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Last Updated Apr 25, 2019

33,000 Reads

Welcome to my profile here on Booksie. 

Stay the course:

There will be bumps and critics along the way.  You just gotta keep your focus and continue to be yourself.  I like who I am and what I've accomplished. I'm very proud of them. I'm a survivor and a good person. Not everyone is going to like you. Some will pretend to be your friend when they have secret agendas and are really jealous of your talents. I don't listen to critics. They don't pay my bills nor have they ever walked where I have walked.  

I recently had surgery: 

I recently had surgery. An unexpected appendectomy that I write about in "Listen".  I'm in a bit of pain and its hard to write creatively so I am taking a little hiatus from posthing things here unless the MUSE whispers something into my ears that I just have to write down. I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and for comments on a posting that I have since pulled.  I apologize for whining a bit. Part of that I think is the pain medication. In any case thank you all for your kindness, kind words and well wishes. 

An Artist Life : 

I'm slowly working on an autobiography of sorts that is also a show case for some of my art.  I've had an interesting life so far and just felt maybe I need to put some of down on paper ( so to speak) and such before I get too old to remember everything. Laughs.  You know we're not promised tomorrow so better late than never I guess. There will be lots of illustrations to this so I hope people will check it out. And I do hope you like the pictures as well as some of the stories.  Thank you in advance.  ( Again this is on hold while I recovery from surgery )

Changes on the way: 

I've been re thinking someone in one of my novels and even though its completed and has been posted here I shall be doing a re write and posting the corrections soon.

Spring :

I do apologize for having been away. I've just been super busy in my real life but I do hope you are all having an amazing 2019 so far. Spring is right around the corner.  Can you believe that? Time flies doesn't it. We just celebrated the New Year and now we're right on the verge of Spring. 


New works posted :

I just posted "Baby Talk", "A near disaster averted", "Life is Precious", "The Man who killed the Last Unicorn", "Censorship", "Silence", "The Wall" and "The Flame". Previously I had posted "Let's look at the facts",  "The Weight", "The String" and "Getting Wet" recently. I'd appreciate you taking a look. Comments always welcomed. I hope they make you laugh or make you think. Its not Shakespeare either so don't take this stuff to seriously. (I've had a few people want to pick apart stuff because they felt it was too short  etc. or not perfect to their liking. Everyone's a critic apparently. laughs  ) 

33,000 + reads:

​I'm now at over 33,000 + reads which is pretty cool considering I do absolutely NO advertising or self promoting of my works. I do thank everyone for reading my stuff.  

I've been busy:

I've been very busy of late in my real life. My life has gotten hectic as of late like I'm sure a lot of people's lives get at times. 

 Mists of Mercia :

I just posted (Chapter 20 ) of my novel "The Mists of Mercia

I'm slowly posting new chapters of The Mists of Mercia, which is a knights and dragon type tale set in an alternate ancient UK with a supernatural element to it. You'll be seeing chapters posted as I complete them ( as  time permits). I apologize that its slow going on writing the chapters as my real life has gotten busy.  It happens to us all I know.  Thank you Hully for actually reading this and for the comments. I appreciate it. I'll be slowly working on new chapters as time permits.  I apologize that I've basically sat on this project. I promise to eventually return and finish this epic.  ( update) In my mind I have been chewing on some new scenes, some new characters and I do know how this epic will end. I've just been busy so I do apologize for being away. I will eventually return to it and we shall have a conclusion to everything.  Note: Soon I shall be returning to this. I can feel the creative juices flowing again. 

Art link :

I have decided to share a link to my art if anyone is interested. I have posted a few things art related. Its an older page on Deviant art but it does have some of my art.


The gallery link is such: 



Thank you :

A BIG thank you to everyone out there that has been reading my works and for those of you reviewing and commenting. Thank you so much. I'm at 33,000 + reads.   I really do appreciate this very much. So many of you are so very nice and I do appreciate you and your friendship and reading me etc. So thank you all for reading my works.  I just like to express myself somehow whether it is writing, music or art. But writing is defiintiely something I'm really into.

Muse : ​

May the muse whisper wonderful things into your ears and may you all be inspired.  Really inspired. Just as I am.  :)

There are some amazing writers here : 

So many of you out there are amazing writers and you all have amazing stories and poetry and books to share. I tip my proverbial hat to you all. :)  Feel free to stop by anytime and message me or even comment me. I love talking to other writers and seeing what you're up to. :)


You can email me if you want to chat outside of here or you have any concerns, suggestions or anything else :


( I will check this from time to time. So if you don't hear back from me right way please bare with me. )


( Profile page created : January 13th, 2018 )




Hello. My name is Jim Green. I'm a freelance writer hoping to have my books read and possibly published and hopefully make some money in the process.  If you're reading any of my stuff please feel free to leave me a message or comment even.  I'd love to hear from you.


My painting "The Door" (copyright : Jim Green )





Close your eyes.

Where does your mind take you?

Are you pulled into the drama of your day

Or taken to some far off memory?

Or a wish that you want fulfilled?

Life sometimes tries to push us down with its weight

Chains meant to keep us from being who we really are.

To fly

To live

To be free.

So close your eyes

and dream

And walk through those doors that once were locked.

The prison is no more

You control this moment

Not the world that tries to tell you how to live

Who to be

What to think.

You have free will

And imagination

So close your eyes

and breath

Be still and live in this very moment

It is yours.


Me as a younger man

With an ex relative at Christmas time. (My ex wife's Aunt).

At a Renassiance Fair 

Playing my guitar

Halloween party dressed as Indiana Jones

Myself with Chuck Jones of Warner Brothers cartoons and the guy who created Pe Pe La Pew, Marvin the Marian and a whole slew of memoriable cartoon characters holding the portrait I did for him in oil. (Painted in 25 hours). 

Myself with the world famous Anthropologist, Jane Goodall. She is holding the portrait I did for her. 


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