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The Guardian.

Book / Young Adult

And I thought that my life couldn't get more complicated. Now I have a dead father, a run a way mother, demonds crashing through my bedroom windows and someone who I can trust, but have never met.… Read More

Too Late.

Short Story / Horror

can hear her scratching at my bedroom door. She moans, as if her soul is coming out of her little body. The screeching, as if her wrists were being cut, not by her own will. She tries… Read More

They Wont Find Me

Script / Mystery and Crime

This monologue is about a women who suspects that her husband is planning on leaving her for another women, so she kills him. She is convinced that "they" or the police, will never find out it was… Read More

The Summoning.

Book Review / Fantasy

The Summoning by Kelly Armstrong Read More


After a loooong wait, I would like to congraduate the winner of my Alter Ego contest from a few months back (ok, maybe more than just a few).

The Winner Is: Maree

With their short story "Claudia Morgan Is A Stupid Bitch"

I know that Maree with really appreciate a visit to their page, and I would certainly like it if you would just stop by to congraduate them!

Here is the link to their entry:

And as promised, a little snippet of the amazing-ness:

She promised we would never be alone after that night. But I should have realised promises, especially her promises never came true. You would think that you would have better senses when it came to peer-pressure involving something as big and serious as murder. But maybe somewhere in my subconscious it never even bothered me about what I had signed up to do. Perhaps I only told myself that I was a victim of peer-pressure after it all happened because that was my only way of coping with the guilt. And that guilt was strong. It was as strong as the scent of Claudia Morgan’s dead body.

I would really appreciate it if you 'liked' something on my page that you enjoyed. Thanks a bunch in advance :)

...Some people don't get my sarcastic sense of humor...their loss. I am a 'take it or leave it' kinda person. Please let me know if you read something of mine because I would be more then happy to return the favour. I also choose to not argue over booksie/online. I find it wont accomplish anything. If I feel that you are out of line, then I will delete your comment. Please do not leave any nasty remarks on my writing or on my homepage wall thingy (whatever you call it) below. Lets keep booksie a nice place where people can depend on the fact that they will not be judged for their work. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to read while I ramble and checking out my page. Please read on if you are interested in finding out a little more about yours truly.

Me (who else)


Joy, Why do you write?

Well reader, my writing is an outlet for me. My life can get pretty complex and out of the ordinary sometimes. There are many things that have happend in my life, or are happening that are not something that you want to go through. My writing is a way of expressing my feelings, you know, the ones that no one ever wants to talk about. The ones that are too painful or sad to bare. Going through highschool is hard enough without all of the added dipression from loosing my brother. Its been a rocky path for life to take me on, but I am thankful for the new info that my family and I have. I have learned that my mother, my grandmother, my uncle and my cousin have the same heart defect as my brother did. Sometimes its hard to talk about in person, this is why I love msn and hate the telephone. I can express myself alot easier through my written or typed words. If you ever say something wrong, or it didn't come out the way can intended it, then there is always a backspace or delete button that has your back. I sometimes wish that when you are talking to people in person, they had a big, shinny, backspace button above their head just in case you get into trouble. I have also seen life, and people, in a different light then before. I have met some amazing friends who understand me, and will listen if I need then too, but with also back off and wont push me to talk about something that I am not ready to talk about. I have also seen that again life and again people never have a two demention personality. Things are not always so black and white as they seem to be. As I am made new friends, I have also drifted away from "poison relationships" with people that I used to be close to. They would make me feel like I wasn't worth their time or their energy. The truth was, that THEY were not worth MY time and MY energy. Look at me, I am rambleing again. As you can see, asking me why I write is a very complicated question, and I myself may never know that whole answer. I just do.




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The subject of most of my writing; my brother



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