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    John was just walking along the street of the small town he spent most of his life in when he noticed a tree. A tree that had been there for as long as he could remember but didn’t mind until now. He found himself walking toward the tree. It felt almost as if the tree was drawing him in. When he got to the tree he noticed a hole, and for some reason. He jumped in.
He fell for what felt like 10 minutes in pitch black darkness before he hit the ground. Except he didn’t break anything. He was completely fine despite falling for what felt like 10 minutes. He didn’t think about it too hard. “No use in wasting time thinking about this, more importantly where in hell am I?”. John looked around to assess his surroundings. The sky was clear and blue. The grass field he had landed in was as green as a ripe watermelon. This was the most beautiful place John has ever visited. He looked forward and what he saw was an endless plain. “Well this sucks!” exclaimed John. “This place might be beautiful and all but what’s the use if I end up dying.” John let out a big sigh, turned around, and saw the beautiful bustling city of Happy Land. Businessmen walking to work, Little children eating ice cream and playing hopscotch. John stepped onto the sidewalk which cut off right where he was and proceeded to walk through the city. John had $55 dollars on him and he was hungry so he decided he would buy some ice cream. John walked up to the ice cream stand and asked for chocolate with gummy bears. “How much?” asked John. “That’ll be 4 smiles” said the ice cream man. John stood there dumbfounded for a moment. “I’m sorry what?”, “four smiles”.... “I don’t want to though…. You can’t take this money?”..... “What do you take me for? Give me my four smiles or give me back that ice cream”.  John slammed the four dollars on the ice cream stand and ran off as fast as he could until he was a good distance away. He could hear the ice cream man yelling at him from afar. “What the hell was that?” John thought. How is a creep like that allowed to be an ice cream man…. Whatev-. John dropped his ice cream out of shock. What he’d say was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen. He approached her and started making moves. “U...ummm hey. I was walking and couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you are and was wondering if you wanna go get some coffee”. “Um…… ok? Sure. What's your name?” asked the beautiful girl. “John… you?”. “Samantha, nice to meet you”. John reached out his hand to shake Samantha’s, Samantha did the same in response and they shook hands. Then all of a sudden she quickly pulled her hand out of his? “Huh?”... John looked away from Samantha’s hands and brought his attention to her face only to have blood sprayed onto his eyes. He quickly backed up, cleared his eyes, and looked again. Her throat had been slit and she was bleeding profusely from her neck. He watched her slowly die on the floor gurgle. “I asked for four smiles, so you better fucking give me my fucking five smiles you stupid faggot”. John looked at the icecream man covered in Samantha’s blood in fear. He held a bloody 7 inch Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger in his hand. John calmed down, and started running away from the crazy ice cream man as fast as he could. He could feel the surprisingly fast ice cream man right on his heels though. “GET THE FUCK BACK HERE YOU FUCKING THIEF” yelled the ice cream man. “What the fuck!!??. “How is this guy so fast?. He’s an ice cream man yet he's running  at fuckin crack speed.” The chase lasted for about a good 4 minutes and John was running out of energy. He could feel the crazed ice cream man getting closer and closer. John knew that he couldn’t keep running like this forever, he needed to think fast. John thought hard for a good 20 seconds, and then a thought came. A desperate thought. He wouldn’t know whether or not his plan would work but he had to try it anyways. The ice cream man was incredibly close to him, just a couple of inches before he was stabbing length from the ice cream man. He had to try his plan. Two words gave John the strength, the bravery, the courage to do this plan. Two words of selflessness and chivalry, two words of heroism and sacrifice. “Fuck it”. John turned around, and punched the ice cream man right in his adam apple. The ice cream man fell onto the ground, but not before cutting John's arm. John managed to escape shortly after.


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