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Laila woke up from her cozy bed to a warm summer day, She got up and went to the bathroom.

She looked in the mirror, messy hair, but not much to fix, 15 minutes later she was ready to go to work at the local youth centre but as she was going to get the door her phone rang.

Her boss Tom said “don’t come today, we are shutting down due to unforeseen events”

“why? What happened?” Laila asked,

“Laila, you should look at the news, and go to the designated shelter” responded Tom worriedly, and hanged up the phone.


“we just have that old thing we just have to make people feel safe” thought Laila


She was puzzled, the youth centre had not closed ever since she could remember, and as far as she knew, it had been 50 years since they had built the nuclear shelter and she just looked at it as something useless that brought down the value of her home.

Something monumental had to be under way.


She went back the hallway and into the living room and tuned on the television, She was shocked.


“The ongoing war between Iran and Saudi Arabia had taken an ugly turn, and has brought in the world into war” said the telly in a breaking news announcement.

“The United States, Saudi Arabia and its allies is now at war with Russia, Iran and its allies” said the reporter.

“Take shelter” was announced in red


Suddenly Laila’s phone started ringing, she looked at it, it was an amber alarm but she couldn’t believe what she was reading

>>>Incoming nuclear ICBM, go to your nearest government shelter<<<


Laila was shocked but she knew there was no time to think, she went out of her apartment and for the first time since she had bought it, was grateful that it was near the government shelter.

She looked down the street as she was going down the manhole in the designated area going underground towards the nuclear shelter, it was an avalanche of people running from both ends of the streets.


After reaching the end of the manhole she was astounded, there were people in army uniforms leading people further down into the shelter, imposing order.

Although Laila was wondering for how long it would be before it turned into a complete chaos.


an officer interrupted her thoughts “can i see your ID”

Laila looked through her purse and found it

“here you go”

the officer looked at her ID and scanned it, then told her

“keep going down to Shelter 92”

“thanks” replied Laila

She went to the designated shelter, guided by officers along with some other people that had managed to arrive as early as they could.


after 10 minuted she arrived at the gate of Shelter 92 among what seemed thousands of people, it looked to be made entirely of lead, what looked to be 20 meters before opening into a tiny makeshift village.


After entering into the shelter, she saw that people were gathering around the radio to hear what was happening outside, it was getting crowded and just as she managed to reach the

radio the news turned to static.

Then she heard the door of the shelter slam shut.


A government official said that they would let everyone know what is going on when they get more news.

He pointed to different areas and said “go to a checkpoint where i have just showed you and see an official, show him your government identification an a place appointed to you in the shelter”.


Laila looked at the nearest assigned place in the shelter ans started to make her way to it, just as she was making her way into the line the roof of shelter started to shake, then the ground of the 30 foot shelter.

People started to panic but, they were assured that they were safe in the shelter as it had been built in case something like this would happen.

They were assigned sleeping quarters and were guided there by appointed officials. 


The shaking lasted for about 12 minutes, in which people were being calmed down by officials, but their worries only increased.

Laila started to wonder what had happened to the people that didn’t make it into the shelter, after all Seattle was a very big city.


Once Laila had made it to the quarters she asked the appointed official, he looked like he had just finished the training in the army, what was going to happen.

The official said his name was James and that he would tell her when he heard from his superiors.

“for now its best if you and the rest of the civilians just get some rest for tonight” said James.

Laila thanked him but was too worried.


Laila was assigned a living quarter, G3, with another girl, she didn’t like that as she preferred to be alone, but this was unprecedented circumstances.

The girl soon arrived and introduced herself to Laila, her name was Lizzy.

“did you hear whats going on? I saw you talking to the official” said Lizzy.

“the official didn’t seem to know but it seems that the war took an ugly turn as we all feared, at least that’s what i heard on the news before making my way to the shelter” replied Laila.

“I was having a coffee at the local shop when my phone started buzzing and i saw the amber alert” said Lizzy.


Laila thought ‘great, now i have to spend time with a bubble head’

Lizzy played with her long black hair “so, you don’t think that everyone outside is gone? Do you?” Lizzy said.

Laila could swear she caught a smirk.

“Why are you happy? Everyone that did not make it to the shelter could be dead.” asked Laila bluntly.

“Well, my ex went camping with his new girlfriend a couple days ago, i doubt he made it” Lizzy said with a smirk.

“Well that’s a bit too much, but i know where you’re coming from” replied Laila.


Laila had never been able to stay in a relationships for long, she would feel trapped and bound to someone so, she would often end the relationship early on. She had been hurt by a controlling redheaded guy named Michael when she was young and had closed off to relationships since then, she did not like to talk about that horrid relationship to anyone.


After all the people in the shelter were put in quarters, it was getting late, and the head security officer commanded his subordinates to tell the citizens that they would be updated in the morning and gave them a quick briefing on what he knew had happened in the surface.


Officer James came to inform the people in Laila’s quarters.

“We don’t want you to panic, this shelter is completely safe, as for what we know, Seattle was hit by a Russian nuclear ICBM, there is not much left of it we assume, it won’t be safe to exit the shelter for a short time until the nuclear fallout has cleared, please go to your sleeping quarters for the night” said James.


Some people were shocked, other had been expecting something like this to happen, the war in the middle east had been ongoing for some time and almost every country was involved or was linked in alliances, tensions had been high.


The crowd started to disperse as people headed to bed for the night, Laila found Lizzy had already made her way to their quarters and was getting ready for bed, Laila started to get ready and slipped into bed for the night.


“What did you use to do?” asked Laila

“what do you mean used to?” replied Lizzy

“well it does not seem that we will be able to go back to our regular lives after this” said Laila

“you might be right, but you see, like I’m a model so what will i do otherwise? People just see me as a dumb pretty girl that is only good for modelling, its quite frustrating as I went to school for engineering but found modelling gave me a higher income so i played along” said Lizzy


Laila would never had thought that Lizzy was an academic, ‘that is probably why she got into the shelter’ thought Laila, and thinking about that she realized that she saw only people with higher education when she was in the initial crowd, almost as if it was planned as who would be in the government shelter.


“Don’t you find it odd that there were only people with higher education in the shelter” asked Laila.

“I honestly did not pay much attention i was hearing the radio and was in shock, i arrived rather early, I was on my way to a photo shoot when the amber alert sounded on my phone and the shelter was coincidentally right there. Right place at the right time you could say” said Lizzy.

“I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, good night Lizzy and nice to meet you” said Laila.

“good night Laila, I’m actually happy I got to meet you, I think we will get along just fine”.


Laila got comfortable in her bed and said an ancient prayer her mother used to say to her at night.

She wondered what was about to happen and was a bit uneasy, her thoughts drifting to the center she worked at, and then her family that lived south in Mexico, wondering what had happened the rest of the world and then her mind drifter to the people that frequented the center as she went to sleep.


The lights were dimmed and slowly everyone in the shelter went to sleep except the officers that slept in turns.


In surface was chaos and fires but the war had seemed to last only 12 minutes, The world leaders decided to gather in the coming week to decide what to do so this war would not be repeated again, as the entire world had gone into a nuclear war and there was devastation in almost every nation in the world.


Laila had a troubling dreams during the night and woke up early the next day.

She looked over to the bed next to hers in the room to find Lizzy still sleeping away, it was still early and, it looked as if most people were still sleeping, She was still in shock over what had happened the previous days and her thoughts drifted to her family that lived in Mexico, she wondered if they were alright.


Not long after the main lights turned on and people started waking up and heading to the bathrooms and then to the dining area.

They were met by an imposing looking general with a grim face, after they had all gathered in the dining area he began to talk.

“We have received reports that Seattle has been practically wiped during the nuclear attacks, as were most cities in the east and west coast, the mainland was not hit as hard... due to the nuclear blast that wiped Seattle we won’t be able to head out to the surface until the fallout has cleared”

he looked around the room, people looked dismayed

“We have supplies that will outlast our need to stay in the shelter, there is no need to worry about that,

I have also received news that due to the devastation, the war is over and leaders from the world will be meeting in the coming week to discuss a solution so that this war is never repeated”.

“There is a recreational room and a gym in this shelter, feel free to use them, if you need help contact an officer” said the general.


People began to line up to be served breakfast, Laila followed cue and took a spot in the line.

Breakfast wasn’t much, a boiled egg and some cereal and milk but given the circumstances no one said much except took their plates and went to find a table.


Laila found that Lizzy had already found a spot and went to sit by her side, she had tears running down her eyes, Laila took a seat beside her.

“What happened Lizzy?” asked Laila.

“My family lives in Los Angeles, I don’t think that they made it” said Lizzy.

“what makes you say that?” said Laila.

“as you said yesterday, they only picked people with higher education to go into shelters, I am the first one in my family that has gone to university” said Lizzy.

“I bet they were able to make it to a shelter, my family lives in Mexico, I don’t think they even have nuclear shelters there” said Laila.

“I think your family will be fine, I don’t think they were involved in the war, they never are” said Lizzy.

“I hope you are right” said Laila.


Lizzy looked more grim, she had come to the same realization Laila did, there weren’t enough spaces so they selected who would receive the amber alerts and be safe during the devastation of the war.

“do you want to go see what is there to do in the recreational room” asked Laila.

“sure, seems like a good way to kill time, its not like we are getting out of here soon” replied Lizzy.


They started to make their way and then realized how big the Shelter actually was, they got lost in the way so they asked an officer and were pointed towards their recreational room. Laila was surprised to learn that each block of quarters had their own assigned recreational room and gym, they were told their assigned recreational room was G3, she got curios and asked about it.

“How were the quarters and rec rooms are divided?” Laila asked

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this...”

Laila cut him off with a coy look and saying as innocently as she could “I won’t tell others if its that important, I promise, I am just very curious about how people were assigned to quarters and areas”

“I guess I could tell you as long as you keep quiet, due to the disaster we decided that it would be best to assign single people to their own quarters, one for males and one for females, families are in another quarter families with chronically sick members are in another and healthy families in a different quarters” said the officer.

He took a pause, looked at Laila’s face but he could not tell much from it, Laila had learned to hide her emotions and what she was thinking since she was young.

The officer continued “We have arranged this to avoid conflicts and to have order in the Shelter”

“I did notice that everyone seems to have had higher education or excelled in their profession, what about the others?” said Laila.

“Those texts that were sent, were not random, the space in the shelters is limited and we need to rebuild after the war, we can’t afford to give shelter to someone ‘unessential’ and give up a capable professional, at least that’s what my superiors told me” Replied the officer.

He continued “You are not to talk to anyone else about this, if you do, both you and I will be in trouble”.

“I understand, thanks for explaining to me what is going on in here, I won’t tell others what you have disclosed to me, what is your name?

“Officer Joel” said the officer.

“Do you know how long it will take until we are able to go outside” asked Laila.

“It should be about two to three weeks for the nuclear fallout to leave the Shelter, this Shelters were made out of 10 meters of led, it was designed in case of a nuclear war, Don’t worry, you will be safe during your stay” said Joel.

Laila was playing with her hair, trying to see how much information she could get by flirting with Joel.

Joel thought about telling her more but realized he had already said too much.

‘nothing that she wouldn’t find out herself, and she seemed honest that she wont divulge what i told her so i doubt there will be any problems even if she talks to someone, If i would had kept going, people could start rebelling and its only been a couple of days’ thought officer Joel.

“thank you for telling me this and explaining the shelter to me, i just have one more question” said Laila.

“Go ahead but I’m unsure if i have clearance to answer” replied officer Joel.

“about how many people survived?” asked Laila.

“Not everywhere was hit, most major cities are in ruins but there are still cities that didn’t suffer damage, we have received estimates just this morning that two thirds of the worldwide population perished within 12 minutes” said Joel bitterly

“That’s horrible, Do you know what is happening next?” said Laila.

“we received a notice that will be announced later, after the nuclear war, it seems that leaders of nations are getting together to decide what to do next but, the War is over” said Joel.

“Thank you Joel for telling me all of this, it makes some things clear” said Laila.

“You are welcome, Im glad i could help you” replied Joel.


Talking to the guard had taken too long so by the time Laila reached the recreational room, Lizzy was gone as it was time for lunch, after not finding Lizzy in the rec room, Laila headed to the cafeteria, as her stomach was growling.

Once Laila had made her way to the cafeteria of quarters G3 for dinner she found that Lizzy had already picked a meal and a table, Laila went to serve herself from the self-serve cafeteria and, grabbed a light lunch, the talk she had just had with officer Joel disturbed her, she was able to keep her feelings in check but felt sick about how they had chosen who would be in the shelter, in this age the governments had all the information, which school you went, what you work on and sometimes even what you are working on, spyware was embedded in technology for too long now under the claim of national security, It would had not been hard for them to find professionals that would be needed and only notify them while the rest of the public was mostly not even aware of the nuclear shelters. Laila was getting lost in thought.


“are you ok? You seem disturbed” Asked Lizzy

Laila was surprised that Lizzy could read her emotions

“Yeah I think im fine, we’ll talk when we get back to our room, i think found out something we suspected” whispered Laila.


The lunch tasted rather bland but, no one was complaining, most people were still trying to process the news they had heard that morning, most food was designed for the military to last half a century without spoiling so, the taste was not optimal, Laila thought it was mostly disgusting but she was too hungry so she ate all the meal, After lunch Laila and Lizzy headed back to their room and closed the door.


“So, what is it you found out?” asked Lizzy.

“You have to keep this quiet or I don’t think ill be able to get any more information from that officer and we will be in trouble” said Laila.

“Don’t worry Laila, I wont tell anyone, not that I’m even interested to” said Lizzy.

“The officer told me that they selected who would come into the shelters, they did not send the texts to people the government found ‘unessential’ to them, he also said that two thirds of the world population perished and that Seattle has been devastated, they are also keeping people separated not only by genre and families but also by sick people and their families but, that seems unimportant, what I think is disgusting is that they just discarded people they thought are unessential, and unessential to what? Most of the world got wiped.” said Laila.

Lizzy looked shocked

“They actually decided who would live through this? How could they? And how could they have planned it?!” said Lizzy.

Lizzy was smarter than Laila had given her credit, she had not even considered the time and effort it would take to plan such a wide operation.

“Do you know how many Shelters there were in seattle?” asked Lizzy.

“I think there were six official shelters, but I suspect there were more made, at least now we know why there was such a heavy military presence in the entrance” replied Laila.

“no kidding, I had never seen such a defence to the entrance, much less such military presence in Seattle as I saw the week before yesterday morning when we came here” said Lizzy.

“You are right, they had said they were just doing a country wide military drill over the past week but, it seems that they knew this was about to happen” said Laila.

“At least we made it here, i do not mean to be cynical but, everyone treated me like a dumb bimbo so, I don’t think I’ll miss anyone in Seattle and, my family lives in a tiny village near a mountain in Colorado, I think they are fine” said Lizzy.

“It might be easy for you Lizzy, since everyone you met didn’t treat you as you deserve from what you tell me but, I was working in a Youth centre even though i have a bachelor in robotics, I lived in the streets when I was younger and I wanted to help kids that were in similar situations from the one I had been in” said Laila.

“Did you ever stop to think that the guys you were ‘helping’ just saw you as a pretty girl they wanted to sleep with? I don’t think much difference can be made with people, they have already made their mind, they likely just wanted a free meal before they went to smoke weed.” said Lizzy

“Maybe some, but I’m pretty sure I made some difference there, I did manage to help some of those kids finish school and go to college so, even with some kids being exactly like you describe, or actually worse, there are those few that were different and made something with their life, maybe some survived this, I don’t know, those kids that succeed, you don’t see them in Youth centres again” replied Laila.

“How can you know if they succeeded if you never saw them again Laila?” Replied Lizzy.

She continued before Laila could reply to her retort, “It doesn’t matter though, you said it yourself, they selected who would be able to get into the shelters, so if any of them did make something of their life, they could be here” said Lizzy.


Laila looked grim, she was thinking of all the people she had helped and started to wonder if any had made it to the shelters, Lizzy was right even though it stung to admit it, she would likely never see anyone that went to the youth centre again and, if she did, would they even be remotely like how she remember them? Laila did not like the thought of it.


“Stop thinking about what you can do nothing about Laila, you will only feel pain if you do... Why do you think they selected who would come to the shelters?” asked Lizzy.

“I’m not sure yet, I had to flirt with that officer just to get some basic information, looks like they selected ‘professionals’ in order to rebuild after the war, with all the information the goverment had access to, they had no difficulty choosing who, i guess” replied Laila.

“Can’t you flirt some more and get more information from him? Seems that he might already have a crush on you if he gave you information they didn’t give the rest of us, and some which people would not be happy to hear, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone what you have told me.


It was getting late and the cafeteria was open for nighttime snacks, Laila and Lizzy headed there and grabbed a plate, there wasn’t much, only a couple sandwiches and some milk, and cereal, not much but enough for a snack before bed.

‘At least they have chocolate milk’ thought Laila


Lizzy and Laila went to an empty table and sat to eat their dinner, Lizzy kept signalling the officer to Laila and was telling her to try to get information from this guard.

“Why don’t you try to get some information Lizzy, after all you were a model” said Laila.

“Fine, but next time its your turn” said Lizzy.


Lizzy walked towards the officer she had been pointing to Laila, he looked imposing with his M-16 assault rifle.

“excuse me, sir, could you help me” said Lizzy while making a face typical of a bubble head, biting her lower lip, Lizzy did this a lot and got what she wanted in almost every case, it was foolproof.

“sure miss, what do you need?” said the officer.

“I was wondering how long will we be here and how will we know it is safe to go outside” said Lizzy.

“Like we told everyone earlier, it will be a couple of weeks until the fallout has cleared from the nuclear blasts” said the officer.

“But how will we know it is safe to go outside and we wont get radiation poisoning?” asked Lizzy.

“Did you see those dogs when you were first coming in?”asked the officer.

“not really I wasn’t paying attention to that we were all freaking out” said Lizzy.

“well don’t worry we brought dogs to see if it is safe to go out after certain periods, this is only a short term shelter, even though there are supplies to last a decade, we think we should be able to go out in a couple of weeks” said the officer.

“How can you know that?” asked Lizzy

“You do recall the nuclear tests in the 1950’s? Well they also tested how long it took for the fallout to clear and how long until people were able to live in those places, it was renamed paradise island after the nuclear tests” said the officer.

“I didn’t know they had tested how long it took for people to be able to be in that area before although I had heard of paradise island, I thought it was only to test the nuclear weapons, I had no idea they were testing how long it took for people to be able to be there after the nuclear tests aswell” said Lizzy.

“how did you hear of paradise island?” asked the officer suspiciously ‘this girl is smarter than she looks, i better not divulge what we plan to do, very few officers know as it is.’ thought the officer.

Lizzy started playing with her golden blonde hair, “I found about it by accident when i was playing virtual reality” said Lizzy.

“could you tell me, why did this happen?” asked Lizzy.


The officer Lizzy was talking to was a freemason so he knew exactly what had caused the world to jump into a nuclear war, the real reason but, there was no way he would divulge that to a civilian or anyone that was not a freemason, this had been planned for centuries.


“I can’t talk about that information with you, its classified, I can only tell you what you already heard, and I’m sure you are tired of hearing the same information” said the officer.

“I hoped otherwise but, thanks anyways” said Lizzy.

She didn’t want to raise suspicions by pushing further, this man was very guarded and chose his words carefully, she thought about asking why were people selected and not given shelter to more people but she did not want to do that at Laila’s sake.


Lizzy walked back to the table, made sure the officer was occupied with something else and procedded to quietly tell Laila about the conversation he had just had with the officer.

“Did you see those dogs when you came in Laila? Asked Lizzy.

“Not really it was a bit crowded past the check point and I was paying more attention to the size of the doors, afterwards I didn’t see them, but I’m surprised I did not hear them, I guess they must have them in a sound proof room since people would not be happy with some dogs barking all night I suppose” said Laila.


They were finishing their dinner, after the nasty lunch Laila was happy to have some milk and cereal, Lizzy was almost done with her second sandwich. People were starting to talk about what they did before the war and one could notice how people were grouped according to their sleeping quarters, Laila took a notice and made a mental note of that, it was too suspicious that both her and Lizzy were in the engineering field, and from what she could pick up from random conversations from other people, they all seemed to be with others that worked in the same profession, it was too suspicious to Laila, although almost all people did not take notice as they were too self absorbed.


After dinner Laila and Lizzy went to the rec room, played some ping-pong and then headed to their room in the G3 quarters. Laila mentioned the observation she had made to Lizzy, she was thinking hard about the situation after what she heard from Laila and wondered why and how they had arranged people to be together according to their fields of work, or at least what they had studied.

Lizzy refrained from telling people but, she had actually gotten a scholarship to university due to her amazing grades, she really thought it would be something she could do with her life but people in the field took her as a joke and then she found modelling gave a bigger income and she was not disrespected at work, but what government knew and how much, she did not have much of a clue.


The next couple of days passed on uneventful, Laila and Lizzy refrained from talking to the officers about what they had previously as to not arise suspicion, They came to the conclusion that they might be assigned jobs after the fallout clears out to rebuild the country, but they were not sure, it could be something else.


At the end of the first week in the shelter Laila and Lizzy woke up to a tumult, something big was happening, they found out from other civilians that the military had given this shelter a signal to test if the nuclear fallout had cleared or at least gone down enough to be able to exit, they had equipped a dog with technology to detect radiation and to monitor the health of the dog. The entrance had three sets of doors.


Laila and Lizzy watched with a multitude of people an officer in radiation suits and the dog go out the first door before that door closed, they wondered why they were trying to check so early but everyone seemed hopeful to get out of the nuclear shelter.


The officer who just happened to be Joel went through the second set of doors with the dog before the doors closed behind him and the third set of doors were opened, he was nervous but he had to do the job, they had gotten intel of strong winds during the previous two days that might have lowered the radiation levels enough in Seattle, he just hoped it would had been another shelter that would had ben assigned to check if it was safe enough yet.


He started walking through the tunnel and watched the dog behave unusual, so he checked the gear that was transmitting to the shelter, radio wouldn’t work due to the shelters thick led walls.

Joel did not like what the results were reading, the radiation level had lowered, but it would still cause radiation poisoning within 3 hours of constant exposure, he did as instructed and walked the dog through a door not accessible to civilians, it went into another tunnel, towards the end of the tunnel there was a platform to go up to the surface, he put the dog on the platform to be elevated outside.


Joel went to the computer which had been built with materials to withstand the fallout, and opened the hatch, as the hatch was opening starting by the middle heaps of ash started to fall, Joel started raising the platform with the dog and the radiation equipment attached to a cable to send the information back t the shelter via the computer, he couldn’t see any building on the opening while the dog was going up, Seattle had been razed to the ground.


The dog finished going up and Joel could see the surface no longer, as soon as there was a beep to indicate that the dog was no longer in the platform Joel lowered the platform and closed the hatch, He was nervous to see the results, Having people relatively calm in this type of situations is not something he was prepared to do.


When Joel arrived back at the Shelter it was the same protocol to get in, door by door and then he was checked for his radiation level, it was low but not insignificant, it seemed that the suits would not be useful in the long term.


The Commander and the rest of his staff analyzed the results they were receiving from the equipment in the surface, the dog was getting radiation poisoning but the radiation level was higher than what they were expecting, they did not know when they would be able to exit the shelter, it could be a month or longer, three hours later the dog died from severe radiation poisoning.

They decided to tell the civilians that it was still unknown the length of time that they would be in the shelter and hide the results as they did not seem to have a good outcome.

The military was at least able to get a radiation reading machine on the ground so that was some good news. On the results and for having gotten the radiation reading machine to the surface, the commander was quite grim as the radiation levels were still lethal.


Those were not exactly the results the military was hoping for as they wanted to hopefully find a range where the radiation was low enough, they knew the dog would die but they didn’t expect it to happen as soon as it did but at least they managed to get the machine on the ground. The Commander told the officers to keep the results confidential and tell the civilians that it would still be an unknown amount of time, but that they would now be able to monitor the radiation levels on the outside. It was probably not the news they would be hoping for but there was nothing they could do.


The officers came out of the military room to a hopeful and crowded dining room and told the civilians that it bad news and, that it would still be some time before before they could go out and into a place with less radiation, as the levels outside were still lethal.


Some people were hopeful before hearing the news while some were exhausted already with the boring and tedious routine of living in the nuclear shelter, Laila didn’t trust the military or the government, so she wasn’t expecting much, Lizzy on the other hand was dismayed, she actually hoped to get out of this led box sooner than later.


After the officers finished talking people returned to their assigned quarters, it seemed to them that they would be here for more time than they expected.

The rest of the day passed without it having anything eventful, Lizzy wanted to get more information but, they had made it clear when they were in the dinning room after breakfast that they were given all the information they could share with them and, the officers were rotating quarters and shifts in what seemed an uneven schedule so they could not find the officers they had talked to earlier.

Laila and Lizzy tried finding the officers to no avail in lunch on dinner, they would have to wait to hear what would happen next but, it didn’t seem to them like much would change as it had only been a week since the world blew each other up.


In Rome the world leaders had met and came to an agreement that the only way to avoid another war was to form a one world government, some countries objected but they were the minority and could not handle the remaining military power of the rest of the nations so they succumbed to the agreement among those countries were half of the middle eastern countries. The capital was decided to be based in Rome since it was one of the few cities that had not been nuked and was relatively central to the world powers, some politicians with religious affiliations were very happy to have the capital in Rome, most of the middle east and some countries in East Asia disagreed but again were a minority. They divided the world into governable provinces and established a world wide currency based on credits created by the One World Government or Babylone for short, what most failed to see was that at the top of the government hierarchy were only freemasons. The world was divided in governable districts in what the Babylone leaders viewed would be the most stable and keep the new peace.


->add no more mosque on jerusalem as result of ww3, add vatican not nuked, add name Babylone babilone


The Babylone leaders wanted stability after reconstruction started so they came up with a plan to monitor people, technology had advanced to the point where an embedded chip could remove the radiation from the body, they added to the design of the chip secret technology to monitor the public, to make it appealing to the public to keep after the radiation had cleared, the new Babylone credits bank account would be embedded to the chip of each person, as well as their identification and health information, the public would be none the wiser that there would be something off with the chip. Freemasons had designed the chip and perfected it prior to the war, which few knew that it had been planned to establish the Babylone, only the top of the freemasons knew the full technology that was going to be embedded in every person in the world.


The chips started shipping to the Shelters and cities worldwide the next day after the governments had ordered the shelters and military in the cities to test radiation levels with equipment and animals, the survivors would be told about the new Babylone formed under the guise of preventing any future war the following morning. Only the top freemasons which now occupied every position of power in the Babylone, Their centenaries long plan had come to fruition.


In the shelters military officials were getting the information that a chip had been designed which absorbed the radiation and, to tell the survivors of the chip to be able to live in a radiation filled world without having the fear of ending somewhere with lethal radiation without knowing, they were also to inform the public that their new Babylone credits currency, their identification and legal documents would be in the chips, they were made to look quite appealing and none that did already know, were not informed of any of the chip further capabilities. The military in cities and shelters was also told to inform the survivors of the formation of the Babylone and the new districts of the Babylone, the Americas were split into three districts north middle and south, one for all of Oceania, Asia was split into three one in the Middle East, north Asia and South Asia, with the district capital in Tehran, Africa was split into two districts and Europe was made into a single district, all governed together with the Babylone capital in Rome.


In the shelter people were just waking up, they had been in the shelter for over a week, they thought they would be there for a while before being able to go out, during breakfast the commander in the Shelter informed the people that peace had been established with the formation of the One World Government, the formation of the districts and that soon they would have a chip that was being developed that absorbed the radiation and will carry all of a citizens vital information and new bank accounts, they were told it would be simple to input the information on the chips and would take about 5 minutes to program and implant each chip.


Almost everyone looked relived with the news of the chip, most were expecting that the borders would be redrawn as in previous wars but almost no one expected the formation of the Babylone, although most saw it as a solution to millennia of war.


Laila was suspicious, she didn’t even like the idea of a chip being implanted in her body and she suspected that if the chip held her information, it probably did way more, she knew that there was a lot of research and development into nuclear weapons and how to deal with radioactivity in the years previous to the war but, this was too suspicious and fast to her, she expected to wait for a couple of months before being able to go out to a city were the radiation had not spread, now it looked like they would be leaving the shelter by the end of the week and, there seemed to be no way of surviving without this new technology so, it looked to her like she did not have a choice but to have the chip implanted.


People began going back to their assigned quarters, most excited at the news that they would be able to go out of this led box soon.


When Laila and Lizzy got back to their room, they strted discussing what they had just heard.

“I don’t like the idea of having a chip implanted” said Laila.

“It doesn’t look like we have a choice to get out of here, who knows when the radiation levels will go down” said Lizzy.

“But I don’t think this is something they have planned for the short term, they said it would have our IDs and Bank accounts linked to the chips” said Laila.

“That just sounds more convenient” said Lizzy.

“Are you not worried about the new government having access to all that information?”asked Laila.

“I had not thought of that” replied Lizzy”

“It sounds to me like they want to be able to keep tabs on everyone, how did they all agree to form a single government?” said Laila.

“When you have two thirds of the world wiped on a world wide nuclear war, its not that difficult to see but even if its too suspicious to have the chips ready so soon, we still have to see if they actually work” said Lizzy.

“that is a good point, we do not even know if they work at this point” replied Laila.


Lizzy and Laila spent the rest of the evening discussing what they heard but could not come to any solid conclusions, it was all speculation.


During dinner time Laila went around talking to other girls from her quarter and they were mostly excited at the news of being able to get out soon, very few even had objections on having a chip implanted as long as they could get out. The majority of people were extremely bored with the routine of the shelter at this time and were quite happy at the prospect of getting out.


That night Laila had difficult dreams about having her mind controlled by the chip, without being able to control the movements of her body without agonizing pain and, woke up often only to go back to a similar nightmare.


The next few days passed without any events, people were getting anxious, by mid week, the shipment of chips were arriving.

The survivors gathered up in the entrance and watched as the last door opened to see a person without radioactive suits, carrying a large suitcase.

Most couldn’t believe that the man had managed to come to the shelter without protection.


Some people were still skeptical and it had been expected,

the military grabbed another dog and implanted the chip as well as monitoring hardware, the man took the dog outside and people watched the monitor which the military had brought outside for people to see.

They could not believe their eyes, the radiation level was not increasing past a minimal level and the dog maintained its health, after a couple hours everyone was convinced that it worked to get rid of the radiation in the blood.

The man came back with the dog seven hours later and, people started lining up for their chips, each person took 5 minutes to input their information and implant the chip but by the end of the week all of the survivors had their new chips implanted.


Laila was quite unhappy that she had no choice but to had the implant and was suspicious that the chip did more things that they did not tell them, but she had no choice.


On the beginning of the third week everyone packed what they had brought and got near the gate to leave, some were excited to leave while some were fearful of what lay outside.



































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