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Hey, I'm Kaespi. Kae means energy, Spi stands for spirit. My real name means energy and then my dead grandmother's last name. So Energy Spirit. Kaespi. C:

I love contests and reading and stuff. So if you want to advertise stuff, feel free too [:


I am a girl. I wish I was a dude. I like guys clothing. They're sooooffffttt. SO FLUFFAY. Kthxbai.

To make the perfect my writing area.


  • Turn up the radio loud and listen to your fave songs
  • Close the door to block out everything
  • Have plenty of sketch paper and notebooks to doodle images and to write
  • Lay little lines that you think up around for inspiration
  • Write

    I have too many ideas clashing through my head so I can't keep still on one story, I work on a whole bunch at a time.

    I have so many things I could put up on booksie and you guys would get at least two+ chapters a day. But then again, I'm way too LAZY to do that so suck it up xD

    [I] shou[l]d be [ove]r [you] . ♥ ♥ ♥

    My bestie is https://www.booksie.com/natatat22896l8ter. Both in rl and on here. LUV YA NAT <33

    Writing is my life. Music is my soul. My friends are my heart

    If you're a friend and you want me to read something. I'll read it as soon as I get online. If you're a fan and you want me to read something, I'll read it within a week. If I have no clue who you are and you ask me to read something, well I'll read the first chapter and see if I like it within that month xD

    I think you should always tell where your inspiration comes from =) So here's mine:

    I'm NOT a Guy: I draw. I doodle. It's what I do. I was drawing a girl but on accident it started looking like a guy because I drew the jaw wrong, but I still wanted her to be a girl. Then I remembered I'd always wondered what might happen i- oops can't say anymore until I finished the story ;D

    I hate Fairy Tales: When I was little I loved them, but after a while I started hating that their were so many fluffy happy things and I wanted to add some danger to the mix. So I pondered it for so long and made Gracie and my own world.

    Come with Me Into The Forest: Simple. I was out walking when I saw a tree had fallen down and somehow it made me think of wood sprites and here we go.

    My Tree(and some things about me): Ever since I was little I always felt like I had an angel. When I was seven I met a boy (my first crush, probably) who arrived at my school in the middle of the year. I was SUPER shy back then and I was scared to talk to people. When he came he asked to be my friend and we played tag all day long. I made so many friends, I was delighted, ectastic. Then... he moved, before the end of the year. I was depressed for monthes because he was the best friend I'd ever had, he understood me to a T and always knew what to say. I always think that if I see him again, I'd give him a hug on the spot and tell him thank-you. That's because when he left, everyone gave him a hug and I didn't because I felt embarassed because I'm Asian and my parents don't like giving hugs to other people. Ever since that day I've been convinced he was my guardian angel, and that he was the best guy in the world. I've moved on past the 'best guy' thing. I can't just wait around forever. But, to me he still is one of the most important people I've ever met.He will forever be my angel, even if he doesn't know it. I think everyone needs an angel, someone who knows them, so you'd have someone to turn to. Most people say it's their God. My parents always told me that I could believe in whatever I want to. That I could be anybody I wanted, that my beliefs were MINE. Thanks to that, I hate COPIERS who  COPY WITHOUT PERMISSION. I also hate PEOPLE WHO TRY TO CHANGE ME. I love my parents for that, because although they have their own religion, they've never, not once, tried to force me to believe in it. My beliefs are strange, I see things from a different perspective.That's who I am.

    Hoping for the Music: I always wondered what it would be like if I couldn't talk. I didn't talk at all for three weeks, but then I passed out when I got the flu and started to talk again. When I was little I got sick a lot and one time I got so sick that I couldn't see or hear or understand anything. It was all fogged up and even back then I loved listening to music and since I couldn't hear it anymore I thought it was related to me not talking. C:

    The Academy of Magic: If you've read any of my other stories, you'll see that I have a thng for fiction. If you've read some of my favorites, you'll see I have a thing for magic and fantasy and all that stuff. I don't know, it makes everything seem so much more cool. This started when I flipped back in my journals from the years past (all covered with doodles I may add) and saw a little drawing of a black star with wings on an outfit. There was another out fit and another and another with the same logo on it. Suddenly ideas flashed through my brain and I came up with 'currency' to go with it. I was planning to make a video game out of the whole thing when I grew up. I tried to work on other stories, but the fact is: when I Kaespi has a story on her brain she cannot work on other stories without making it so utterly crappy <3 <3 <3 So I just made this to get it off my chest and into the laptop of my second brain.

    Something to let you know ;D I really have NO idea where my stories might go, I write when I wanna and make up ideas on the spot, so depending on interest and inspiration that's how fast my stories get updated. !ALSO I MAY QUIT STORIES AT ANY TIME! =)

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