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Pieces Of Eight

Book / Poetry

A collection of eight line poems, each one written for a prompt. Cover image: Read More

Dark Poetry

Book / Poetry

A place for my darker thoughts so that those that don't want to see don't look. Cover image: Elijah O'Donnell on Unsplash Read More

Twas The Night Before Christmas (Booksie Version)

Poem / Other

An adaptation of the poem by Clement Clarke Moore, written especially for Booksie. Happy Christmas! Read More

Splen Didley and Ludi Crous

Book / Poetry

Inspired by the 'Pixiekins' card deck by Paulina Cassidy. Cover image: Read More


Last Updated Jan 08, 2023



I owe Olive Tree a big apology for taking so long in adding to the 'Truth And Lies' anthology.

Sorry, Oli!



New Pixabay Account

I have just taken my first tentative steps in digital art and have a few images available for free

download on Pixabay.


Currently there are only six with four more pending acceptance. If there's anything anyone would

like me to have a go at, let me know through Booksie and I'll do my best.





I just want to say a big thank you to those that have supported me with donations. You will never

know quite how much these mean.



Sorry for taking so long to reply to comments. And I'm even sorrier for falling behind on my reading and commenting on other members work. I've been popping in every day, but the last couple of weeks have felt... I don't know... kind of wrong.

Please be patient with me. I'm doing everything I can to get back, and I will get there... eventually.



NaNoWriMo 2020

I've just finished writing my NaNoWriMo book  so hopefully now I'll be able to get back to being me again.



Novel written in poetry

I have decided to jump right in and have an attempt at this, and have begun to post a book called 'Fat Girl Thin'  The first chapter consists of three free verse poems, each following on from the other.

I'd welcome any comments and constructive feedback.


Short Shots

I have just begun to post a book called 'Short Shots'. This will contain only short poetry; each chapter will be made up of a haiku and tanka on the same subject/theme. I want to try and include a few illustrations, all of which will be sourced from either Pixabay or Unsplash.

If anyone has any reasonable requests for topics, let me know, but remember that I do not write erotica.


Coast to Coast.

'Coast to Coast' is the title for an anthology due to be released on Smashwords on June 1st, then distributed to over ebook sellers shortly after.

I was invited to take part in this several months ago now, and contributed 3 poems that are exclusive to this collection. The theme for the anthology was 'Migration and Pandemic' and it has been coauthored by 23 writers from 5 continents.

The book is published by TalesFromTheOtherLand Group (TFOL) and as far as I know it will be free.




NaNoWriMo Winner

'Through Mist And Veil' is officially a NaNoWriMo winning book. Sounds great doesn't it, but bear in mind that all books completed during November that have at least 50000 words win.

It will all be posted by the end of the month.


NaNoWriMo and a New Profile Pic

I started my NaNoWriMo book yesterday, and I'm posting the work to Booksie each evening. Anyone that's interested in checking it out:

It was with a lot of reservations that I changed my profile pic from being of Jessie Boo. I got to thinking the others might get a bit jealous. The pic I chose could have been me in my late teens - or at least like I'd have very much liked to have been. It's kind of fitting for my recently increased Gothic, witchy frame of mind.



Imaginarium House Summer Compilation

Once again I'm trying to put some life back in to the Imaginarium House. Although we have 146 members it would be great to welcome some new ones too. I've just started posting a House show-case for members -- any member of the house is invited to submit a short story or poem which will then be posted together with a link to their profile.

We have had a few really successful compilations but the last couple of them have fallen flat due to lack of interest from other members. There's no point in posting a House compilation if I'm the only contributor, so if there is no interest this time around this will be the last time I'll launch a show-case book.

Any new members to Booksie, you are just as welcome to come along and take part. The link to the house is You do not need an invitation to join, just click the button.


Extinction Event

Check out 'Extinction Event' by Adam Carlton if you like post-apocalyptic writing. It is set in the same world as 'Five Years', which Adam contributed a couple of chapters for.


The Strange Ones

Following the completion of 'Five Years', I'm currently posting two books. 'The Strange Ones' is set in a post-apocalyptic world and is inspired by a challenge made by Booksie member Adam Carlton. 'The Enchanted Map' is inspired by the images of the oracle card deck of the same name by Colette Baron-Reid and illustrated by Jena DellaGrottaglia. Written in both prose and poetry, be prepared to visit some very strange scenes.



Ronin Express 6.

Thanks to Ronin Publications for including five of my works in the latest volume. Looking forward to taking part in volume 7.


Participation Opportunity.

Over the coming weekend I'm going to be starting a new book/project. It is inspired by a David Bowie song called 'Five Years' but will be written kind of in the style of Max Brooks 'World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.' Anybody that might like to come up with a character, location, and write about the expereineces of them, contact me through messages and I'll tell you more. The pieces will be between 500 and 2000 words, and anyone that should take part will be fully credited for their work.


3 Years On Booksie

This weekend sees the end of my third year on Booksie. Here's to another twenty!


Skitch-Bot, Ronin Express Plus Another title

I'm proud to say that I had five titles included in 'Skitch-Bot' and have just had another five accepted for inclusion in the next volume of Ronin Express. Also I have a short story not posted on Booksie that will be included in 'Adverbially Challenged Volume 4', due to release some time this month.


One Book Finished, Two Books Started.

I've finally finished posting 'Madness Through The Looking Glass'.  A special thanks to the members that kept me going in what proved at times to be a difficult project. Two books now posting are 'Mystical Moments' and 'Dark Mirror', both of which are inspired by oracle card decks. An additional short story that accompanies 'Mystical Moments' is called 'Empath'.


Thank you all, so much.

I have to say I was totally bowled over, gob-smacked, staggered....however you'd like to put it, by the best present EVER! Thank you guys, and girls, so very much. I've replied to all of the poems in the comments. Just know -- it really means so very much!


A New Year, A New Project.

In January watch out for a new room in Doc's House of 10,000 Exotic Rooms. I am going to start writing around characters featured in te art of various Tarot sets, posting the work in The Tarot Room.

Also, look out for the Library, where people can post the titles and authors of any books they have found to be outstanding or influential, or just worth a special mention.


Trying to get festive.

As it is now December and Christmas is just around the corner, I am featuring two seasonal writes. 'Festive Tales' is a collection of short stories, just started. "Twas The Night Before Christmas (Booksie Version)' is a rewrite of the original, featuring our very own Booksie Guy.

The 'Mr Forbes' series.

I've posted the final of six short stories that each feature the character of Mr Grimonomous Forbes. Originally planned to be four, two additional titles have now been added.

Mr Forbes 1. The Notebook

Mr Forbes 2. The Voyage

Mr Forbes 3. The Pact.

Mr Forbes 4. The Offer.

Mr Forbes 5. The Poor Soul

Mr Forbes 6. The Blaze

A special thanks to Markie Bee for so kindly and effectivley designing the covers.


Another Collaboration.

Jeff Bezaire and I have just finished a second collaborative poem called 'The Butterfly And The Caterpillar'. Give it a read and let us know what you think.


New Collaboration

I've just posted a new short story written in collaboration with Booksie member, Jeff Bezaire. It is called 'Special Collections'

Micro Fiction

I've just started posting a new book of pieces of 100 words or less, all written from prompts.


A Great Competiton

Ideal for anyone looking for a writing challenge, check out Markie Bee's new competition. Good luck to any who enter. … iving.html



Challenges And Covers

For any members looking for challenges, check out The Imaginarium House for shorter ones, we're always looking for new ideas too.

For those looking for more of a challenge, a longer more structured write, have a look at the BoMoWriCha House. They regularly post some fantastic prompts for house members to use.

Finally, if you are looking for some brilliant covers to work with check out … e-for-free

Markie Bee's covers take some beating.


Collaboration, an Ending and a Beginning.

I've just posted a colloaborative poem with Jeff Bezaire. Check out his other work on  especially if you enjoy that Gothic feel. 'Royalty Falls' will finish posting tomorrow, and I have just started posting 'Cassandra'.


'Feed Your Head' is finished.

This book was written for the BoMoWriCha monthly challenge -- to complete a book within a month with the prompt 'your protagonist knows that they are a character in a book'.

Very influential for the idea was the cover provided by fellow booksie member, Markie Bee.

Anyone looking for a cover, or an idea, go visit his profile. He offers a fantastic service and deserves to get a lot of suport.

I want to send a special thanks to members Sue Harris, Jeff Bezaire, and of course, Mike S. for their unwavering support for without them this would have not been completed.

Anyone that would like to check out the book, here is the link:

Also for anyone that would like to check out the BoMoWriCha House:




A New Type Of Collaboration

Mike S. has just posted a new collaboration we have written. We've done quite a few poems but this was our first attempt at a story.


Lewis Carroll Society

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America has placed a link to 'Madness Poems from Wonderland' on their facebook page. Thanks to Markie Bee for proving that I was not imagining it, and for supplying it's fantastic cover.




















Just like to say 'Hi' to everyone on Booksie. I love reading all fiction especially dystopian, apocalyptic, horror and paranormal. Also books that deal with bullying, mental health issues etc.  I adore cats and own 6 of them; my profile pic is a photo I took of Jessie Boo. I have two y/a sons and a teenage daughter and live in West Cork. Oh, and I am a dedicated Muser.

I hope to put up quite a few stories and to read and comment on many more. I firmly believe that everyone should be encouraged to write.


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