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LeSUMMERest arri .... finally! XD

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Current/In-progress Novels! (:_    


-Main Characters - Celia Delacroix, Nicholai Cervantés. - General Plot - Celia's Parents are murdered in a rebel attack on the castle. Unprotected and vulnerable, she is easy prey for the terrifying Nicholai Cervantes. He claims her for his own in the worst possible way.. but all is not as it seems, is Nicholai really the enemy.. or her saviour? (yesh, suckish summarry.. but what can ya do? .. just go read! :D) -

Inescapable Nightmaresalt  [[ON HIATUS]] sorry! :( - -

Main Characters - Ella, Harry, Alexander Brouissard  (Yes, I was too lazy to come up with second names.. i may or may not change that as the story goes on >.< ) - Plot - It's not easy picking up the pieces and putting your life together after you've been through sheer hell. Fortunately for Ella, she's not alone, and with Harry's help she just may survive it. Unfortunately for Ella, happilly ever after doesn't seem to just happen for her even after escaping from hell. -

 Deception & Abuse alt  [[ COMPLETE! ]] :D

Main Characters - Gabrielle Harrison, Adam Griffith, Gianluca di Caivano, Daniell Taylor - General Plot - Meet Gabrielle Harrison... The past couple of years for her have been tough, to say the least. - From dealing with the death of the man she loved most, her father.. to her mother's subsequent alchoholism.. suddenly moving from America to Ireland.. and finally, the shattering incedent with her mother's boyfreind that finally drove her away from home.. - A lot to handle, wouldn't you agree?.. ... Her entire world would surely have collapsed, had it not been for her steady rock.. her boyfreind, Adam Griffith. Together, they begin to builld a life together.. and things seem to be falling into plce for Gabrielle, she's happier than she's been in a long time. ... Then Adam makes huge mistake.. one that will cost them both, everything!


Oh Simple Things, Where Have You Gone? alt  [[ COMPLETE! ]] Main Characters - Rachael Rhodes, Nathaniel Fitzgerald, David Riley, Kate Williams, Stephen Rhodes... - - General Plot - Oh simple things, where have you gone? I'm getting older, I need something to rely on. Oh simple things, where have you gone? I'm getting tired, I need somewhere to begin. So there you are, standing on steady ground, assured, certain.. happy. and suddenly you look down and the ground beneath you is crumbling, and happiness is slowly slipping out of reach. -- "When did things get so complicated Nathan.. When did life get so fucked up?" "When you became a teenager.." -- -  S.H. Preparatory School alt 

Main Characters - Eva Deganne, Annabelle Derron, Miranda Derron, Gabriella Rossi, James Howard, Chuck Barnes, Richard Hamilton....

- General Plot -  It sucks when the first thing your Dad does after you lose your mum is ship you off to boarding school.. it sucks even more when one of the few thing you were glad to be leaving behind, show up at your new school with her patent Gucci heels and shady intentions... oh yeah, senior year at S.H Prep is going to be one helluva ride! How could it not be when you've got, A romance that is so intense you're a little afraid to fall completely into it.. A purely physical 'thing' that you're trying to convince yourself is enough.. A relationship where the things that go on behind closed doors and stay behind closed lips would shock you. And two teachers that are seemingly oblivious to what everyone else can see. Love. Laughter. Tears. Betrayal. Lies. Secrets. ... and an unforgettable journey that will change them all. -- -

Goals for this SUMMAH!: ~ S.H Preparatory School! - yay, teen romance ;D alt ~ Sequel to Oh Simple Things, Where Have You Gone? .. !!!yes yes ..  I know, I know... only me would be planning a sequel for a novel I haven't even finished yet. but hey, fingers crossed guys .. 'cos I'm telling ya, the story rolling about in my head is pretty damn great, and I hope I get to share it with you guys! ♥ ~ most important of all .. recently I saw a novel where each chapter averaged roughly 87 comments. o_O needless to say, I went through a series of predictable stages after witnessing this; jealousy, despair, doubt and insecurity.. then finally a determination to shut up whinging and make it my goal for the summer to have ONE chapter on any of my 5 novels receive 87+ comments/reviews. c'est possible ou c'est impossible? ~ FINISH one of my novels.. either "Elixir" or "Oh Simple Things..." alt - - - - -

..aah! Now on to my actual Bio:D


- - -alt - - Hello, My name is Daisy... Salut, Je m'appelle Daisy alt

- - In my head.... - - I am an Artist. Je suis une Artiste alt - - I am a musician Je suis une musicien alt - - - -

.. and I am a writer!alt ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ - - - "I'm too afraid to let down my armour, I'm not brave." - - - . . .

16!. and will remain so until 14th Janvier ;) But I'm starting college in the Fall/ Autumn !! Yes, I am starting University assez jeune (young) doesn't add up? oh well, I shan't be explaining, too long and irritating.. just make up your own reason. strange. happy.  I'm so non-confrontational that it's 10 different kinds of pathetic. And I don't posess a spine as such to speak of.. I wouldn't even have the balls to tell you bluntly that I don't like your story, most likely, I would just stomach it and write short and sweet comments on each chapter, or if it was especially bad/not my cupan tae (cup of tea), I'd leave one on the first, and shamefully ignore your many, many update notices. sad. cynical. romantic. smart. stupid. You'll quickly learn, I LOVE randomly throwing in foreign languages into my speech. Mostly: German, French, Irish and Japanese.. and the occasional Italian. Technically speaking though.. I'm only fluent in one and a half languages; English and French respectively.. (well two and a half if you include profanity ;) But I know enough of the others to bluff my way through a short and very dim witted conversation... preferably with someone who doesn't speak the language. :D funny. serious. disturbed. good. bad. I like to leave long, rambling, inane comments on people's profiles and novels/poems/etc.. In some more than others my lunacy is more vociferous .. (check out Sparkes' novel The Ovesight and you'll se what I mean) anyway to these poor unfortunate souls, I apologize in advance..  v_v simple. complicated. I LOVE m u s i c, but in a way I think that's a strange and needless admittance. Because who doesn't? If anyone did, it would be like disliking oxygen! "oh I'm quite averse to this O2 myself, I find I simply can't tolerate it.."But even though it goes without saying, one still has this need to declare it! I suppose for the sake of fairness, I ought to also admit: I LOVE o x y g e n. trusting. jaded. easily amused. confident. I won't lie and say that writing is my whole life. I wish I had that kind of burning passion, but I just don't.. I will however describe it as a BIG part of my life, and something I'm very grateful for. If I didn't have it, it would be quite hard to function. Simply because ALL my stories are daydreams that just wouldn't leave me alone! If I didn't have the medium of writing, I would be plagued by the incessant thoughts about these stories, meaning I have no room in my leetle brain for important thoughts about boys, food, friends, family.. and the Theorem of Pythagoras. anxious. Pretentious My greatest ambition is Law. at least that's what I think it is. (it would pretty much blow if I discover it's not, because that is the ONLY course I applied to do in University.) Though it's a stupid and perhaps selfish thing to complain about, I often do about the fact that I do quite a number of things assez bien (quite well). Like playing the guitar and the Piano, and Drawing, and Tutoring, Writing and Dancing, and Singing. I do them all well enough to not be able to completely escape wondering if I should pursue them further, whilst at the same time badly enough to know I'd probably never succeed if I tried. In which case, it's a waste then isn't it? And as for Law, I figure I argue my point even when I know I'm wrong just for the hell of it, Far too often I get myself into trouble defending someone in a situation that previously had nothing to do with me, I'm a very capable liar.. The proffesion suits me down to a tee. And I'll need a reason to get up every morning. So why not Law .. oh I'm driving myself round in circles.. it is far to early in the day for all this nonsense! insecure Wholesome calm bubbly.

. . .


"Come with me, let us run barefoot, scream with wild abandon to the midnight sky and follow this neon rainbow until we find the pot of gold-en dreams. for we are young and in love, and the world spins for us and us alone!"*** ** *

alt "I wished for you... I wished for you-oo-ou and my wish came true. .. and then I changed my mind. ... Aphrodites, you sadist!"** * alt "When everything's made to be broken.. I just want you to know who I am...and then I want you to remember,  long after you've swept up the pieces of us and thrown them away. Promise me you will?"*


"Action is character.... If we never did anything, we wouldn't be anybody."*

alt "If you love someone let him go.. though, if you had to stalk him, he probably wasn't yours in the first place." *

alt "Either way, I'll break your heart someday" ... no, dude seriously, I'm worse for you than kryptonite! ... but I think right now, we should both focus on the fact that I inadvertedly called you superman.

* - - -

21 Things You Do NOT Need To Know About Me, But Are About To Learn Regardless ♥

1) I am startled easily, If I you tell me you're going to hide behind a wall and jump out at me, and I see you going to hide behind said wall, and I hear you counting down from 3 to jump out at me.. I will still scream and fall over when you do.-2) I'm immune to caffeine. I can drink a shot of expresso and fall asleep 10 minutes later. - 3) There are 166 books in my bedroom, all of which have been read at least 3 times. -4) I wanted to become a doctor when I fell in love with Gregory House and my biology teacher simultaneously. Then I changed my mind.- 5) I can't walk and apply lip gloss at the same time, one task must be botched if I attempt to do both. I will either fall, or I will poke myself in the eye with the applicator.- 6) I don't think I'm capable of sleeping for longer than 5 hours.- 7) People who date for about a week then spout, "I am in love".. "he/she/it is my soulmate." .. "we'll be together forever." need to be shot. Twice, for good measure.- 8) I have an inexplicable craving to be a teenager in 1950's London. - 9) I am fond of laughing, so fond in fact that I often do it at the most inappropriate times.-10) I fall over at least 3 times a day. - 11) I'm extremely ecclectic in My taste of music.. I seriously doubt you could name a genre that I don't like at least one song from. But when all is said and done, I'm an indie girl at heart :) - 12) I would very, very, very much like to date the Mad Hatter. - 13) I can open up to complete strangers but not to those closest to me; which is perhaps why myspace forum regs know more about me than my mother ever will. - 14) I'm a minister's daughter. -_- - 15) I love rainy days (when I'm indoors obviously). and long car rides (but only when it's breezy and not too hot and not too cold). and warm windy walks. - 16) I have never been 'in love' - 17) I play the piano/keyboard, guitar, recorder... and triangle! - 18) I'm allergic to grass, sea-water, nylon, woolblend, velvet and peanuts :) - 19) I have such an obsession with Paris, France and the French language ... seriously it very precariously borders on unhealthy.- 20) I have recently discovered my favourite movies are "Youth in Revolt" and "An Education." because they made me laugh, cry.. but most importantly, dream dreams of living outside this tiny town, of love, heartbreak, adventure, freedom, youth ... and of course, PARIS! - 21) For reasons far beyond my comprehension, my accent has a slight British-y twang to it (think Oxford-ish .. as opposed to say, Newcastle-y) .. furthermore, it has a tendency to change a little depending on the accents I surround myself with/hear very, very often. Armed with this knowledge, I plan on gorging myself on a steady diet of British and French films so that I start to sound very British-y with a slight French-y twang. C'est genius, no? ;D. . . .


ILOVe anime.  ♥

There are a few staple things I NEED to survive ....

L'ordinateur alt -----  La Nourriture  alt -----  La Famille  alt -----  Les Amis alt Le Dieu alt   -----  Le Portable  alt -----  Le Facebook alt ---- L'Ipod alt Le Penneys alt  -----  Le Café  alt -----  Le Maquillage alt  -----  Les Vetements alt   Les Livres alt  ----- Les Boites alt   ----- Les Garcons alt  ----- Les Reves sur Paris alt

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The Awesome List![[ Put simply, if you're here... it's 'cause your awesome ]]

- BonNuit- Sparkes - Meradee- Suicidal Thanatophobic - BUgirl13 - HottieshawtyKathryn- Ladyjulianac- Vengie - Expatxgirlie These, ladies and gents are the authors that made me laugh, cry, become unhealthily obsessed with fictional characters and sit frozen in front of a computer screen throughly lost in the worlds they created. You guys inspire me.. Je vous aime.. almost as much as I envy you (which is really saying something!) - -

I have a DeviantArt account now..  if you feel like it,  check it out :D


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[[ Vendredi, le 27th Aout!]]

L'Apres Midi [12:42 pm]

:D ah.. so perhaps I overexagerrated the extent to which I'm back! :/ yeah, see whilst I am back back as I've been emphasisng .. it seems those days of daily updates are long gone :( ah well we can't have everything! In the mean time ... you should all be happy to hear that I have taken up residence on cloud nine! ^_^ seriously, it's been a while since everything was going so fantastically.. ah, it's best I explain that continue my unnecessary rambling.. right the story began on an omnious monday morning.. I didn't wake up. Mostly because I hadn't slept.. In my defense, how on earth could one sleep when due that very morning was a smartly dressed postman with news that would effectively deterine the rest of her young life! D: ah exagerration perhaps .. but exam results that decide whether or not you go to aollege ARE a big deal. ah to chop a long story short .. well shorter .. I fenally steeled myself to open the hallowed white envelope... which told me .. that I am ... waaaait for it an actually actual really real bonafide LAW STUDENT yo! I don't think I've ever screamed so much in my life .. oh actually that's not true.. I'm pretty certain my scream an hour later was muuuch louder.. why was I screaming? you ask.. well it's normally a customary response to being told you've also received a scholarship!! :D is the cloud nine bit making more sense now? xD anywhoo... something almost put a damper on my fantabulous mood a little while later, dear mamán wanted me to commute from home to the city instead of moving to on-campus accomodation! D: there were tears arguments, tantrums, bargaining, manipulation... and eventually compromise.. she still doesn't trust her "little 16 ear old" to live alooone in the big bad city.. but she is ok with me staying with my aunt who lives up there.. and I'm fine with it too.. mostly because my aunt is like a giant child.. if anything it's less responsible than me living with a roommate my age! ^_^ so yes, yes .. happy days indeed .. tommorow, I leave for orientation .. which is a week long, then I'll be back on the 1st, for all the lunches, goodbye parties, thank-you trips to my high school, packing, shopping.. etc.. and then i'm officially off on the 6th! :d Heavens your little flower is all grown up isn't she? I even have a DAYPLANNER!  so I must be ;)  ♥ 



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