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Dear Friends, Fellow Booksians, Fans, Spammers etc.

Please check my news... I've been on Booksie for four months now, exactly, and... Well.... :( Just read the news.



We are not retreating! We are advancing in another direction!

Silence is golden, duct tape is silver.

Most learn by observation. Some learn by experimentation. And then there are those who actually touch the fire to see if it's hot.

Forgive your enemies... Nothing annoys them as much!

If Plan A didn't work, there are still twenty-five letters in the alphabet, so stay cool. When Plan Z fails, then you can panic!

There's nothing wrong with arguing with yourself. It's just weird when you lose.

He who talks by the yard and thinks by the inch deserves to be kicked by the foot. 

Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

It's always in the last place you look... of course it is! Why the heck would you carry on looking for it after you found it?


C'mon... You know you want to!

All you have to do is:

  • Give me a topic on anything NORMAL, i.e. the traffic, or a walk in the park or something... Lunch? Maybe? XD And I will write a short description or story or something... After a while I might limit the words.
  • NOTHING specific, i.e. a TV programme, or an anime or something...

Here, to your LEFT (or right, I can't tell) is an example, called 'Traffic'


AND if you think mine wasn't good enough... WRITE YOUR OWN! XD

Anyone who bothers to read both writing will be the judge!! :D

It's not an official competition so don't stress yourself out. Just thought it'd be funny. Haha, HAVE FUN! 

I think I might have a bit of a problem here, what with everyone practically forgetting me... TT_TT Aww c'mon LizLew, ghoul24... TT_TT Shucks this sucks!

Oh well, will just say hello to them later. :D Hope they haven't forgotten me!

Anyway... I have something new...


The Normal Magic Characters!!! :D


Lykron! :D (His green eyes are haunting me! This is the best pic for Lykron EVER!)


Selina! :D (OK I know it's Shirley from Code Geass but it was the closest I could find!)


Eric! :D (Yes that's Caelan from Skulduggery Pleasant that someone drew)


Zander!!!! :D :D (OK I know Zander has brown hair and this guy looks a bit icy, well... Use your imagination people!)


Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Quote of the Day!

Arthur: Ah, that must be some strange usage of 'safe' that I wasn't previously aware of.

Emoticon of the Day!


OK I'm not Puss in Boots anymore.

Challenge of the year:

Try to use the word 'awesome' anytime you wanna say something positive e.g. 'good', 'great', 'epic' 'fantastic' 'superb'... etc. You get the idea!

Example: This is such an awesomely awesome chapter in an awesome novel of awesome degree with awesome flow and awesome description and awesome suspense and awesome detail! I am so awed! KMU!

A girl wants to be a great  writer. :)

Well, I do, I just thought this was a bit short so I decided to add some more stuff on.

My profile is a bit disjointed, but never mind that now. I just thought of a brilliant sentence I copied from a friend of mine:

Jingle Q is here and ready to smile!!!


I love writing, which is a bit obvious cos otherwise I won't be here but yes I do, mostly it coems from the fact that I loved reading and then one day the penny dropped and I was like, well, why not write something?

I started when I was 7, when I wrote those innocent little books about these twins, and then I grew up and my stories moved on to imagination ones and fantasy ones like vampires, werewolves, dragons and swords and elves and all that lot. :)

I actually find that I might be better writing a journal, or a diary or whatever, because I'm actually better at writing that than a story, because mostly I complain so much with what I like to think as 'sarcastic humour' as well. Well, I like to be funny. I mean no one can survive with depressing stories of Hell and stuff, not that my story is depressing, don't let that put you off, but sticking with the subject Hell all the time is not exactly comfortable, and I'm the kind of person who likes comedies and jokes and stuff. Although weirdly enough I can't actually write a story that's really funny like The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (YOU SHOULD READ IT BY THE WAY. TOTALLY WEIRD AND AWESOME).

Speaking of, I just thought I should rant off some of my favourite books. (Oh yeah, that's all I'm writing about. They're awesome though!

OK... I love:

Artemis Fowl series (clever)

Skulduggery Pleasant series (hilarious)

Lionboy series (awesome!)

Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy (Weird...)

Darren Shan (Just great)

Harry Potter (Magical! XD)

Twilight (good book in the sense of how she writes it. The plots good. Unfortunately I don't like it, but I added it on anyway because it is a good book)

Icemark series (Totally epic. I've reserved this word especially for these series. The Vampire King and Queen are my absolute fave)

Inheritence Cycle (OK it's a bit long for me but it's really great!)

What I'm writing now are basically novels:

The Gate of Heaven

A High School of Hell... Literally, and Drew Lynth goes there as well. She meets Monsters, Creatures... But what happens when the real Hell reveals itself with devious intentions? With a mystery wrapped around herself that even she doesn't know about, she sets out on a journey... (That's not what my summary says by the way)

Assassins VS Gunners

Azure belongs to a group of swordsman who have passed down generations of historical attacks, nicknamed the Assassins for their love of swords and old-fashioned duels. They are enemies with the Gunners, another group of High-Tech 'geeks' who have the aid of technology on their side. But when both are brought together to capture a criminal girl with their own territories at stake, what will happen? (Again, not what my summary says)  

I'm thinking of writing some other ones:

Game Over

Laurence is just this boy who loves computer games. Unfortunately, when a slightly-drunk angel Angus mistakes him for another person he is sucked into a game where he must complete it before it's Game Over... Against the devious dark Lord, with only a stupid robber called Laura and an arrogant boy called Florence (yeah, I know) Laurence will have to finish the whole thing in just one month...

The Normal Magic

This kind of magic is totally normal. Anyone of us can do it, but these guys have practiced those normal things to the point that it is magic. Lykron (OK I liked that name from Gate of Heaven) is a juggler, Selina loves yo-yos, and Eric is a star poker game player. So, how will that help defend them from the hungry darkness that reached out towards them that is eager to take their power?

And this science fiction one which I haven't really given a name yet. :D

Reading Requests!

I read basically anything, but I would most:



Action and Adventure (but if it's Action not too bloody!)

Fiction (in general)


Anything else would be OK


Romance (too romantic)

Gay and Lesbian (um.. Same as the above. I don't read too romantic stuff)

Erotica (I think you've probably figured that out already)

Action (too much of it that's really gross and bloody)

Although it doesn't exactly matter if I'm reading something of yours already! :D Also...

If you're leaving a new reading request for me, I would prefer to read your Short Stories or Poems unless you really think your novel is good enough for me! XD Good luck! :D (Mwhahahaha! >:D)


I decided to make my profile more colourful... All the colours I've put on are my fave colours by the way... Just thought you'd like to know... I don't like purple in a too girly way. Dark purple's good.

Also... Great writers here on Booksie (including me, of course. XD):

ghoul24 (Well, he's like on everyone's profile... Cos he's so cool)

LizLew (Angel of Torment is great! And she writes addicting poems! I mean it! Check out her poems!)

avery01 (Inescapable Truth is my personal fave, but Hero High, updated lots, is entertaining to read!)

BurningGlory (Sad touching short stories... I love them!)

Pon and Zi (Haha. You're right! ;) OK... Awesoem person! Funny person! Weird links person? XD Last lucky person to be mentioned on this profile! You should be proud! ;)

Yoshie Akira (The Legend of Nari Rai. It's actually very funny from the point I'm on!)

LuluCross (Vampire Lord Series Vol.1 - Haunted... Wow...)

Sora Sora (with... Um... Sora Sora, that's the novel title by the way. Great plot)

TwelveSwords (There's not much on yet but Soul of Secrets is very professional and like a real book)

Midnight Jade (Tainted Curse, as I'm sure everyone knows about! :D)

SamanthaTaylorSmith93 (Dead Man's Dice is perfect. A bit long, but perfect)

FallenNinjaRouge (Tales of an Assassin saga. READ IT IN ORDER OR YOU'LL MAKE ME UPSET! 1)The Origin 2) The Hunted 3) The Lothians 4) The Lothian War

Richard Satschy (Dragon Nest. I can't believe no one likes Lancer but me! Hilarious, warm, interesting... Whew!)

ZuletskiBoy (Fires of Revenge. This deserves loads more attention)

StephD93 (Pyschokiness. In my opinion, and I hope you don't take offense, the title is a bit of a mouthful, but it's a flawless novel which is... Well, it's enchanting!)

Killing Kathy (Revenge of the Magi... K.K's a great descriptive writer and... you should take a look! She's a great friend of mine! XD)

Frenzy (MY TWIN!!!!! He has the exact same profile picture as me... except different coloured! :D You should go and chat with him! *sniff* I'm so proud... XD We are freakily similar... even though we've never met! XD Yeah the freakily similar bit I added on myself... I haven't asked his permission about that yet! Haha)


*cough* Longest list ever. XD But they are seriously great. And I don't lie. Not about great novels or writers anyway. (But remember I'm on that list!)

Whilst you appreciate their work you really can't forget about me! :D


And lemme just say, I'm a big fan of comedies. My absolute all time favourite is Only Fools and Horses. It's life, basically.

Look guys, anyone who feels dark, thinks life sucks etc. Should know this:

He who dares wins! And remember,






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