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See here, See here... My name's Summer, which is actually a character on one of my books. =D This is actually my second time writing a bio for me. And I just wanted people to know that I'm a bit of... Uh, Freaky? Yeah. I accept it. I love my Freaky self. I'm also told that I'm crazy. I mean, crazy-fun-weird. I'm a bit shy when I'm with new people or in front of a crowd. But once I got to know someone better, I'm a good friend. I'm not a mushy type of person. I don't do 'pouring-your-heart-out' in front of people or just a person. I just do those when I can't contain it anymore. Yes, I hide my inner, deeper, feelings. I don't cry in front of ANYONE. I hate it when I accidentally do that. I hate it when someone spreads rumors about my family. I can take it if it was only about me, but once they involve my family(or any other innocent person, close or not close) I really get pissed off and fight against my will to get back at that person. I once had a friend who called me... well, some bad stuff. which is totally not true(We were having our conversation on the phone). Then when I tried to make peace, she just called my class some incredibly insulting things. And that just did it. I bit down my lip to prevent me from saying what I wanted to say, which is some pretty mean stuff. And when I got to school the next day, I LITERALLY waited by her locker to make a snappy revenge. and if it wasn't for the school rules (which indicates that I might get into big big trouble when I physically hurt someone)and my friends, her face would be sore from the slaps I plant on her. So, technicality I give her The Evil Glare whenever she's not looking. And when she looks, I just give her a fake smile. But even though I stand up for my friends like that, I can never stand up for myself. I just let it be and live on with life. Plus, I would be too shy to say a thing. Anyways, if any of you is wondering what my real name is... you just have to know my email to find out. **grins** Okay! Name??? Summer. Age??? 12, turning 13 at October 17, 2010 and I'm a high school Freshmen in the Philippines. Parents??? Separated at the age of 10. Don't worry, I'm quite over it(honestly? I just got over it this summer). Gender??? Haha. Obviously, I'm a girl. Friends??? I have about a dozen or more. But none of them are exactly close to my Bessie. Best Friends??? Hell yeah!!! She's IriCale. We've been together since... Since our mom's were still teens! Yes, our moms are also BFF's. Siblings??? I have a sister who is 6 years old. Her name is Simone, That's her real name. I have a 5 year old brother who's name is Antonio. That is also his true name. The both of them look like twins. And I have nothing in common with them. My sister's hair is slightly light brown and her skin's almost like an American's. My brother is also like that. But, both developed the height of a Filipino. What else? Oh, right. I have thick black hair(which my best friend passes off as dark brown, which I really don't think so)that's wavy-curly and reached the middle of my back. I have dark brown eyes that's always covered with my glasses, I have W-E-I-R-D teeth(which is my trademark, without it? I would not look the same.), okay looking face. Not pretty but it works for me. I'm short. I mean really short. I guess it's in the Filipino genes. I'm a brown girl, or.... dark tan??? They say my hands are beautiful. but I just think it's weird. I weirdly don't trust guys, okay... that was a joke. I honestky don't like 'em. Since the dang separation, i always felt this way. I really don't trust them that much. But once I get to know them, I ease a little and just be me. I completely LOOOOVE reading books. My fave books are stated at my profile. I... I'm not a party girl. I hate parties. i just love the food IN parties. Yes, I LOVE to eat food. Now, you can't find that in those dying-to-be-skinny girls. You can literally take me to a Buffet Restaurant and you can't interrupt me while I'm eating. I say Hell No! to the tenth power to those 'no-carbs' crap. I just hate seeing girls get sick while trying to be 'sexy'. I hate shopping clothes as a hobby. I do shopping in a BOOKSTORE. Yes, I know. I'm a dork and a Bookworm. And I love that fact. It makes me... unique and different. I hate wearing mini shirts and tubes. I'd rather be inside my room or in a balcony listening to music or reading a book or writing a book, than go outside party and shop. I'm not popular at school and I LOVE it that way. i hate attention. I hate back stabbers, traitors, liars, blabbers and such. I'm a good friend, well.. at least I think I am. Oh, I really don't understand why girls from all over the world LIKE Justin Bieber! What the hell is up with him??? But! That's only my opinion. I didn't say that people should be mad at me by telling you all that I do not like him. It's just my opinion. Okay, back to the bio. I love vampires(I do not think they are real), I love books, I love music, and I'm freakishly addicted to the moon. I had a cat by the name of Neo. He died and I'm still missing him up until now. I miss him everyday. =( Oh! And most importantly, I just want to clear things out before anyone starts to be judgmental and all.

First of, I'm not a LESBIAN. But I do have friends who are. And I accept them for it.

Second, I'm not a GAY. But, I'm willing to be friends with one. I find them cute in a very girly way(which is pretty rare for me).

Third, I really like LESBIANS and GAYS. I like their individuality and their courage. =D I find them really interesting. I get along with them really well and I honestly have no problem with them =D

Okay!!! That's it! I hope this new bio made sense.

Lovelots, Summer or forevermidnight

P.S: For those who wish to get my email, please comment and just ask! =D


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