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Welcome to my page!

Ok, here's the thing, i am going to leave this account and make a new one, Soz, just be cause i feel like it, and i sort of forgot the password for this one too, so yeah. Anyway, my new username would be Hoshitsuki_Anju, and if you want to continue reading my work, please do so. feel free to just forget that i'm here at all.

I have officially fallen off the face of the Earth, yes, I have. Anyway, I won't be online, for a very long time, now that I have been half banned from Booksie because I'm on too much. So expect my novels to be dead and I'll continue them, but I'll only publish anything that is completed or nearly completed. So bascially saying, I won't be on every day like I used to, and, I won't be updating my novels for a VERY VERY VERY long time. Just bare with me, I'll get there, some day. Sorry about the inconvinience (no, I can't spell it) 


I am Currently ---

[ ] Online

[ ] Online but doing something

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Hi, I’m Alice and I’m half Japanese and half Chinese.


General Info:

  • I am an Aries and I was born in April, but I won’t tell people my birthday, I don’t particularly like stalkers.
  • I am an otaku; really, it’s hard to survive without Anime and Manga. I am an Anime/Manga freak.
  • Life obviously would suck A LOT without books. The bad thing about reading too much is that my eyesight gets worse…
  • Life would be even more miserable if there weren’t any music. My favorite types of music are K-Pop and J-Pop, and a small amount of others.
  • Favorite Korean bands – B2st (Beast), SHINee, 2NE1 and SNSD (Girls Generation) U-KISS (they are so hot)

·     Facts about my friends and people at my school (Yes, they are very random. Sometimes I get the feeling that they might have escaped from the mental hospital):

·         Ashlyn Heart is my friend in real life and I’ve known her since year 4, she is completely random.

  • One of my friends likes Justin Bieber A LOT… I mean, come on, he’s NOT hot! By the way, Ashlyn, don’t you go tell her that I said that, I’m not suicidal.
  • Some of my friends tend to try to be emus, and it’s not that nice to watch.
  • I would like to ask some people in the class to stop thinking that I’m Google, I do know a lot of random facts, but I don’t know everything, now that we are giving out Christmas cards, I have gotten more nicknames - Human Dictionary, Walking Encyclopedia and etc. Well, you get the point...-_- 
  • Friends these days just don’t want to leave me in peace; I got a record of getting scared 25 times a day, more than ten of the times are by the same person.
  • Sometimes a friend and I think that a friend would want a polar bear as her new pet, even if it's just a fake one. She looked at us as if we were speaking a foreign tongue.
  • One of my friend goes around putting us into mental hospital rooms that she 'says' contain what we need, and one of my friend got a room filled with microwaves... why in the world?
  • My friends and I rate people out of 23, it all started with one of my friends saying that a football dude wearing 23 who is pretty hot is hers, so we started rating people out of 23.
  • My friend and I went a bit psycho in class and started writing stuff about Anime instead of drawing graphs, good thing the teacher didn't notice.
  • My friends in the same class all agreed on one thing, learning about Prime Ministers is one heck of a boring business.
  • My friend likes "Poor Little Things" and I would say poor little things only. 
  • I’ll tell you one thing that I’m certain of – None of my friends should be considered sane by normal people, if you do consider them sane, that means we are of the same kind.


Facts about me:

  • I can’t write anything without music. K-Pop is the BEST!
  • I am hated by people in my grade, for some reason.
  • I don’t like the TV.
  • Love is indeed painful, so I try to not write about painful love in my stories or I cry.
  • I have to spend at least 2 hours on the computer reading Manga a day, or I throw a tantrum, weird…  
  • I LOVE Melon Bread, I can’t live without Melon Bread.
  • I consider most boys at my school either monkeys or owls. I wouldn’t call them hot, no, unless you are even more insane than my gang.
  • I just happen to have random crushes on Anime dudes but seriously saying, I think they are hot as.
  • I speak Chinese, English, Japanese and a little bit of Italian, I don't like Italian though.
  • I am currently waiting for 22 Mangas to update, but that really doesn't mean that I don't read if there aren't any updates, I just find new ones.
  • My favorite genre of books are fantasy, I dislike the real world, but it doesn't mean the I won't read your story though.
  • Half of my life is in my USB, if I lose it, I will not hesitate to murder myself.
  • The last time I cried was because I happen to get a very bad score in a math test. And no, I don't have a grade complex, just for those people who are wondering about that.
  • Sometimes I try drawing Manga, but the I fail when I have to draw the same character twice, I envy Mangakas...
  • My Angel and Devil are weird, they are basically the same, but it happens that my Angel (ouch!) don't tell me to do good stuff, My Devil don't tell me to do good stuff either, thus, I am VERY EVIL.
  • I like singing, but it happens that my throat never works properly.
  • I’m not pretty, I’m very plain. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why people hate me…, too many people these days judge people by their looks. It’s not like you will be smart been pretty or anything.
  • I think you would've realized by now but I am NOT sane, either are my friends though.


Reading requests are open.

For people who are thinking that I’m very rude because I haven’t replied yet, don’t think badly of me, I just don’t have time. Time just doesn’t like me, or I’m just wasting a lot of time doing stuff god know what it is.



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