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I hate these things >.<

Okay, obviously i didnt make this noticeable enough. It is later on but if.you dont bother to read my rules on reading requests then that's not my fault. ABSOLUTELY NO POEMS!!!!!! I dont know how much i need to say that! NO POEMS!!! Comprendè??


WORD OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!: Asshole :)



12 Completely Random Facts About Me That May Or May Not Be Obvious!     cheeky

  • I am the only person i know who actually forgets their name. I used to walk around with my name written on my wrist so i wouldn't forget it if i had a test for school or something :)  
  • I like making up words of the week because im a complete random (THATS SUPOSSED TO BE PINK)  
  • I dont like doing things other people expect me to do  
  • I really want to learn how to play the piano even though i have absolutly no musical talent to speak of  
  • I have about 50 near-death experiances a day. Meaning that i trip over heaps and every time i trip i 'nearly die'.  
  • If you randomly shove your hand in my face i will end up on the floor.  
  • I hate clowns  
  • And leprechaurns  
  • I cant spell :(  
  • I am really eaisily scard but i love horror movies :) i know it makes no sense, you don't need to tell me that.  
  • My converse are black, grey and white :)  
  • Why 12? Because twelve and 21 put together is a palendromic number and hannah is a palendromic word... like racecar :)  
  • Why not 12? because i randomly feel like adding more  
  • History is my favourite class because i have a seating plan :P  
  • I get the worst stagefright ever, but apparently i am awesome at drama  
  • I have diagnosed depression and sleep insomnia :(  
  • And that is it... for now :)


    Well... what is there to know? I am twelve (Shocking :O) and i live in Australia, against my better judgment. I love to read and i love to write... My real name is actually Hannah and Margaret is actually my middle name (also against my better judgment). I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to add....I'm new here and i randomly stumbled across this site while i was madly internet surfing.


    My favourite colour are all different types of browns (as long as they're pretty browns ;D) and greys, including BLACK and WHITE. I don't like yellow much but other than that i can co-exist pretty comfortably with just about any other colour... except pink. I really don't like pink :/


    I don't watch T.V. all that often so thats pretty much a no show in favourite movies or T.V programs...


    I currently have three favourite bands. and they are (In order of preference):

  • Florence and the Machine.... If you haven't heard them you totally should listen to them
  • alt



    2. The Fray




      3. Evanescence




    Sorry guys but i have a lot on my plate right now and i can not respond to your reading requests :( while this is terrible news, i will not being sending out reading request either because i simply do not have the time to write right now. Even though it is  school holidays, my english teacher is a bitch and she hates me so she gave me two assignments to do over the holidays. Sorry guys :/



    I will fan you if you ask me to but i would much prefer to fan you because i atually like your writting. I'm actually not a bitch so i will do as much as i can to.... make your dreams come true??? and if fanning you is one of thoses dreams it will happen. So, if you would like me to fan you, all you need to do is ask and it will happen. If it happens anyway it's because your awesome :P Oh, and i dont believe in the whole, 'if you fan me i'll fan you...' Please only fan me if you actually like my writting or if your the coolest person alive :)



    MY STORIES!!!!


    One Month...














    Abigail Teal and Spencer Benson always knew how their lives would play out, even at the age of four. They were going to grow up, fall in love, get married and then spend the rest of their lives together. But when something interrupts what they had planned, and Abigail gets left alone, how will she cope with her partner being ripped from her. And how will the life growing in her womb fare?


    I am currently (Hehe) writing over 30 different stories but the majority of them the public will never see. However, there is one novel i am considering finishing and posting up on the wonderfull site booksie. It's actually a series kind of thing, the first book tittled Kindle and the scond one is Between. There might be a third one but i haven't decided yet. I actually haven't even started writing them yet, i just thought i would let you know about them. :)


    It wont let me put the cover on here D': Mwahahahahaha >:) i figured out how! Mwahahahaa (Evil face)



    If this works there should be random pictures!!!



    Yes i'm a twelve year old with a random love of the word random and coffee :)






    I like that one the most




    I cant be bothered to find anymore but if i can YOU SHALL SEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! :P



    Is that how you spell Margaret???



    I feel really guilty everytime i leave a reading request, even if they have their reading requests open... :/


    ( ) Online, ( ) Offline, (X) Writing A Masterpeice (Also known as my new novel KINDLE!!!)


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