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This is an apology for my actions-- what I wrote about a few teachers at my school. I'm really, really am sorry. And I know that that this won't cut it, and that I should have kept… Read More


My precious... my precious... Come to me my dark chocolate!


 I'm Ghiradelli Girl^_^-- and I love chocolate. Ghirardelli is a brand of chocolate if some of you don't know. (I also LOVE to play the piano, but that's a different story). . I also love strawberries, mangoes, watermelon, and grape fruit.  Here are some names that people can call me if they don't come up with a nick name of their own for me: GG, or Niki. Some more things about me:


Obsessed With: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!! Soccer, the beach, Japan, writing, (did I mention chocolate?), music, reading, running, singing, ummmmm... the third Lord of the Rings movie... chocolate... views that inspire me to write The Aisle of the Sun... Max (hmmmm^_^, lovely Max-- if you want a picture of him look up 'Sean White' that's what I based Max to look like^_^, the Lia story that Hugs and Kisses (my good friend) has made up, music, piano, and-- CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^... Yummy chocolate.

Note: I'm also very shy when it comes to meeting people. I hate the rules on first impressions. I'm not a people person and yet I am. It's hard for me to explain-- but sometimes I feel like I can't talk to save my life. Other times I can be outrageously outgoing-- part of the reason why I have so many friends. Perhaps it's the chocolate I eat... hmmmm... or maybe it's just my personality^_^-- lol! Whatever it is I have very good friends. Oh yeah-- and don't worry I'm not shy when it comes to chatting with people when I'm writing. Writing-- I can't stumble upon my words, and I have time to think. I like that about writing.

Best Friends Here on Booksie: Hugs and Kisses, Angelgirl, Kaylynn Brookes, April Writer, The Legend, Flying Piggy, & Hoodling. I love all of my friends here, because-- even though I've known some of them for one, some of them for two, and some of them for three years-- I've had great experiences with each and every one of them. All of them are so utterly kind, friendly, and spontaneous-- lol^_^! I'm going to miss each and every one of them when I graduate in three weeks. You guys should know that you're the first best friends I made here since I moved-- so yeah...

Hobbies: I love to write... hmmmm... daydream-- deffinitely one of my top ones! Lol last summer I went to a soccer sleep away camp. Five hours each day of non-stop soccer, fun huh? It was^_^! Anyway, we were playing this game that had something to do with intense dribbling against yellow jersey people and I was a purple jersey... and suddenly-- I don't know-- we had to get on our team's side to start off. So I was just daydreaming... and for some reason I thought I was yellow (color blind, I guess), and they were all looking at me as if I were crazy-- and I was all like, "What?!" and they were just like "You're on our side!" and I was all like, "but I'm yellow!" and then I looked down at my jersey-- and what do you know-- it's purple! So yeah there's one example of me drifting off to la-la land^_^! I also love to run with my dog... I don't know the last time I checked I can run up to four miles:)! Another thing that I love to do is listen to music-- yeah... it's kind of funny because I'm blasting music on my side of the computer room, while on the other side my brother is blasting his own music. This happens a lot.

Favorite Songs: Cat and Mouse & Gaurdian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus; Blow Me Away, Dance With the Devil, So Cold, You, Forget It, Until the End, Breath, The Diary of Jane, & Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin; Leave Out All the Rest, Valentine's Day, Numb, Somewhere I Belong, High Voltage, Faint, Pushing Me Away, Runaway, Shadow of the Day, My December, Easier to Run, In the End, Breaking the Habit, & Bleed It Out by Linkin Park; Nobody Put's Baby in the Corner, Thanks for the Memories, Hum Hallelujah, & Sugar We're Going Down by Fall Out Boy; Saferwaters, Well Enough Alone, & Vitamin R by Chevelle; Whispers in the Dark, Falling in the Black, Looking for Angels, & Comatose by Skillet; Learning to Fall, Five Minutes to Midnight, Hero/Heroine, Heels Over Head, Thunder, & Up Against the Wall by Boys Like Girls; Lost Realist, Made of Glass, Headstrong, Waiting, Still Frame, & These Walls by Trapt; Memories by Garbage; Predictable, We Believe, Jealousy, The Young and the Hopeless, Dance Floor Anthem, & Keep Your Hands off My Girl (oddly fascinating) by Good Charlotte; Inside of You (disturbing lyrics awesome song!), First of Me, Good Enough, The Reason, Born To Lead, & Moving Forward by Hoobastank; Drown, Pain, Are You Ready, Never Too Late, Over and Over, Time of Dying, Burn, Let It Die, One X, Get Out Alive, Riot, Now Or Never, & Wake Up by Three Days Grace; Meant to Live by Switchfoot; Now We Are Free, Carribean Blue, Only Time, and others that I can't remember right now by Enya.

Languages Studied (but not fluent in): Greek, Japanese, Latin, and Spanish:)!

Languages Want to Take in Highschool Next Year: Spanish and perhaps sign language-- although I really want to learn Japanese, so as when I go to Japan again I can pretend that I don't understand anyone. I'm just some American on the train amongst Japanese. But I will be able to understand every word they say^_^-- lol, that would be the life! Also (this is an update) I want to learn French-- lol^_^! The roommaannttiicc language!

Places Lived In: North Carolina, Singapore, California, & Massachusetts.

Dream House: An immense modern mansion built up on the dunes of this glittering beach. There will be granite countertops in the kitchen, wooden floors all throughout the house, and large bay windows. With an outside pool in the back (despite my fear of water, I still like to swim on an occasion), an indoor soccer field, and an enormous room full of large bouncy trampolines^_^! And all of the rooms in the house will have all these secret passageways, slides, and rock climbing formations that you can use to get to different levels of the house (I've had dreams where I explore such rooms-- they're fun:)!!

Favorite Quote: "Live every minute in life to it's fullest."

Place I Wish I Was Right Now: North Carolina at my grandparent's beach house or Japan. 

Follow the whirlpool of rich chocolatey-ness!

Made of Glass by Trapt

Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Memories by Within Temptation (Apparently there are FF7 spoilers in the video)


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