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So im here to tell you that unfortunately, my laptop had a complete meltdown and a hardware failure. For those of you that dont understand, that basically means (in computer language that is) a big fat FUCK YOU!! Excuse my language, but im so pissed off right now i could kill a puppy -.- and if you still don't understand what the big drama is, its that I LOST FUCKING EVERYTHING!! EVERY STORY THAT I'VE STARTED, THE REST OF FAIRYTALES, ALL OF MY CHARACTER PICTURES, AND ALL OF MY ASSIGNMENTS!! So its fair to say that I most definitely will not be judging my contest anytime soon, nor will FAIRYTALES be updated -.- sorry for any inconvenience, but if you want someone to blame, go throw your computer at a wall -.- i did and trust me, it makes you feel better :)

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello there!!! :D


How's life?? :P





Well... I guess you want to know stuff about me??



To Bad!! :P











Well, back to the original plan, I guess I might have to tell you something aii?? :P



I live in Australia (Though i must add AGAINST MY BETTER JUDGEMENT!!!)and I absolutly love it here!! :P (I'm kidding, it sucks. I have never seen snow,have to deal with 40+ temperatures during Summer,and during those hot, hot days, I get eye-shaped tans on my back becasue all of my friends suck and decide to draw EYESon my back with sunscrean instead of actually sunscreaning my back -.-)


I also happen to love the man/woman/thing that invented the first airconditioner. Yeah, we're getting married, haven't you heard?? :P Im kidding!! I'm much to young for marriage!! :P


Which brings me to the topic of AGE!!! Belive it or not, but i'm actually only 13. I turn 14 however, on the 28th of June and i'm looking forward to it very much!! :P (Again, i'm not. I'm going to hate turning 14 when everyone around me is all like YAY!!! 15 Motherfluckers!!!)


And with that word still reverberating around your skulls, I shall inform you that yes, I do watch Onision and youtube, and yes I do think he is utterly hillarious not to mention quite attractive :P I also watch the very talented JennaMarbles and i am very happy :P



Which lead me on to my username!! (If you haven't realised already, everything i say last will have something to do with what i say next :P) I tend to find that i have very un-happy stories with very un-happy endings, but im working on that. Most of my novel will have happy endings, 'cause it seems like a waste of my time to write this whole long massive story to only end up killing off the main character O.o



And speaking of characters, i only learnt how to spell that like two years ago... i lead a very sad life :P


And now that sad is on the brain, i have absolutly nothing to say, so MUSIC!!!  

Oh, WOW, what a coincedence!!I was just thinking about music :POkay, so i will now try and tell you how music works for me, and you will try to keep up, 'cause it's really not all that hard :PMy favourite artist is Florence + The Machine,and they will be for quite a while, but my favourite song at the momentis Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens. And let me try to explain this somehow :PI like Florence and the Machine better as a whole, but the song Roger Rabbit is the best song I've heard in a while... make sense??Not really?? Well lets move on anyway!! :P


I can't think of anything intellegent to say so POTATO!!


I hate potatoes -.- like with a passion. They taste disgusting, look disgusting and even feel disgusting. I hate them. They are yuck. End of story :P



And speaking of stories!! Why dont ya'll check out mine?? I think they're okay O.o



And with that face imprinted on your brain, lets talk about faces okay?? I happen to like yours :P


And the word 'yours' somehow leads onto READING REQUESTS!!! (I'll let you try and figure that one out :P) My reading requests are OPEN!!!! But I WILL NOT!!!!!! (Under ANY circumstances) read your POEM!!! I tend to find them tedious and just generally ANNOYING to read.


Oh, and that reminded me that I was going to tell all of my sexy popsicles that I am going to atempt to be all organised and what not,and update Fairytales every SUNDAY!!!!! Aren't I just amazing?? Yes?? Well that's just a matter of opinion Jimmy boy!! Oh who am I kidding!! I know I am :P


Much love, the amazing Happiness :)





Okay, so i kinda figured, hey, lets talk about my stories some more :P And so i shall :P


My first (Of many :P) novel Fairytales;






Ivory has lived with a dark secret her entire life at Kingston Academy, one that she never planned on telling anyone. Until one night she drunkenly confesses to some stranger at a party that she didn’t even want to go to. The stranger promises that he would not tell anyone but sticks to Ivory’s side like his life depends on it, never letting her out of sight. Originally Ivory finds his behaviour annoying and it is disrupting the fragile peace she had made with herself years ago. She is tested to the very end and has to make a choice. Will she forgive the ultimate of sins or will she bring forth justice brewed from hatred?



And then there are my short stories;



Not a Very Merry Christmas Eve    






The Secret Story of the Well.



Both were for contests, but the christmas one never ended up getting judged (:() but the other one is still being judged :P



Speaking of which, why don't you join my Sad Story Contest?? I'm being the brilliant and magnificent judge and im also giving out prizes :)


Oh, and before I forget, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO CHECK THIS AMAZINGLY AMAZING AUTHOR OUT!!!!! I LOVE HER STORY TOO BITS!!!!!!! The link is below!!!! (Just click on the name :P)


Taste the Rain

I absolutely promise that you won't be disapointed ;D









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