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Last Updated Nov 12, 2016

I'm still around, I'll be back to writing soon. That is all.

WARNING!: This is a message to a one 'anthonymorrisonbooks':

I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. I have no money. But what I do have is a very particular set of skills. If you go away now, that'll be the end of it. I will not pursue you, I will not hurt you. But if you touch my Promethean Wars draft... I will find you... And I will violate you with a power drill.

(By skills, I mean I am also quite capable of hacking. So back away, and there will be no problems.)

ANNOUNCEMENT: I now accept challenges! Give me a random idea and I will write a short story about it! Why? Because why not? I have my reasons, DON'T JUDGE ME!


UPDATE: 1/18/2016

Title changed to 'Promethean Wars: Genesis', may change.


UPDATE: 1/28/2016

Official Promethean Wars: Genesis, Timeline

NOTE: Alludes to events, described in the final draft but absent in the uploaded prototype, also note that the first book in the series is now called 'Promethean Wars: Genesis' rather than simply 'The Promethean Wars'

1999 A.D: Kraken is born

2034 A.D: Promethean Energy Tech is founded

2077 A.D: Kraken uses nanobot technology to reverse aging, rendering him immortal 

2078 A.D: Kraken conquers the world 

2152 A.D: Interstellar Travel is developed 

2844 A.D: Frillon Wars begin

2857 A.D: Frillon Wars end

2863 A.D: Kricolfan Empire is founded

2987 A.D: Eastan Rowland is hired by Kraken as a young boy 

7895 A.D: Kraken loses a yearly, traditional pranking competition, to a twelve year old boy who turned his school into jelly

13,406 A.D: Deadlock and Thunderveil are adopted by Kraken at approximately twelve and fourteen years old respectively 

13,567 A.D-13,582 A.D: Kraken is warped and stranded on a cliché, cutesy cuddly world in another dimension (because of this, Kraken cannot stomach overly sweet food, and despises cheerful singing)

13,737 A.D: Gia Soshu is born

13,758 A.D: Events of Promethean Wars: Genesis begin

13,759 A.D: Katara is born and Xykrag War begins

13,761 A.D: Battle of Alpha Norma I

13,763 A.D: End of Xykrag War



UPDATE: 3/11/16

These are my current plans for the Promethean Wars universe. Promethean Wars: Rebellion is currently in early development but nothing has been written for the remainders.

Genesis Saga: (Subject to Change)

Promethean Wars: Genesis

Promethean Wars: Rebellion

Promethean Wars: Vengeance 

Promethean Wars: Armageddon 

Promethean Wars: Resurrection


Fallen God Saga: (Very Rough, Only basic story exists as of 3/11/16)

Promethean Wars: Empire Abandoned & Cosmic Manhunt 

Promethean Wars: Ultimate Evil & Fallen God

Promethean Wars: Broken Trance & Impossible Redemption 

Promethean Wars: Final Hunt & New Beginning 


Unnamed Future Sagas: (What? You think I'm gonna stop writing these? There will always be more!)



UPDATE: 4/3/16


I'm still around don't worry! As if anyone noticed XD. So you guys should like totally (I have no shame) check out my gaming channel on YouTube! Just look up

SarcasticDragon & DragonZ3RO. It would mean the world to me if you did and even more so if I manage to make you smile or laugh :D.

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I'm an author, but you could probably tell that by now right? Yeah... Okay so I'm Jared, and I don't use a pen name cause I don't feel like coming up with one! So welcome to my page and feel free to ask me any question your heart desires. "What's your inspiration?" "What's your philosophy on life?" "What's the meaning of life?" "How can I get my drain unclogged?" You get the idea.


My Philosophy: The fact that we are the deadliest animals ever does not make us evil. Our natural instincts taught us violence because of how cruel the wild is, which was amplified by our intelligence, which increased our ability to do damage. Our cruelty is not our fault, but what is our doing, is the good things we do, no other animals regularly save other species, or help those they don't even know. Yeah, humans are selfish, but so is every other animal on this godforsaken planet, at least we do some good.


Indicator of my writing ability: (WARNING: INTENSE EGO STROKING)

I met my editor on March 4th, he has been an English teacher for forty years, he says that the final copy of my novel 'Promethean Wars: Genesis' is the best thing he's ever read from a high schooler in his forty years of teaching, and that he believes it can make a bestseller list.............. :D...... :|


Places you can find me:

Fanfiction.net @ Jmgdog66

Here (duh)

Ifunny @ Jmgdog66

Legend of Cryptids @ Jmgdog66

DeviantArt @ Jmgdog66 (sensing a theme?)

Xbox Live @ EmperorKraken66

YouTube @ SarcasticDragon Gaming: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCWdM1g0NLotQzaDaUUt_yCw


My Website: http://prometheanwarsliterature.webstarts.com/?r=20160312222123


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