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Thank you for this opportunity to share the accomplishments and challenges experienced by the US Border Guard www.USBorderGuard.com and to provide some insight into our unique history and our founding.


The idea of the US Border Guard- a civilian paramilitary force designed to counter massive illegal immigration and to combat narco-terrorist incursion of CONUS- was hatched in the late 1980's well before the current border crisis erupted into the guerrilla warfare situation we are unwillingly witnessing today. Hailing from the sunny state of Florida, I was just a youth who could not fathom that the great United States of America had this massive Cold War raging on with the former Soviet Union, posing on the brink of World War III and nuclear holocaust as we built up the most well funded military the world had ever seen, would just blatantly let its guard down to the third world in the process. Witnessing scores of illiterate migrant workers just stepping across the U.S./Mex international border and traveling the width and breadth of our nation totally unabated completely baffled me. If swarms of illiterate citrus pickers could migrate wherever they pleased under the nose of the complacent federal government, how hard would it be for specially trained Spetsnaz or Mid-East terrorists to waltz hundreds if not thousands of Davy Crockett man-portable backpack nukes (W54's-Mk54 SADM's) or dirty bombs all across our country in a pre-staged nuclear strike? This atomic threat could be compounded by utilizing civilian aircraft to create air-burst detonations above major cities, military bases, water supplies, and taking out other strategic infrastructure. Surely, if uneducated fruit pickers could bring in millions of people, caravans of supplies with thousands of tons of illicit drugs in tow into our nation unabated, then highly trained military Special Operations personnel and fanatical terrorists would have no problem at all infiltrating mainland America. I personally interviewed former Green Berets who confirmed that they had been trained in the European theater (Tyrolean forests) to place man-portable nuclear weapons at strategic junctions such as Innsbruck Bridge, Austria in the event of a war. Furthermore, former GRU (Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye) generals have confirmed not only that over one hundred Soviet man-portable nuclear weapons are unaccounted for, but that pre-staged nuclear devices may already be within the borders of the United States. Likewise, the Chi-Coms (Chinese Communists) have "PINK" teams of  Special Warfare operatives who utilize terrorism, street gangs, economic warfare, technological espionage, sabotage of infrastructure, cyber warfare, and EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) warfare, operating somewhere between "WHITE" (peacetime)  and "RED" (all out full-scale) conflict. The alarm bells should be ringing at this point.







Yet, the bloated Beltway bureaucracy is deaf, dumb, and blind to real threats facing this nation while the citizens slumber on under the false blanket of trust that the federal government has the best interest of the American people at heart. I continued to study the Cold War paradigm until Mr. Gorbachev announced "Glasnost! Perestroika!" and all was supposed to be well with the world. I went on to be chosen as one of only fifteen American students on a full-paid Congress/Bundestag exchange program to the Federal Republic of Germany. My tenure there was sponsored by the Secretary of Defense of Germany and Governor of a northern German state, Herr Gerhard Stoltenberg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerhard_Stoltenberg Lengthy conversations and observations from some leading German National Socialists were shared with me as I learned that there was more than one world view swimming around this blue and green globe of ours other than the Zionist/Bolshevik one I had been previously been exposed to. I visited Soviet military bases and the Soviet Embassy in former East Berlin, Germany. Though the media painted a rosy picture of the world to come, I saw firsthand that communism was alive and well and still seething in the hearts of many. During the reunification I walked through the fog of tear gas at the Brandenburg Gate with millions of others and later returned home after a year of traveling throughout Europe. At the first mention of the impending Operation Desert Shield, I joined the U.S. Army at Frankfurt Am Main USAF base as a 31 Charlie single channel radio operator (Ranger Option) in the footsteps of my uncle, Command Sergeant Major Jack LaDon Clark Jr. of the 82nd Airborne Division http://www.wramc.army.mil/Visitors/visitcenter/samc/Pages/bioclark.aspx , in hopes of joining him in the first Gulf War. The ground war of Desert Storm only lasted one hundred hours. I went back to my Congressional exchange program. He later died unceremoniously from Gulf War Syndrome. I went on to learn a lot about crossing borders in Europe; having hitchhiked from Denmark to Venice, Italy and back again.


Coming back to Florida, I was first introduced to radical Islam by a man who was later killed in the Gaza Strip. I learned all I could from him and his cell. I also became the Battalion Commander of my JROTC unit and was accepted into an elite paramilitary guerrilla warfare civilian training program led by Green Beret Colonel Henry Hank McKeithan. It struck me odd that civilians could be training to defend the United States while Jihadist "immigrants" were simultaneously granted free pass here to undermine our very way of life. My did I have much to learn! A program on 60 Minutes profiling a veteran on the border sniping at border-crossers was seared into my brain. Was the border really that lawless? Is our national defense really this weak? The stark realization that America had a growing immigration problem, a severe drug problem, and a national security problem on our border was becoming more evident as the years went by. I joined the US Marines and became a Recon Marine. I would end up leaving the Corps with a Secret clearance, two tours of the Brigg, and four MOS's of training (0311, 0312, 0313, & 0321) with a National Defense Medal awarded. I had been held captive in a notorious Mexican prison and tortured for thirteen days under false charges. A daring rescue was planned by my fellow Marines but the feds quashed the raid to "avoid an international incident". Instead, my college savings and money from family were smuggled in by a black market courier who bribed a corrupt Mexican judge to have his henchmen drop me off at the border. Colonel Owen West (of Goldman-Sachs http://www.kintera.org/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=ivKVLaMTIuG&b=1756133&ct=2927945 ) son of former Assistant Sec.of Defense "Bing" West www.westwrite.com was my commander. They are both current members of the treasonous Council on Foreign Relations. www.cfr.org As far as I know, a vicious Los Zetas commander still has my personal firearm he stole from me- a Glock-17 9mm pistol serial # AMP790. The exact circumstances surrounding my capture and torture remain classified even until this day. I learned firsthand that there was corruption on both sides of the border


What does a former reconnaissance Marine who is all dressed up and nowhere to go do with is life? I wrote a paper outlining the security flaws of Camp Pendleton, the vulnerability of the 1st Marine Division stateside, provided practical, tactical, strategic, and economical ways to remedy the situation, and turned this data in to the C.I.A. I was interrogated further and treated like a terrorist myself. I couldn't believe it. Surely, I thought it would be relevant that illegal aliens worked on Camp Pendleton. Or that drug smugglers walked right around the Border Patrol checkpoint on Interstate-5 using the base as a conduit for their poisonous cargo headed to violent street gangs in L.A. Or that trans-border underage prostitution was taking place with ties to military personnel. Or that Mexican gang members were joining the Corps as instructed by their leaders to get weapons and tactics training. Or that our Joint Task Force team to Fort Hood, Texas was ordered to stand down and allow Mexican cartel to enter CONUS; even allowed to murder a pregnant immigrant without being allowed to fire back. The Posse Comitatus Act was falsely waved around in our faces that we could not halt these incursions. Or that civilian contractors of dubious backgrounds had access to critical areas of the base and that even the Commanding General's family was at risk of kidnap or assassination by the cartel or other nefarious threats due to their predictable patterns and lackadaisical security protocols. Nope. My video footage and documentation was confiscated and I was told to beat it or risk going to Leavenworth. On the way back to Florida, my 1982 Ford Bronco broke down in a dusty little town in Pinal County, Arizona called Maricopa near the Ak-Chin Indian reservation.



Wasting no time, I set up shop and began to patrol with active duty personnel and militia members in the Arizona desert. This was the beginning of 1997 and I learned more about government corruption regarding our P.O.W.s from veteran of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam- Colonel Earl P.Hopper whose own son was a downed pilot left as a P.O.W. http://www.virtualwall.org/dh/HopperEP01a.htm I worked with veterans at Base Camp Hotel-Bravo in Hidden Valley with "Doc" Holiday and other notable veterans including those who participated with Colonel Bo Gritz http://www.bogritz.com/biography.htm and Marine and former presidential candidate Ross Perot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Perot These heroes were involved in covert training to rescue P.O.W.s. I was sponsored to march the one thousand miles from Florida to D.C. with Silver Star recipient Micheal J. Martin with an outfit called The Last Patrol http://www.mjmmusic.com/biography/mjmbio1.php to bring attention to POW/MIA and Gulf War illness issues. Some uniformed critics have questioned my qualifications for leading desert patrols. My civilian training includes: CPR, First Responder, First Aid, Desert Survival, Martial Arts, Security Guard/Armed Guard, DPS CCW Instructor, AZ Game & Fish Hunter Safety Instructor and Bow Hunter Instructor, ASP Tactical Police Baton Instructor, Guardian Pepper Spray Instructor/Trainer, NRA Pistol instructor, NRA RTBV Instructor, NRA Home Firearm's Safety Instructor, NRA Personal Protection Instructor, among others. I am also an expert rifleman USMC. My service to our country did not end with the Marines.


Family members of mine have been involved in Southern politics for years. Both republicans and democrats grace the roles of the Ready family name. The blood of statesmen and warriors and rebels flows through our veins. From members of the Scottish Parliament to generals in Afghanistan in the 1800's, to border guardians of lore in southern Scotland, the Ready Clan has made a stand against homegrown tyranny for centuries. We have genealogy dating back to the 1200's. From barns to ballrooms and from borders to battlefields, should it be any wonder that this J.T. Ready would not be any different than the rest?







http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_T._Canady (Cousin)








Junior Ready (Masonic Congress), Commander Ready, Reverend E.J. Ready, and other notable figures grace our roles as well.


Being immersed in a political/social/military climate ever since I was young, it was only natural that the name J.T. Ready would eventually find its way onto an election  ballot somewhere. The offer to become the nation's youngest Congressman had already passed me by long ago. Like a bull in a china shop, I have been known to kick me kilt up on more than one occasion. Working from within the corrupt and lethargic system to get things accomplished has not always been my particular forte. So I postponed the inevitable and become heavily involved in charitable organizations and civic institutions. I became the fastest promoted CS3 within Jay Mount's conservative fundraising power wagon MDS. http://www.azcentral.com/abgnews/articles/0330abg-smallbiz0330.html I started my own charity "Manna for Mesa" and fed hordes of homeless. I worked tirelessly in Mormon charitable endeavors. Still, friends and neighbors considered me an opinion molder and prodded me into local politics. From President of the Mesa Community College Republican's Club, to shadowing elected officials such as former Speaker of the House Jeff Groscost http://www.jeffgroscost.com/ who took me under their wing, to working my way up the food chain in the state republican party with Senator Russell Pearce, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russell_Pearce I had an innate knack for delivering powerful speeches, winning debates, and delivering one line knock out blows to political rivals. I became a precinct committeeman, precinct captain, county delegate, state delegate, and national delegate alternate as well as making a strong show in a city council race where I came in ahead of a well-funded Latina activist in a largely Hispanic district. The border continued to permeate all things related be they social, religious, or political, however. http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/mesa/articles/0304mr-campaign0304Z11.html?&wired  https://latinopm.com/opinion/lp-journal/a-mess-in-mesa-5216






Endorsed by Ranch Rescue http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranch_Rescue, patrolling the border with MCSO SWAT member shot by an illegal alien Sean Pearce, activating www.JBS.org volunteers to the border, and motivating various other militia and para-military organizations in defense of the homeland always remained a priority in my endeavors. Every aspect of our life is adversely effected by the bleeding open wound border and the septic bacteria of crime, drugs, and violence pouring in. We would all presume that since the 9/11 attack upon America that our borders would be secured tighter than the pants on TSA employee's fat rear end. One would think. The federal government sees it differently. They would rather let narco-terrorists and foreign born military operatives infiltrate our nation while tackling grandma for having nail clippers at the airport. Our felonious and un-Constitutional BATFE would rather mass murder unarmed women and children at Waco, Texas while providing the cartel tens of thousands of assault rifles and millions of armor piercing rounds of ammunition to murder Border Patrol agents like Brian A. Terry and ICE agent Jaime Zapata with. Let us never forget the trans-border corruption between the White House and the cartel which led to the torture and death of an American hero: DEA special agent Kiki Camerena. http://www.justice.gov/dea/ongoing/red_ribbon/redribbon_history.html I know the score. Forming the patriotic group Americans First, I lead multiple demonstrations involving hundreds of people against the corrupt Mexican Consular General and helped to augment the passing of Proposition 200 in Arizona thus protecting our voting booths from infiltration by foreign nationals.











Still, the border remained wide open and my neighborhood more resembled war torn El Salvador with MS-13 gang members everywhere than the United States of America. My place of abode was shot at with the screams of "Viva Aztlan!" heard after the pops of gunfire. This took a toll on my romantic relationship as my girlfriend's child was put into harm's way as a result of foreign born attackers. SWAT magazine http://www.swatmag.com/ among others did a border article on my exploits against the invasion. www.Aztlan.net Anyone who has served anytime with me in the trenches realizes that I pull no punches when it comes to calling to the carpet those slackers and appeasers in my own camp. Taking to task republicans more than democrats has shown my unbiased approach to solving the border battle crisis from a hands on, grassroots approach instead of another clueless, pinky waving aristocrat smothered in an air of hubris on the matter. I lead from the front. I lead by example. My leap into the extremist right was more of a push off the cliff than a preplanned adventure, however. Having the tutelage of Senate President Russell Keith Pearce for years, I knew very well how to work fringe elements slowly into the system. I even raised money for body armor for Israeli settlers and helped raise a bi-racial step-daughter for five years. I was not born with a Klan robe on. Contrary to popular belief, my mother did not Sieg Heil! a bottle into my chubby cherub face with Nazi zeal. I was actually raised pretty liberal and in a democrat home with multiculturalism all around us. Zionists even. But all was not right in Disneyland. No matter how much appeasement and concessions were made, the Zionist fanatics and leftist loons had a fever pitch and blood lust against all patriots who worked to save America and secure the borders. Make believe memes such as "racist", "neo-Nazi", and "xenophobic", were like I.E.D.s going off at every turn no matter how much one tried to avoid them. How could we have reasonable debate and at the same time appease the insane amongst us when all they do is scream for our own destruction? How could we win this cultural war with the heads of our patriots set upon pikes? And the conservatives I had come to know were largely hypocrites with their own children addicted to Mexican methamphetamines. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/meth/ Someone I loved, a daughter of a politician, became a victim of Mexican methamphetamines along with the niece of Governor Jan Brewer. Staying on the defensive was a losing proposition for us all. The gloves finally come off.












After openly working with various pro-European American groups for several years, the time came to get back to my main thrust of combating massive illegal immigration, street gangs, and illicit drugs. My message reached back into the mainstream how very crucial it is to secure the border for the survival of all American citizens. The first real L.R.R.P. (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) of the fledgling US Border Guard was conducted May 18-20th, 2010 deep into hostile territory. I resigned from Unit Leader and media spokesman of the N.S.M. in good graces and resumed my lifelong pursuit of national defense and securing the border. The three individuals venturing miles behind narco-terrorist controlled territory were Jeff Harbin, Harry H. Hughes III, and myself. Jeff would later go on to be entrapped in an F.B.I. sting operation utilizing a paid agent provocateur who lured this young patriotic American into bringing makeshift plastic pipe bombs to battle the heavily armed cartel on the border. In another time, Jeff Harbin would have been hailed as a patriot and a hero. In this day and age of deceit where media pundits ignore rape trees and exaggerate fictitious "racism" nonstop, this young man was fed to the wolves and now spends his days in an unnamed federal prison complex somewhere. http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_phoenix_metro/central_phoenix/valley-man-possessing-explosive-devices-indicted Mr. Harry Hughes III on the other hand, has led numerous border patrols and continues to serve the USBG in the capacity of a sergeant with our QRF- Quick Reaction Force team, tasked with support of Recon Teams deep behind enemy lines. He maintains a humorous and interesting blog here: http://vandal49588.blogspot.com/ Mr. Hughes recently applied for a vacant position on the Maricopa Unified School District Governing Board. He is a stellar member of the community and I am proud to call him friend.


What we discovered on our patrol was shocking to say the least. The whole adventure was somewhat surreal. We had stepped into The Land of the Lost. There was absolutely no law enforcement presence or governmental control whatsoever! We documented over thirty stolen load vehicles abandoned, stripped, and shot up by rifle fire. Our patrol had to wade through illegal alien trash and debris by the tonnage. We traveled for over twenty four hours in a four-wheeled drive truck sans any cellphone coverage. Several times we had to dismount and hide ourselves. What appeared to be evidence of attacks upon UDA's (Undocumented Aliens) of rape and possibly murder and cannibalism seemed to be present at some unmarked crime scenes. Armed narco-terrorists clearly controlled the high ground as well as this whole area we found ourselves in. We had gotten in way over our heads. We were cut off from Western civilization and thrust back into the Stone Age. Several times our truck almost became immobile and that most likely would have become our last patrol ever. We had no idea the devastation would be so vast or that the cartel had such an extensive footing up to eighty miles into the interior of the United States. We discovered the vulnerability of the major gas pipeline and the pumping stations dotting this MSR (Main Smuggling Route) from Mexico into the Phoenix area. We found major electrical grid structures completely undefended against terrorist attacks. We could have continued past the Tohono O'odham Indian reservation http://www.tonation-nsn.gov/ deep into the  Chiricahua Mountains http://www.nps.gov/chir/index.htm and right on into Mexico if we had of wanted. Frankly, we had bitten off more than we could chew. Time to make it out alive and re-access the dire predicament our nation was in became evident many hours before. One must never underestimate their enemy. We were lucky to be alive and finally made it out past a single Border Patrol vehicle near the mining town of Why, Arizona. Numerous more reconnaissance patrols were conducted and forays into enemy held territory were kept closer to our base of operations. Several high profile cartel murders took place in the area and a Pinal County Sheriff's deputy was shot in the line of duty during broad daylight in the Vekol Valley region. Clearly, this was the main conduit of illicit drugs, illegal weapons, human trafficking, and child sex rings into and out of the U.S. Something bold had to be done.















Despite all the naysayers who cried that we were going to get killed or thrown in prison, Operation Line In the Sand was a resounding success. On the very first weekend of operations which included the public and media, we netted three smugglers and a dead body to boot. More importantly, we showed that a diverse group of citizens could come together, arm themselves, and halt the narco-terrorists. We proved that all the law enforcement who were too afraid to leave their air-conditioned cruisers, little-less actively patrol with assault weapons against deadly sicarios, could in fact be done with the proper willpower. And we did it all with meager resources to boot!  The US Border Guard volunteer Border Rangers have been going strong for going on two years now with no arrests or felonies committed by members and no fatalities. We hauled off tons of trash picked up from our National Monument. We have dozens of UDA's rescued. We have dozens of drug and human smugglers turned over to law enforcement. We have stolen vehicles recovered, wild horses rescued, and are approaching one million dollars worth of drugs turned in to authorities. The area looks totally different now. We actually have the narcos hiding from us instead of us running for cover. They employ bushes on their loads like the Viet Cong did on the Ho Chi Mihn trail. Many wear camouflage outfits to hide themselves from patrols. We turned in photos of narcos walking armed with drug loads in broad daylight right down an asphalt road under Interstate-8 to DHS for review. We routinely push the narco-spotters right off their hilltop positions which the Sheriff's Office had "waved the white flag" to. We document the GPS coordinates and turn them in to authorities. We even show up the complacent Governor by putting troops on the ground while she holds back the National Guard and hamstrings the State Guard. Even Obama has sent more troops to the border than she has! OLIS II (Operation Line In the Sand Two) was a resounding success as well. Drawing militia members from as far away as Georgia to participate, the USBG acted as an umbrella organization for several groups to conduct lawful patrols. Frankly, we have the most experience and time on the ground in the CZ- Contested Zone. And the world media has taken notes all along the way exposing the gargantuan lie that "nothing can be done about the border" to be blatantly false. So where do we go from here?













The www.USBorderGuard.com will continue to patrol being the only armed Americans within miles of the border many times. Our courageous Border Ranger volunteers will continue to conduct themselves with honor and integrity above the slander and libel puked up by our detractors. We will continue to be the eyes and ears of Border Patrol, BLM, and law enforcement personnel. Our Tier One and Tier Two volunteers will continue to be the "Men with Green Faces" hiding sometimes only mere feet from narco-terrorists, turning these international criminals into www.BORTAC.com or other proper Special Operations troops. We will continue to rescue UDA's abandoned by their smugglers or in some instances protect them from rape and kidnapping. We will continue to recruit and organize. The USBG provides a valuable microcosm to examine as an example that when our methods are multiplied on a larger scale and with adequate resources, our border can and will be secured. We call upon the local, state, and federal government to step up to the plate and finally do the right thing before another 9/11 occurs. We advocate private contractors, C.I.A., D.I.A., N.R.O., N.S.A., DHS, BATFE, DEA, FBI, FEMA, and others including NGO's to work with various civilian militias and rescue organizations in securing the border as a national level Joint Task Force. We recommend SEAL Team six, BORTAC, FBI HRT, and others hunt down cartel bosses and narco-terrorists the same as they did Pablo Escobar and Osama Bin Laden. We suggest the media begin covering the reality of the border crisis as if their freedoms and their lives depended upon it, because it does. We invite military strategists to examine 4th-Generation Counterinsurgency as outlined in H. John Poole's book "Tequila Junction" as a viable option of deploying special teams. Not to dismiss conventional military forces, we recommend the building of a true DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) along the border replete with minefields, interlocking fields of fire, tanks, drones, and troops with guns. If it is good enough for us to defend in Cuba and South Korea, America's home front should be well worth defending in such a manner too. Finally, we demand that a real War on Drugs and combat action against domestic terrorist criminal street gangs be initiated to save the beleaguered American family from total annihilation. When federal prisons have more rapes, gangs, and drugs than the streets, we have a serious problem. We see the government as not only complacent in this travesty, but complicit in the illicit drug trade. We can do better. We expect better. We demand better of America than what it has become. We will secure the border and halt illicit drugs. One patrol at a time.



Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano used a trip to El Paso, Texas, as an opportunity to claim that the border with Mexico is “better now than it ever has been.”


We couldn't agree more. The US Border Guard and other American patriots are patrolling the border now. I think Janet Napolitano is on to something here.






J.T. Ready



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