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The story of Erik and WWZ

The man sat in the dark room of the basement trying not to think about what is going to happen next. The basement smelt of water that leaked from the very old pipes that the man never bothered to look into. The floor of the basement was covered with mold and pieces of hair that contained dandruff. There was a table full of old receipts and a lamp that glowed a yellow light. The old receipts read “Erik Vaden”. The lamp glowed as the man sat on the very old chair, reading a paper from his students when he was suddenly distracted by a poster that he had bought in 1975. It was a poster of Monty python and the Holy Grail. As he though about how he had bought it, the doorbell rang and the man jumped up from his chair, making the chair fall down on the moist damp flooring of the basement. He ran upstairs, and walked through the kitchen, which has nothing in it except for half eaten chicken flavored ramen noodles and chopsticks that was unwashed. He opened the door, revealing a girl about the age of 20, dressed in jeans and a blue tank top that revealed her cleavage. Her hair was brown and it had spilled on to her shoulders. She also had sharp hazel eyes. She handed the man a paper bag which contained nothing but pirated movies. He pulled out the CD’s and counted them all. In return, he gave her 12 dollars since there were 12 CD’s. She smiled and turned around to go back to her blue perius that looked old, but in good condition to ride in. He closed the door smiling as if he won a prize. He ran to his living room, which had couch and a T.V. with a CD player and a VHS system. The couch was beaten up and it was the color red. The table that stood in the living room was a present from his grandmother and its legs were already eaten by bugs and various elementary conditions. He ran to the CD player and turned it on. Suddenly the screen was blue and it said “please insert a disk” the man reached into put a disk and proceeded to press the play button on his remote. As the movie played, he sat on his couch and watched. In the middle of the movie, The man got up to make himself some popcorn but as he proceeded to get some from his cubbered. He reached into it but noticed that there was nothing there. “Dang it” he said as he pulled his hand out of the shelf. And that’s when it happened. A creature like no other emerged from the hills. It was a slow walking creature that looked as if it was human, but savage. It had blood in its mouth and its eyes were dark with no emotion. Its skin was gray and looked cold. The sound it made caused the man to have chills run down his spine. He had never seen a creature so savage and inhuman as this. As he thought about how to save himself, he noticed something about the creature. He has seen one quite similar but he could not figure out where. The man all of a sudden got up from his couch and moved in front of his window to see the creature again. “OH SHIT! It’s a ZOMBIE” the man said as he got up and ran upstairs. As he ran sweat built up on his forehead, his hands shook with nervousness. When he got up to the top of the stairs, he ran to his room and opened up the closet.  He searched frantically for his shot gun, but could not find it. He looked down and saw his gun lying there helplessly. He grabbed it and reached his hand on the top shelf of the closet. “Where are the bullets” he shouted to the air. He then remembered that he put it into his drawer. The man opened up his drawer and found the black box containing the shells for his gun. He ran down stairs as quickly as he can, still carrying the black box. The Zombie had already entered inside of his house and was moaning his way toward the man. The man held up his shot gun and fired one shot. As he did this, the zombie went toward him with great speed. “Oh!” he said as he fired again only now he fired at the head. It fell down on the ground and there was blood everywhere. The man was terrified. He was shaking so badly that he fell down on the floor. When he collected himself he went to go buy more ammo for his gun. As he got in his car from the ammo shop, he noticed there was another Zombie. It was a tall man with a pale skin and blood all over its lips and mouth. It was limping and making a hideous sound as it came toward the man. This time the man was not afraid. He took up his gun and sprawled out onto the side walk.  The man then got inside of his car and drove off. He later got bored and turned on the radio to listen to the news. He heard on the radio that a patient zero ate a McDonalds Bigmac and then had cold like symptoms. Later they progressed and he died, and then turned back alive again. The man was glad he stuck with ramen noodles and made his own sandwiches. As he came through his driveway, The man noticed something else that was rather unusual. His next door neighbors were gone, and his neighbors never got out of their house. He got out of his car, carrying his gun with him and also all of his ammo. He opened the door of his house and saw that the window has been broken. As he wondered why it was broken, he saw that there were bloody footprints on the ground. The man decided to fallows them and walked alongside the bloody footprints. It led to a door and it was closed, The man stood outside of the door and knocked on it. Ad he held his gun, his hands trembled with nervousness. He knocked on the door and shouted “come on you flesh eating son of a bitch zombie” and a voice came and said “I am not a flesh eating son of a bitch zombie”. The man opened the door and saw a teenager boy sitting in the corner. He wore a checkered shirt that was ripped up and shorts that contained mud stains. “What the hell do you think your doing?” The man asked “I was running from a hoard of Zombies and I happened to have come here, sorry about your window” the boy said. The man stared at the boy and finally said “what’s your name?” the boy looked up at the man and said “my name is Jared, what’s your name?”  “My name is Erik” he said looking at Jared. But before Jared could ask a question, a Zombie came inside of the room. The man took up a crowbar that happened to be lying there. He swung it hitting the Zombies head making its brains scatter about on the floor. “Do you know how to kill one of these” the man said pointing to the scattered brains. “Kind of” Jared said staring at the Zombies brains. He could not believe how the man had done that; he could never do that in one second. The man looked at Jared and said “I’ll teach you” and walked away. Jared got up from his corner and walked behind the man. For 3 months they trained and they fought Zombies that had come to the mans  backyard. Jared has mastered the skills and the arts of using a gun and using a sword for any purpose, he was quite proud of himself. Later in those 3 months, the epidemic grew into a pandemic; it spread like wildfire and moved across the Atlantic into England. The man had heard about it on the news, and he could not believe how it could spread that easily. One day the man had decided he should make a plan and get out of his house with Jared in a safer environment, because the Zombies were scattered all over his yard and every one of them were dead. The man came up to Jared who was throwing a knife outside to a tree and asked “hey, Jared don’t you think we should make a plan to get out of this dump?” Jared looked down and then though for a moment and said “yeah lets construct a plan” They both went back to the house and constructed a plan. The next morning the man and Jared had gotten on to a car and drove to a rural area where they found an empty house with no one in it or so they though. The man got up to the door of the house and knocked on it. He had his gun in his hand and he was waiting for the Zombie to make a sound, but nothing was there. He knocked again and there was nothing there. Then he opened the door, walked in and waited, he signaled Jared to come and stand next to him. the man then shouted "come out you dumass Zombie" and a voice shouted back " I am not a dumass Zombie" The man walked a little bit more and noticed a teenager girl about the age of 18 she was wearing a spaghetti strap tank top and small shorts. Her hair was long and brown it had trickled down to her shoulders when she removed her headband from a ponytail "hello, I am Jenifer"  “I am Erik and this is Jared" The man said pointing to Jared who was smiling and blushing. When Jenifer saw this she also did as well. The man noticed this and made mental note to not make them alone together. The man then explained to Jennifer what ha happened and told her of the plan. Jenifer looked terrified but did not show it, The man suspected that she was a whim and that she could not do anything. As he though this, a Zombie was staggering inside of the house. It had a pale completion and an emotion that was not shown, but to the man it appeared to be a pained expression. Jennifer saw the Zombie and took the mans shotgun form him. She shot the Zombie with perfection and gave the gun back to the man and said “I prefer to use the Knife" the man looked a Jennifer with awe and made a mental note that she was not a whim. the man then decided to invite her to the group since she was a woman she could help repopulate the earth, but they needed more than one woman. After 3 years of the war on Zombies, it was finally ending. the man and Jared were sitting down on the porch and were wondering what to do with him after the war. He felt terrified that it was going to start all over again. Jared also felt sad because he had lost his family to the apocalypse; he had to shoot his own family. Then Jared started to cry, he felt hopeless. That s when Jennifer came to visit him. She sat down next to him and tried to comfort him, but that only made it worse. “whets wrong?" she asked but all jarred did was cry more. Then he looked up at Jennifer and said “I thought of my family that I lost" " oh.... sorry about that... I lost my family too" Jenifer said.The man the whole time was looking out the window and felt Jared’s pain. He as well lost his family, but he never really was with his family. He left the house when he was 18 to go to college and never came back. His family had called many times trying to reach him though anything, but he never answered back. The man wished that he did, but he didn’t want to talk to his family. The man then looked at Jennifer and then at Jared, he sighed and wished that he could do something about himself after World war Z ended. After 5 weeks later World war z ended and McDonalds or another hamburger or fast food chain died out it was prohibited to set up a chain. The man later on found a girl and got married. Her name was Angela and she was a beauty. Jared got married with Jennifer and had 2 kids one girl and one boy. The man also had children 4 twins.  Then life moved on and all of them told of the story of world war Z!



Dedication: I want to dedicated this to my awesome peeps of 8th hr Advisory and my lunch advisory. Also I want to dedicate this story to my parents and my awesome friends who supported me all the way with this Zombie stuff. I love you guys soo much! I hope that awesome things happens to you guys and I hope that someday we will join in hands and fight off Zombies in world war Z! Thank you… 


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