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Hello Readers,

         I am Lady Jewells. Lady Jewells is not my real name, but it was the only name I knew when the paramedic asked me if I knew my name. The paramedics had been called by my daughter and were trying to assess me, to determine my level of impairmentOne of the paramedics had asked me my name, but I had no idea what my name was for several seconds. Then it came into my mind in pieces.. "Laa Mmm Laad, Mmm Laaady Jew-el-ls.   My head hurt something awful and I was having another stroke.  I also told him the date was.. June 4, 1999!

Of course it wasn't, the real date was June 4th, 2009!!!  AS it turns out, Lady Jewells was and is my pen name.


Life was stressful earlier that school year, but it was summer and life was just getting better and rocking along  more smoothly, until June 4th, 2009, when I suffered an acute ischemic stroke to my left frontal lobe. Ever the comedian, I choose to make the best of Life's Lemon's. So just visualize Jethro Gibb's from NCIS - Slapping Tony on the back of the Head! Wake-up! Jethro played the part of GOD. God had decided I needed to WAKE UP & change directions...

In less than 15 minutes of time - God decided I would step out of the classroom and begin to teach the world to love better.

Strokes do damage - Mine was no different, but in some ways it was very different. For starters, I died. In those few prescious moments when I was pain free, I have never felt more loved than I did in that moment. OhMyGawd! And What happened next, I am still processing. But suffice to say, my stroke was a life changing event. 


The next part of my life is a gift from God.  The story, Lady Jewells Has a Stroke is just the beginning..


The Wellness Plan... The Great Spirit said, "Change the Message and the behavior  will change. Just Love yourself. Just share your love. Love me, as you Love yourself."

In approximately 15 minutes, I lost 10 years of memories, partial use of my right-side and I lost a chunk of basic skills... I needed Speech Therapy, computer skills, reading and writing skills and physical therapy. What better way - to rebuild me than by writing and talking....So I let my spirit walk free than on paper.   I gave myself the freedom to write stories on any topic I thought of or someone suggested. My goal was and is to experience as much of life as I can, from my personal computer (that I was learning how to use).   


I believe in the law of attraction. I believe in the Secret.  The Great Spirit had told me I would heal - all I needed was faith. Healing Opportunities will come - walk towards it. I wanted to live. There are 1000's of teachers to teach me about Life. The Great Spirit said, Life is a journey; Walk, observe, listen and trade your truths.


Therefore the writings posted here on Booksie and Booksie Silk, are stories I've written - I am Trying on Life.  Consider it, sort of Dress Rehearsal, per se.  I wanted to be loved and feel loved again... So I became Life's Actress...  I told myself, "I will stand in the 1st person's perspective and live in that moment."  My old friends were living life. I had to get well  - so I could do and experience life., too.. I couldn't even walk without my cane!!...

Road trips helped me find old Friends and make new ones.  And as I became computer literate, I met new friends on social media - Facebook.


Life is about Living.... The Posted Threads on Facebook taught me to live again - I wanted and want to experience new things.  Talk to me & Teach me! - (Think about the Movie, "Nemo!"  - "Fish are our Friends! and "Just keep Swimming!" ) ...The stories written here are memories, fantansies, thoughts & my Truths about life, post stroke.  I am evolving.


By writing - I am rebuilding parts of me and evolving as I walk these wonderful new insights and journey among the people of this spiritual plane. I am weaving a path of wellness and my legacy is a trail of jewels, bits of wisdom and fun. 


To me, My writings are my gifts to the world - I have new gifts of insight and perspective. As I heal - I am evolving.  I want my stories to spark ideas in other people. I write about every thing that is out there. No subject is off limits.


I walked as a teacher before my life changing event. Through the years, I taught all my students to learn their own truths. See life from several perspectives, not just yours. "My truth may not be your truth." Because Our truths are colored by our perspective, our emotions, our education, our culture, and our spiritual foundations. Loving and living is about learning to love who you are and to respect our differences.


 To many people, I am a gift of perspective and love.

I have lived a full and storied life. I walk a positive path of wellness. Everywhere people gather and interact is an opportunity for more wellness. With every meeting, people exchange their energy. If you meet and vent = wellness. If you meet & exchange love = wellness. Thus, to me Every opportunity I am given, is a chance to share as much unconditional love as I can muster.  ** Have Faith... *** THe Great Spirit is in everything and everyone!!


Please enjoy my treasured writings. If a certain piece of prose delights and/or agitates you - please leave a comment or email your thoughts to me at: lady underscore jewells77 at   I value all your thoughts and insights. If you are a member of Booksie, please Bookmark my page. Visit as often as you like ~ new writings are being uploaded all the time.


~~June 4th, 2015 is my 6 year anniversary... My stroke was a blessing. I was blessed.

Come walk with me and love... Come walk with me and laugh.  Really Laugh.

Until our paths cross or our shadows meet, I wish you good health and wellness.

Enjoy life......I am, Lady Jewells


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