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Hello, my name is Maya. And this is my story of moving to Canada from England.

It was on May 15, 1982, I was only 13 years old when my mother and father decided to move to Canada. I did not want to go but my father said it would be better because he would get a better job there.

I loved it here in England with my friends, we had no family in Canada; I was scared to go, what would people think of me? Would they make fun of me? Would I make friends?  I did not want to leave my home. However, my Mother and Father said we have to go and were leaving in 2 weeks.

It’s only been a few days and we already got most things packed my father got us tickets on the cures ship that taking us to Canada, we had to have a yard sell to sell a few of our thing that we don’t need to take with us to Canada.

It has now been a week we have to leave in 2 days, my father says we might come back to visit someday, but I am scared if I will never see England again.

Todays the day we leave for Canada.

We boarded the ship at noon it will take 30 days until we get to Canada, I am not sure if I can stay on a ship that long. We are now in our cabin it is small but that is all we could afford. We have now set off to Canada along the blue ocean, I went up to the deck so I could say goodbye to my home, England one last time.

As I was walking back to my cabin, I saw some crewmembers, who looked very worried, I wondered what was wrong, and seeing them worried made me worried but I just keep on walking back to my cabin.

When I got back to the cabin Mother and father were there I began to worry but then I noticed a note on the table that said, “We have to the dining room for some lunch, you may join us.”  Love Mother and Father

I decided I would join them for lunch, so I hurried down to the dining room and found them sitting at a small table with some bread and butter, I sat down and started eating some bread my father then said “I’m sorry it not much but food on this ship is very expensive.”  I did not mind really, as long as I had food in my stomach, but seeing other people eating fancy meals made me very hungry.

After eating I went back up to the deck, I was leaning on the side of the boat looking at the blue ocean the salty water sprayed against my face as we were sailing along.

When I got back to my cabin, I overheard a crewmember talking to my Father saying “there is a bad storm coming tonight and to stay in our cabin.”

That night while lying in my bed, I heard the waves crashing against the side of the boat, making the boat shake back and forth moving things in our cabin.

A few minutes later, we hear screaming on the deck so we run up to look at what is going on, when we got to the deck we saw a huge wave bigger than the boat coming straight for us, it was getting taller and taller as it was headed for us.

Then CRASH it hits our boat hard pushing passengers and crewmembers off the boat into the icy cold water some trying to hold onto the rail but slip. When the cold water hit me, it pushed me off the boat, blacking out from the force.

When I woke up the next morning I was lying on the beach of an Island the cold water crashing onto my legs, I hop up and look around no one else was around I started calling for my Mother and Father “Mother…Father??”  But there was no answer. I fell on my knees and started to cry still calling with a wimp in my voice “Mother. Father, please” I curled into a ball and continued to cry hoping this was all a bad dream. After a while, I hop up hoping I was back in my cabin with my parents and it was all a dream, but when I look up I realized it was not a dream.

I was on an island in the middle of the ocean by myself.

After freaking out for a bit I decided if I am stranded on an Island, I need to survive. First, I need to get food. So I walked around looking for food finally I found a coconut tree, I cannot just survive on coconuts, so I keep on looking for more food. After walking for 10 minutes I came to the edge of a small jungle forest, I decided  I walk into it just a little way to have a quick look for some more food I don’t want to go in too far so I don’t get lost. As I walked into the forest, I noticed something moving I walked back slowly watching closely to see what came out. Then out came a camouflage snake heading right for me with big fangs so I ran as fast as I could back to the beach. When I got to the beach I looked behind me to make sure the snakes were not behind me still, luckily it stayed in the forest.

I guess I will just have to survive on coconuts after all.

I found a big rock to smash the coconuts on to open them so I am able to eat them.

As it started to get darker, I decided to try to make a fire.

I found a few twigs on the ground and a couple of bigger pieces of wood; I set up the firewood with some rocks around it, it was ready to light then I remembered I don’t have any matches, how am I meant to start a fire without matches.

One time I saw my dad start a fire with a stick, he put it in the middle of the fire and spun it back and forth with both of his hands.

I guess I could try that, I found a stick put it in the middle of the wood, and spun it back and forth with both of my hands. After about 10 minutes, it started smoking a bit, and then a little flame appeared the flame grew bigger and bigger until all the firewood was in flames.

As it got darker and darker, the moon came out and I started to feel sleepy so I fell asleep under a coconut tree. All of a sudden I felt like something was sitting on my head so I jumped up and turned around here sitting in front of me was a monkey a cute little monkey so I walked up to it very slowly but jump up and climbed up the tree swung away. I decided to look around the island today, so I found a big long stick for protection you never know what could be out there, I also brought 3 coconuts with me for food. I started to walk around the edge of the island looking for different food like a banana tree or just something other than coconuts I also wanted to look for other civilizations. I just hoped there are other people on this island, wait what if there are no people on this island but me no I can’t about this right now, I need to focus on getting off this island and finding my family and food. So I continued walking along the edge and then I saw a tall beautiful tree and hanging from the tree was a MONKEY! Wait what there was a monkey it was so cute but the most importin part was it was hanging from a banana tree! Finally some other food then coconuts, But then I heard a sound like a stick cracking I stood as still as a rock and waiting to see what would come out The bushes rustled and you will not believe what came out a man, a man came out but unfortunately it wasn’t my father but I was still happy to see someone so I ran up and hugged him without even thinking I hugged him very tight I was so glad to see a person and I knew I wasn’t alone and now I had hope, the hope of getting home and seeing my parents once again. “um miss could you let go?” he said I let go and looked up he looked to be in his 20 I then asked him if he was on the ship before the wave came. “Yeah, I was on that ship when a big wave hit and swept me away with it. Then I woke up on the shore here. My name is Albert. What might yours be miss?” Albert replied “Maya.” I told him “So you got stuck here too. I was thinking of some ways to get off this island like building a raft or something all I know is we need to get off this island and back to land and our families” I nodded and smiled, I just might have a chance of finding my parents thanks to Albert. I went and grabbed a banana from the bunch I gather and gave it to Albert he took it and thanked me then ate it in a hurry as he has never eaten in a long time maybe he did not find much food on his side of the island. After he finished the banana, he sat down on the sand with a stick a began to draw he drew plans for rafts and shelter he also drew some pictures he was good at drawing I just sat and watched him draw. “I am an artist you know.” Said Albert with a big grin on his face “Wow you are amazing.”  I said back “Thanks”.  Albert continued to draw plans and pictures he then told me to gather some big leaves that had fallen from the palm trees. So I went around and collected what I found and brought them back to Albert he then said collect some long sturdy sticks so again I went around and gathered some sticks and brought them back to Albert then he said now some long vines so again I collected some and brought them back to Albert then he said we were going to build a small shelter he began tying the leaves and sticks together with vine and in about an hour it was done we had a shelter It was small but cozy and would protect us from bad weather. We couldn’t make the raft though we could find the right logs and supplies we need the shelter was good enough for now until we came up with a way off this island.

“There it's done!” Albert said with relief  “what do you think?” “It looks nice it’s better than a tree.” I replied, “Have you seen anyone else on the island ?” “No,” he said sadly. I then heard a rustle come from the bush we both starred at the bush waiting for something to come out and then pop out cam the little monkey I saw before it starred at us then came a bit closer and then the closer I bent down to look at it from its level and then it ran up and jumped on me I fell over backward and the monkey sat on my stomach. “It looks like it likes you.” Albert exclaimed I looked up at the monkey it looked so cute it was furry with soft brown fur and a silly smile. It then hopped off and went into our shelter. “Well, it's getting dark …” Albert said with a yawn “I guess so.” I went into the shelter and sat next to the monkey I starred at the monkey and thought why don’t I name this little guy so I thought of the perfect name George. He seemed to like that name. I laid on my back and tried to get some sleep but there was too much on my mind, I was thinking about home my parents, and if they were safe or not about if I would ever get to Canada or if I would die on this island. I finally fell asleep after thinking too hard. The next morning I woke up and Albert was nowhere to be found I started to worry that he had gone off and left me alone. I hopped up and went out for a walk to look for him I walked by the edge of the shore I was too scared to go into the forest. I walked for about 5 minutes then I heard a sound  I stopped dead in my tracts and froze looking around hopping it was Albert then out came a big snake from the bush with fangs heading straight for me I was so scared I couldn’t move “Watch out!” someone yelled it was Albert he came in with a big stick and whacked the snack on the head with the stick the snake fell and stopped moving. “Are you ok?” Albert asked painting “Yeah I’m fine thanks.” “what are you doing out here?” “I was looking for you.” “Oh… well I was looking for more food. Sorry, I should have told you I was going out but you looked so peaceful sleeping I didn’t want to wake you.” He said I then notice some fish on the ground “did you catch that?” “yeah, I was bringing it back for breakfast then I saw you in trouble so I came to help.” “Can we go back and eat it know I’m starving.” I said with a smile of thanks. We walked back to camp together and when we arrived Albert set a fire and then put the fish on after we finished eating the fish, we decided we would go searching for more food or people. Albert said this Island was huge and there could very well be people on here from the shipwreck this made me happy because now I knew I had a chance of finding my parents but there was still a chance I would not, but I had to think on the positive side. But I know deep down inside that they are safe. We started walking out we decided just to go around the edge of the island so we wouldn’t get lost in the forest. After about two hours of walking, we took a break, then after taking a five-minute break we continued walking for another hour or so. As we walked, we looked around for any clues of someone being here and looking for other types of food because eating only coconuts and bananas isn’t the best. But I’m glad Albert was able to catch fish last night. As we were walking along we noticed on the edge of the shore there were some washed-up items on the shore we walked over and picked them up to have a closer look, there were bits of clothing and other odd stuff we found a letter but you couldn’t make out the word too well because it was wet we decided to take the stuff with us at least the letter we might be able to dry it and then be able to read some of the word “It looks like when the ship sank the waves were heading in this direction so there could be more people because if it washed you and me here and all this stuff it could very well wash up other people.” Albert said with excitement I was hoping he was right about that.  “Let’s walk for another hour then let's head back to camp before it gets dark.” Albert said as he continued to walk forward, we continued to walk for a half-hour then I noticed a tall tree with some type of fruit from it at first I thought it was another coconut tree but then as I looked closer I noticed it was a yellowy-orange color of a fruit “Hey Albert look up in that tree is that a type of fruit?” Albert gazed up at the tree “Yeah that’s a mango I think.” He said with a smile “I’m going to try and climb the tree to get some down.”  So, he started climbing the tree he went up slowly making sure he wouldn’t fall he then got to the top and pull some mangos off “Look out below!” he said as he dropped some mangos I quickly backed up so they wouldn’t fall on me after picking a few he headed back down as he was climbing down he slipped and lost his grip on the tree he went plunging to the ground and SMACK he hit the ground with a thump I ran over as fast as I could he was still alive thankfully from that fall he could be badly injured. I waited for him to wake up I think he was unconscious from that fall it wouldn’t surprise me after a few minutes he started moving then he started to open his eye’s “ahh my head hurt.” He moaned ‘Well you took a great fall, are you ok?” I asked, “Yeah my head just pounds I don’t think I got any broken bones.” “let's head back and you can rest at camp.” He hopped up and walked slowly back to camp I went back to the tree and picked up a few mangos so we could eat them for dinner. When we got back to camp George was there waiting for us in the shelter, Albert went and laid down for a bit while I made a fruit salad for dinner when he awoke, I gave him some salad on a big leaf and he ate quickly.  Albert was once a boy scout, so he knew how to survive the other day he made a water filter for saltwater, and today it was finished so I brought some over to him for him to drink he said it taste fresh, so I tried some he was right it did taste fresh. It soon got dark so went down to sleep George was still by my side I wonder if he has a mother and a father or if he is alone on this island too. Snap! I jolted awake looking around I saw a shadow flash by I couldn’t make out what it was I looked around to see if I could see it again but whatever it was it was gone. “Albert wake up.” I whispered “What?” he asked, “did you hear that sound, and did you did you see that, that thing?” “What sound and what thing?” he asked confused “that snap sound and the shadow flash by.” I replied, “No you must have been seeing things go back to sleep.” He moaned. I know I wasn’t seeing things I know what I saw. The next morning, I got some fruit ready for breakfast when Albert finally woke up I have him some and he scuffed it down I then told: “I know what I saw last night I did see a shadow and I think it might have been a human.” I told him this as coldly as I could then I turned away and eat my fruit. “Ok I believe you; we can look around again today If you want to?” “No not today I’m still tired from yesterday I feel like relaxing today and thinking.” “Ok, we can go look tomorrow then.” He then hopped up and said he was going for a walk he told me to wait here for him to come back. So I sat there and waited I then noticed that George wasn’t around “George!?” I yelled out and then out popped from a bush little George came running towards me he jumped on top of me pushing me to the ground. George then hopes off to let me get to my feet, After I hop up, I grab a banana for George. Hours have past and Albert is still not back maybe he just went for an extra-long walk as it gets to evening; I start to get some dinner ready I found some fish Albert caught and decided to cook them up hopefully they haven’t gone bad. The fish has finished cooking but Albert still isn’t back I start to worry I hope he is ok and not hurt again, I don’t want to walk out into the dark so I keep telling myself that he is fine but I can’t help but worry about him it was gone I wouldn’t know what to do I would be all alone on this island he is my only chance for survival and to maybe finding my parents. I went a laid down trying to clear my mind and calm myself after a while I finally settled myself to go to sleep and in the morning, Albert still wasn’t back that is when I really started to worry he already disappeared once and he was fine he should be fine now too. I kept on telling myself positive things to calm myself. “Hey! Sorry, I’m late?” I turn around and standing there was Albert painting “What took you so long?” “Sorry, I, I think there might be… people there might be people on this Island other than us.” Albert said painting out of breath “WHAT? How do you know?” I asked with excitement “I found some clues and tried to follow a trail but then I got lost and then before I knew it was dark.” “oh well come eat you must be starved.” I said with a smile, He came and ate talking about his theory that there might be other people on this Island. He said he found some eaten fruit, but it didn’t look like animal bites it looked like a human bite and there was a bed of leaves under a tree which someone could have used for a bed. He was so sure there were other people here and he was determined to find them and so was I, we decided to head out the next morning and camp at different spots as we go, we would bring food along, so we have something to eat on the journey. The next morning came and we headed out to the spot that Albert was yesterday after hours of walking we finally made it to the spot and Albert was right it did look like someone was living here we decided we would look around for some more clues and try and find a trail to follow. After looking around for some time we decided that there was nothing there t lead us on a trail we decide we would head in the same direction we were before, It was such a nice day it was warm and sunny and I loved the feel of the sand between my toes I could hear birds singling it was so nice out, I felt like something was watching me when I turned around there following behind me was George he must have followed me all the way here what a silly monkey I walked over and picked him up and carried him along “He really seems to like you.” Albert laughed “Well I like him too.”  We continued our journey soon it began to get dark, so Albert made a small camp, and I got some food out and we ate then went to sleep on the sand we didn’t have time to build a shelter, so we just got some leaves and used it as a bed. After we packed up camp, we headed on the way the sun was just rising it was so beautiful the pink sky over the blue ocean we use to see these beautiful sunrises in England. We walked for hours again my feet started to hurt so bad, but I pushed on my way. Again, we found nothing, and it began to get dark, so we camped and then headed on our way again the next morning. As we walk along we noticed a big object in the water so Albert walked into the water a bit to have a closer look “Hey it looks like a sunken raft that someone tried to build!” He yelled out “I wonder if someone tried to get off this island on it and it sank.” Albert came back onshore he said we’d better keep on going he thinks we are heading in the right direction. I wonder who else could be on this Island could It be father and mother or just someone else from the shipwreck. We continued in the same direction looking for more signs that someone has been here “Hey look up… It looks like it's going to rain.” I looked up and Albert was right it did look like it was going to rain the sky was covered with thick gray clouds, Albert then grabbed my arm “We better find shelter.” He pulled me into the forest and under a big tree that should protect us from the rai as soon as we got under the tree there was a crack of lightning and then it started to pour it was raining so hard and the tree didn’t protect us that much now that the rain was heavy, but it was better than nothing, lightning cracked across the sky lighting it up for a split second and then it went dark again. I held George close to me keeping him warm and out of the rain, I hate thunderstorms they scare me in England someone’s house was struck with lighting hard, and it was set on fire after that every time there was a lightning storm, I would be scared that lighting would hit me. Holding George calmed me, I took deep breaths to calm myself and to stop worrying, we waited under the tree for the storm to pass and after an hour or two it finally passed, and we hopped up and went out of the forest onto the beach the sand was now cold and wet there were leaves and sticks all over the beach “That was quite the storm, but let’s head on our way shall we?” Albert said with a big grin on his face “we shall I said.” I said with an even bigger grin on my face we walked along, and George followed behind us we took a break after an hour of walking and had a snack then headed on our way. “This island is huge if there are people on it, they could be anywhere it could take us weeks to find them.” Albert exclaimed, “Well we look until we find someone then no matter how long it takes, we need to find more people… and what if they're my parents.” I replied Albert look at me then smiled and said, ‘Ok then we better get moving.” The tuned and march on his way I ran up behind him and marched alongside him. I hope we can find whoever is on this island soon, I don’t really want to look all over this this island is huge it could take a long time to walk all over this island. But I want to find whoever is on this island what if it is my parents or it could be someone else that could help us but I do hope it would be my parents but I can’t give my hopes up, I wonder if Albert has anyone he misses or wants to get back to I never actually asked where he was heading on the ship I guess I should ask him if I want to know so I decided I would, “Hey, Albert…” “Yeah?” he replied, “Where were you heading on the ship?” “I was heading to Canada to go to university but now I might not be able to get I already a month late I was going to study art but I might not get a chance now.” Albert said sadly, “Hey, I was heading to Canada to me and my parents are moving there.” I said but I felt a bit bad for asking he seemed so sad he might not go to university; I didn’t say anything after, we just continued walking along. I guess I wasn’t surprised he was sad I want to get back to my parents I miss them so much. I wish we never had to move to Canada then this all wouldn’t have happened I would be at home in England with my parents safe in our house. I now really wonder if I will ever see Canada or see England again If I would ever get off this Island would I die here and never see my parents again would I die this young! Ok I need to calm down I am just overthinking I started breathing in my nose and out my mouth to calm me down “Are you ok?” Albert asked, “Yeah just fine.” I sarcastic smile.

My feet hurt so much from walking I got blisters all over them as I was walking along I all a sudden got a striking pain on my foot it felt like it has been cut by something I look and there was blood on the sand from where my foot was I then look at the bottom of my foot and there was a deep cut and it was bleeding bad I felt nauseous and dizzy after looking at it I sat down Albert turned around “What happened to your foot?” He exclaimed, “I cut it on something,” I said well ripping my dress so I could wrap my foot hopefully it would help the bleeding if I kept it tight around my foot. I got up and started walking on my way “Wait, I don’t think you should be walking on that foot it could open or get infected.” Albert said, “I will be fine.”  I continued walking “Ok but take it easy on that foot, we can camp early tonight.” Albert said worried, “Ok thanks.” I said with a smile. As we were walking along my foot began to pound with the pain I tried to hide it from Albert because I didn’t want him to worry but soon the pain became unbearable I dropped down and squeezed my foot tight hoping the pain would go away but It continued to pound Albert then turned around and noticed how much pain I was in he quickly ran over and grabbed my foot unwrapping it gasping at the wound he said that it is infected, it had swelled up and turned a bit purple he said that we would camp right where we are and try and heal my foot so we could get on the move again. “I’m sorry for holding us back.”   I said quietly to him, “Please don’t worry we need to heal that foot of ours I will boil some water and get things set up you just rest.” He said with a reassuring smile. So I sat down on the ground and looked at my foot but then I quickly looked away as it made me feel sick I laid back and looked at the sky it was blue and bright with big fluffy clouds birds fly across it as free as ever. I closed my eyes and my mind soon drifted away to another world a world where I saw my parents smiling and waving to me at our home in England I ran to them to give them a hug but when I got to them they just vanished everything turned black and I was alone in the darkness I yelled out for my parents but no answer they were gone all of sudden I bolted awake, It was just a dream I sat up and It was dusk the sun was setting and Albert was sitting by the fire he was mixing some things together I think it was for my foot he then came over with a substance and put it on my foot it stung a little but then felt cool and my foot stopped throbbing with pain “Does it help?” He asked, “Yes very much.”. It was the next day and my foot felt way better so we continued on our way, George jumped out from a tree and fowled us along behind us. We have been walking for days now and still, we haven’t found anyone I was soon doubting that there was anyone on this island. I heard something I looked into the forest and out fly are a beautiful parrot with its colorful wings spread out across the blue sky it was so magnificent. I have never seen one in real life I had seen pictures of them in books but in the books were in black and white I didn’t know how beautiful their colors were. “What are you looking at?” Albert said as he looked up “wow.”, “I know.”.

There must many other beautiful animals in the forest I thought to myself I would like to some more but there also could be dangerous ones like that snake or even worse than a snack. What If people were deep inside the forest and we wouldn’t be able to find them unless we went inside what if we are wasting our time by walking around the outer edge of the island rather than going down into the forest to look for people. But Albert did say there is more of a chance that they are on the beach rather than in the forest because they would have gotten washed up on the beach, not into the middle of the forest, so I guess he had a point. Today felt so much hotter than it had yesterday the sun was blaring down on us as we walked across the hot sand George went into the forest for some shade. I felt so hot and sweaty I could really use a bath right now or a fan anything to cool me off. I took a big gulp of water from the water that Albert boiled so it was clean it was so refreshing but warm from the sun. It soon became sunset; sunset was my favorite part of the day I loved watching it set over the ocean it was so beautiful. As it cooled down George came back and sat with us as we ate. Again, the day started, and we walked the same as every day. I wish we could find someone, so we don’t have to continue walking. “Look!” Albert shouted I ran over to where he was “It looks like something was lying here but it looks like it is from a while ago like maybe a couple of weeks or so.” He exclaimed, “This means someone else is here on this island!” I said with excitement. “Most likely but don’t give you hopes up.” He said with a smile “Well we better try and find a trail if there is no trail we will have to keep searching.” So, we continued our way happier than ever in the hope we will find someone here and I hope it is my parents. I ran as fast as I could all around the beach looking for more clues, but I couldn’t find any I was starting to lose a little hope but there is hard proof that someone or at least something was on the beach laying down then dragged. “What in the world.” Albert said with disbelief “What is it.” I asked I don’t know If you want to see this, he said so of course I ran over and I couldn’t believe what I saw on the ground. It was blood there was a big red patch in the sand and it was defiantly blood “Someone could be injured out here we have to find them and help them.” Albert said his smile now turning serious “This is a lot of blood they must be badly injured.” I was still staring at the blood in disbelief how did they get injured. All of a sudden out of nowhere George leaped onto me he looed worried then he ran off I think he wanted me to follow him so I did I ran after him and we went around the beached and a little sitting under a small sheltered was a woman she looked pale and she was wearing torn clothes she looks tired and she was crying I ran over as fast as possible When I reached her she said: “Help my baby please help my baby.” She was clinging to my arm tightly she was crying then I noticed a little girl in her arms about 1-year-old with blood pouring down her face. I froze then I yelled out “Albert!! Help Albert!” I yelled with all my breath Albert came running’s fast as possible he noticed the women and ran over He looked down at her then he also noticed the baby He quickly ripped his a bid of his shirl and wet it in water then put it on the baby’s wound  he tied it around her head “What happened?” Albert asked the women “We were washed here from the boat wreck my husband was killed by the force of the wave. And my baby was injured by a rock I don’t know where I am I need food and water for my baby.” She said with worry “It is alright we will take care of you please get some rest we will gather some food and water.” Albert said, “Thank you kindly.” She said with a weak smile.


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