more. Come on, people! This is the 20th century! These things won’t exists anymore.                

Reading request

You can give me any reading request freely. And so, if I'm bored, I will have something to read online. Usually I read about informations of History and other academic things. So now, I want to try to read more things online to increase my knowledge. I usually liked fantasies, actions, adventures, horrors, thrillers, and sometimes classics or story that have sad endings or ended up with a surprise twist/ irony. As I told you before, I'm still 14 years old and I need something to read that was suitable to my age. It's okay if you ask me to read an articles from your AP History or other AP classes assignments and romance (I'm not trying to start discriminations- Tee Hee! But for the AP things, I really want it!) but not to over until it results to Erotica. I'm not suitable for that yet. So, I'm waiting for a suitable reading requests 

More About Me

At school, my status was in between geek and nerd. As a geek, I liked to goof on my computer, searching for new things, and would play games such as Pokemon or other games that were played by boys. Other things that reveal me as a geek was that I’m super obsessed with those fantasy stuffs (wars, challenges, and fairy tales.) Because I’m too obsessed with Lord of The Rings, I started to learn a bit of the Elvish language- a fictional language made by J.R.R Tolkien. Let me show you some example of Elvish language:

  • Elen sila lumen omentilmo (All stars shall shine on the hour of our meeting)
  • Cormlle naa tanya tel’raa (Your heart is that of the lion)

I’m somewhat a nerd, too. The amount of books that I read about Science, History, and cultures were so many that I need to put some of them in another room- I'm one curious girl. My younger brother, sister, and I were all nerds and geeks. Sometimes, my mom likes being sarcastic to me saying that I never know anything about my friend because I’m a weirdo- nerd (?). At school, I liked to use advanced words to do my essays. Often I asked my friend to check my grammar mistakes but just in a moment, he gave up because how long my essays were.

You can contact me at:

Twitter: @felicia_h5

E- mail: samurai_girl55@yahoo.co.id

Hope and goal in Booksie

My hope and goal in Booksie was to get more than 100 fans. If you can help my dream, just send me a fan request and I'm going to fan you back. My goal of life is to be a famous writer from the experience in Booksie. Although English is my second language and I wasn't born in a country with an English- spaking world, but I wished to be an international best seller famous writer. And I hope that my writings could inspire the world or movie directors. And one day I would like to write a book about my philosophy of life, rights, hard works, motivation, etc.

THANK YOU AND FAREWELL ! , 再见! さよなら! Aa’ lasser en lle coia orn n’ omenta gurtha (May the leaves of your life never turn brown)


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