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Welcome to my Booksie Page!

About me...



Been a creative person since the day I was born. Being an Aries can be one reason for the creative persona.

Since I was little, I have always been fasinated with reading and creating many different worlds. I sometimes don't just write the worlds, but draw/paint parts of them too. Supernatural worlds most of all have been my love. The thought of something extraordinary among us can set the imagination off.

Recently I have started an ambitious task of a five book series after reading about 18 books over the 2009 summer.

I have many stories and several that are not up here yet. When I feel ready, they will make an appearance. I seem to get inspired very quickly and easily by other writers' works that I fall in love with.

This is not my real name but a pen name I thought of years ago and fell in love with. I love that people call me Kat or Katherine because my real name is used way too much especially during the Christmas season. But please, no Kathy.

I now have a wattpad account... Thought it would be neat to see how that site works... Go to my links at the bottom to find it. You'll also see I'm on facebook too. Check both out!

Oh, by the way, YES that is me in the pic! I have gotten a few comments asking about it. Just wanted to clarify that now. I maybe seeing if my friends want to help me take a new pic for my profile picture.

Also... I have an email just for my fans... katherine.coitier@gmail.com



Stories Completed...

1. Eastern Winds- (Book one in the Aurora Borealis Series) (Taken out to be uploaded to Wattpad)

Meet Jewel Auro. Junior in high school. Top of her class. Known by everyone. And BORED! There is no challenge in her life. Nothing truly worth meaning. Well, not nothing. The only time she feels like she's learning anything is when she gets home and learns from her grandmother. What does her grandmother teach her? Magic. Pure and true magic.

Jewel's world turns upside down when a new kid comes to town. To her school. Into her life. There is an instant connection she cannot explain nor can she fight. He... Yes, he is unlike any other. But is his secret dangerous that she could be in danger? Only time will tell...

2. Fiery Vampire Princess- (Taken out to upload on Wattpad)

Three months have passed for Bastulea (Bast) since her perfect normal world was turned upside down. All but one person she has known nearly all her life survive the distruction of her once beloved hometown. But was her life what she had always known it to be? Could there have been more to her than she had thought? Only when she meets a stranger in a bar does the revelations come forth and she questions all she has known about herself. What her mother never confided with her. A world thought to be found in fiction and her wildest dreams.

3. Missing Heart- (The first four chapters insired by the song World So Cold by Three Days Grace)

Marcus and Diana had known they loved each other at a very young age. But when her family takes her away from him for her safety, they stay in touch wanting to never be separated for an instant. For three long years they managed just fine with the occassional visit. But their stuggle has just begone when the world believes she and her family died. His heart froze with the news and only knew a world bitter and cold around him. She was his light and sun. She made his heart burn with happiness. Now the world has turned so cold to him. But is she really dead or just lost, alone, and scared?

4. Hidden Princess- (Taken out to upload on Wattpad)

For ten years, Adaline has known the simple life of a servant. She knows not whom she really is. She knows not whom her famly was. She has pondered, but never voiced her thoughts. People have thought her strange and bizzard so she kept some things to herself. That life changes on her first day working for their majesties in the palace. In a cruel twist of fate, she saves the Prince's life by risking her own. He sees the oddly fined servant and knows there is something different about her. Who was she really? In time his majesty find the shocking and delightful answer.

5. Cindella Magus- (My Cinderella version for Kilo's Disney Challenge)

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. A girl whose father loved her, but was lonely so he remarries. But he marries a cruel woman who after his death, turns on his daughter and forces her into slavery in a way. Years pass and she grows up. Though to her stepmother she is a servant, she still must be seen as part of the family. She meets her "prince" and they separate at midnight. Ths version differs as it is set in modern times. Her "prince" and her start to have a relationship over the internet. They fall more and more for each other. But her stepmother has other plans for her...

6. Blood Moon-Twilight- (Fan-fiction for Stephanie Meyers' Twilight Series)

One of my favorite characters in her series was Paul. This story was one that came to me as a dream. I thought I would right it and thought it was interesting to become novel size. The whole story is finished on my computer.

Marina is a loner in the world. Her father moves her family to Forks to a house just outside of the reservation. She quickly becomes freinds with Seth. She didn't know that Paul had seen her and imprinted on her. Her life starts to fall into place until something happens. What happens...? Read to find out...

Fortune or fate would have it that her father's old friends happened to be the one's she was taken to so she may recover. Who are they? Read to find out...


Stories in Progress...

1. Captive: Shadow and Light- (Fan-fiction for Airam's My Pirate Captian Series)

One of my favorite characters in her series was Shadow. This story was one that came to me as a dream. Forgive me but this is a first draft and not all my research for historical romance has not been completed. I wanted to get it up and out there so it was off my mind.

Liana was the daughter of a revered and well known pirate captian. When she was twelve, her family was taken from her brutally. From that time she had been on the move for fear the ones who did the horrible deed would find that she had survived. Her journey takes a turn when she is taken captive when she reachs a new port. Before she is raped publicly aboard the ship already moving through the sea, she is rescued. Unfortunately in the process she is injured and her voice is taken from her for sometime.

2.Maiden's Mirror-


The whole world thinks that Avalon and the Lady of the Lake are just tales spun and retold throughout the ages. Most not telling the truth. None know that there exists a mirror that is a gateway to the isle of Avalon. That through this mirror one maiden ventures out to see how the world has changed. Every one hunderd years she leaves the beauty and magic of Avalon in hopes that the world was ready for their return. She has become the maiden in the legend surrounding the mirror. This time, things are much different then they ever had been before. Is she ready for what awaits her in the modern world?

3. Fighting Spirit- (Inspired again by Airam on Booksie from her Kismet story. Only inspired and not Fanfiction)

Dawn has had both a happy life and a tortured one. Her birth mother is a druggie and her birth father is an abusive drunk. After years of abuse and in and out of foster homes, Dawn is adopted. Through her new parents she is able to shape herself into something better. Through their love and support, she becomes a world reknowned fighter. Shortly after the loss of her adoptive mother, she goes on a date with a guy who had hounded her for a date for months. She decides to end things with him on their third date, but he sees it differently. Twice he tries to rape her after that date, and twice does he fail though the second left her wounded. Physically and mentally. The story starts as she and her father move her to a new house. To a new neighborhood. To try and keep her safe, but is she safe? Will she ever be safe? Has the sicko finally taken her fighting spirit away from her? Only time will tell for sure.


Some not yet seen stories...


1. By the Gods...- (Not really sure about the title.)

Katherine lost her husband and nearly lost her life one fateful evening. As time past she was not recovering as people said she would. She felt empty and alone. So very alone. Unbeknown to her, her childhood friend saw her pain and wished to take it away. Her childhood friend is no ordinary person, but one with power. A God? One with God given power? Only he knows for sure and she will soon find out as she is accidentally thrown back in time to try and mend her broken heart.


2. Angel(There are two sequels to this story called Darkened Angel and then The First Angel: The source. And many others.)

~*~ Book 1 of the Goddess Class Creation Series~*~

A vast beautiful metropolis has one thing no other city has, an real life angel protecting its streets. Though she is a man made creature of divinity, she still fights for what's right. Though being a superhero and an angel has its drawbacks. She is lonely. She longs for a love of her own. One to accept who and what she is. Completely and without reservation. Is there someone out there like that for her? Or is she truly to live alone?



Maybe one day I will post these... You tell me if any spark your interest...


Also...Recommented Booksie authors to check out: Susan Vallante , Lady Jayne , dreamer609 , airam , and Phoebe Gardens



Anyone interested in the music that I listen to while writing... if you have Pandora, I have three stations you could create.

1.) Awake and Alive ----  http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh252495299135203870

2.) Three Days Grace ----  http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh205468134548236830

3.) Rock Your Soul ----  http://www.pandora.com/?sc=sh125687450577725982

(Those three are my top stations. Copy and paste if you want to go to them. Hope you like them.)


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