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Jonathan DeLacuso

Location: mostar, Bosnia And Herzegowina

Member Since: October 2013

Last online: October 2022

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Last Updated Apr 29, 2016

Update on the thief.

Since my last news post, a couple of thing have happened regarding Michael Nemeth, a.k.a. the idiot thief that try to rob Draven and me. Since then, the thief has deleted both his account and the story from wattpad and his novel has been pulled from amazon. 

However his soundcloud, which can be found here:, is still going, despite containing material completely and shamelessly ripped off from a youtuber named Scary Story Time With Liam. It really takes you only a google search of one of his They're good hiders story, to see that it was barely altered just so he can rehash it and use it as his own.

This guy's actions are inexucasble, to say the least. Plagiarism is a serious crime and if this person hadn't removed his stories we could have pressed charges on him. Every material on this site is under copyright and if you so much as think of stealing our work, then you can think gain. So, to all you plagiarist out there that think they cn get away with taking our works I have one thing to say:

We will find you, we will hunt you down if need be and we will make sure that justice is done. That is all.

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As the world around me falls my characters:


Dr. Roger Prioritas Mortimer: codename 'Rigor Mortis' he is as ruthless as his name would suggest. A brilliant mind and a rare survivor of the  O.C.T.A.E. collapse he now runs a seperate and shady organisation called 'The installers'. Nobody knows his real motifs, but many have guessed them to be rather questionable. His infatuation with dead bodies is only matched by his love for chess and army ants. Since an experiment left his body nearly crippled, he has a huge body guard called Solenheim who takes him everywehre in a wheelchair. A cunning force with a serpents rongue and a charming personality



Name: Vincent von Heidegger, codename: The sleeper. An ex assistant to Dr.Rigor Mortis, Vincent was supposed to be labelled as an undesirable and thrown into the next batch before the great collaps. He has a very unique style, which is basically thathe will sleep through most of the missions rather than do the heavy lifting, but when the time comes he more than rises to the occassion. His motto is 'I have to perserve my fuel for when I need it the most'.

So guess what I did. I started a wattpad account. I wanted to get a bigger platform for myself so i will try and see how will this work out for me. For now it has just some of my older stuff like They can see you, L'art series (complete) and The weird case of inspector Blackbourghy, but I will post something new every once in a while like my novel To love a ghost.  By the way if any of you have an account there, feel free to add me. I go by the name of darknessembraced (yeah yeah i know). 

Congratulations to Alex the shadow girl whose story The silver bracelet has placed 1st in my Halloween fear fest


Hi there all my fellow horror writers gore lovers. 

My name is Jonathan DeLacuso, a 17 year old writer, and I am here to give you the genuine fear. The darkness waits for no man, so join us or perish. Just kidding.

But seriously if you enjoy  good stories as much as I do, you will enjoy my writings.  Although they mostly consist of dark, and disturbing tales, there will be a few lighthearted tales.

Also if you have any stories send them to me and I will do a quick review and I hope that you can do the same for me. I love to read all kinds of stories, and my favorite types are sf and horror stories. Any and every reading request will be read in time. I will get to every single reading request: romance, sci fi, horror, comedy etc. But please, and I can't stress this enough, NO EROTICA. A love story I can accept ( and to be honest I enjoy an occasional romance story), but what's much is much.

A couple of things about me:

Favorite color: black

Favorite book: Hitchhikers guide through the galaxy, The black cat

Favorite movie: Creepshow

Favorite series: Rod Serling's Twilight zone, American horror story, The outer limits 

Favorite band: Within Temptation!!!!!!!!! 

Favorite song: Jane Doe, The howling, Stand my ground

So please, enter the darkness. If you dare.


" It is true. We all go a little mad sometimes"   Psycho


"We have nothing to fear but fear itself" Franklin D Roosevelt 


"A short story is a different thing altogether–a short story is like a quick kiss in the dark from a stranger. That is not, of course, the same thing as an affair or a marriage, but kisses can be sweet, and their very brevity forms their own attraction." Stephen King

"Embrace the darkness, cherish the light and keep on writing", Jonathan DeLacuso original



This cover has been done by a great author here on Booksie, Eden L. Not only does she make astonishing covers, but she is a damn good writer. I would suggest her novel The Game to anybody with a quench for action and an eye for humour.


Here are the villains of The downfall of The Great Race Of Mankind (I have no images for the heroes because they are hard to find) Note I didn't make them, but I was googling (I know that's not a word) and happened to find them.

The Dark Lord- a.k.a. the thing that started it all (this is a very special figure from my childhood that I based my main villain around of. It is a figure I grew up with and contain till this very day because it reminds me of my childhood)



I like everything I read but the stories here are just way too amazing. They had left an ireversable mark on my psyche so I have to at least give their ccreators a shout out. If you are a fan of mine, you wil have no trouble falling in love with these amazing works:


Ghost of rain- The walking game and its sequales (an amazing piece of work. Perfect blend of darkness, humor, adventure, drama and pretty much anything else. A work that is not afraid to dwell into the deepest and darkest corners of the human mind. And to top it all of it has one of my favorite characters of all time. Sci fi fans this one is for you)

Arid Land Kate- Containment breach (one of th best novels I have read period. It is very under appreciated in my opinion and it deserves so much more credit than a lot of people are giving it. It's a wonderful social commentary and a deep enough work to make you think about and fast paced enough to keep your attention. Although it is Sci Fi, I recomend it to eceryone. Go check it out right now!)

SGAuthor- Castles in the sky (a magnificently executed piece of fantasy that deals with harsh issues such as slavery, discrimination and cruelty. Fantasy lovers will not want to miss this one)


YankeesFan68- Aftermath (sci fi fans will love this story. A dystopian future perfectly depicted in this work, as one man tries to survive in a world that is designed to destroy him. I love this story so much.)


Youareunique- Everybody cares (just an uplifting and beautiful poem)


AbstractKash- Happy birthday to you (highly recomended for horror fans.)


Baby Precious- Ying and Yang (a dark romantic tale)


Sam Smith- The dead girl (highest recomendation for short story horror fans)


GraveLyn83- Death's Offspring: Power of the Grim Reaper (highly recomended for horror/anime fans. The story is just so beautiful and perfect, and to mention fast paced, that it will leave you without a breath)


Sparxs- PKY2 (highly recomended for sci fi fans. Set in a wrecked world were children are forced to fight in the ultimate tournament.)


Alex The shadow girl- Dream that felt real (a dark and surreal poem)


Glowstick- The chaos theory (sci fi fans, this is a must read for you)


Peacemaker06- Blood pact (OMG. What can I even say about this work. THe story is eerie, the characters are unforgetable and it reignited my interest in the vampire franchize. If you like horror, this is an absolute MUST read for you)


SuzanneE- My reality (as perfect as a short story can get. The pacing of the story is amazing as it sucks you in with the first line and keeps you on your tip toes as it slowly descends into madness. If you like my stories, you will love this. Oh and let's not forget that kick ass ending. Marvelous!)

And to all the people that fanned me, and to all my readers I have to say: Thank you! You guys are awesome and you have made my dream come true.

Oh and by the way this is me wearing some douchey sunglasses. That is your horror teller folks (if you ever wonder who is the man behind the shadows).
Theme songs to some of my stories (and novels, keep in mind I don't own anything):
L'art series- IAMX- Bernadette
Temptation of the weak- WT- Deceiver of fools
Is anything sacred anymore- WT- Angels
The downfall of the great race of mankind- Within Temptation-Iron (this a song for the earthlings)
The reaping-  Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmares
The dark aliance theme song (the villains of TDOTGROM)- Avenged Sevenfold- Welcome to the family


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