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The fire was burning. Spitting the hot sparks out onto the old wooden floor. Of course it was keeping us warm though in the dark, cold abandoned house. Sarah was cuddling me wiping the tears that ran down my dirty cheek. She was cumforting me, telling me to get closer to the blazing fire to warm my icy arm. My teeth were chattering, My clothes were not giving me any more warmth the holes in my shoes were giving a draft. Sarah got up wrapping an old checked blanket around her bare shoulders. She poked the fire with an old metal steel bar she found by the old decrepid door. Or what was left of it anyway. I shall begin from the begining from where it all started.

                                                                                                                                                 Me and Sarah were orphans I was 10 and she was 16. We were miserable at the home and so one day when we were getting some wood for the owner of the home named Mr Krinch we ran far far into the woods and go to a mini village. I wasnt very good at geography I hadnt studied at school and Sarah was just as useless as me she had failed her gcse's and was expelled from school from hitting the teacher. Anyway we got to this mini village we were astonished. The people there were dressed in rags andthey had old umbrellas that had holes in them and half broken. Sarah was looking at a poor woman with 3 children hiding in a bush with a tree hanging over it. That was their only cover from the rain that was going to come later. The thunder started to make a horrible sound above our heads and me and Srah were not going back to that house. We stayed in an old barn for the night and used the hay as a pillow. We were a bit smally in the morning and had straw in our hair but atleast we were dry unlike that poor woman witht the 3 children. 

                                                                                                                                                                                       Few hours later we decided the farmer would be up and we would have to leave before he got here incase we were no wanted. We climbed over the gate and went to the little market. We had 50p to spend and thankfully we were able to get and apple and with a sharp stone we were able to cut it in half so me and Sarah got half each. It was going to be a nice day today. The sun was shining in the sky and it was still only very early in the morning. Sarah suggested we should go and carry on throught the woods past the little village and so thats where the real adventure began. 

                                                                                                                                                           We were running and running further and further into the woods, until we were out of breath and felt like we were going to collapse. We both searched for some food. We didnt have to search for long because just beyond the woods I found there was a massive orchard full of pears and apples and all sorts. We picked a few apples and a few pears and sat down in the shade and enjoyed a nice juicy pear each this time. It was the best pear I had ever tasted. It was so rich in flvour so sweet and soo crunchy. I could have eaten a dozen but Sarah said I wasnt aloud because we had to save then to sell and to eat.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Sarah took my hand and she started to walk away from the beautiful orchard soon it was just a spot in the far distance. Thats when we found the old house, It looked like nobody lived there. It was soo broken and so dim and it looked wasted like and old tree that had fallen down and just left there. It looked deserted and so without giving it much thought me and Sarah went into the house. The house all alone in the woods like it was just put there at random. It was just there. Sarah opened the door and it made a loud creek as she did so. That creeped me out a bit but srah told me it was nothing and called me a chicken. The house was all dusty and there were no lights or anything that looked useful in there. The house scared me but Sarah had a completely different idea.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The Kitchen was full of dust and there was nothing that seemed used in atleast 12 years. As we went further into the house something grabbed sarah by the shoulder. She tried to scream but the thing had now put the other hand over her mouth. I tried to break her free but the thing had grabbed me aswell and we were taken to a room at the back of the house. It was cold in the room and durty It was blocked away from any light and the windows were smashed and had a cage so thjere was no escape. The thing had locked the door and me and Sarah were in too much shock to even speak.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I was now staranded in a dark and dusty room with my sister and the only food we had was the applesand pears we had which were now brown and sickly but Sarah made me eat it becasuse she kept remoinding me it was the only food we had to eat, unless I wanted to be perished. After a few days we started exploring the room and I found a little table and a tea cup and Srah found a fire place and loads of wood by the useles window. So Sarah lit a fire and shes kept it going ever since.

                                                                 Were not sure how long we have been stuck here.months years were not sure. But we have found food. We're always soo cold and we sometimes think whats the use of living. But then we think why and we realize the longer we live the more chance we have of ever getting out of here and the fact we love eachother just too much to give up.

                                                                                                               Thank you

                                                                                                        for reading this story   

                                                                                                              Laura Jones 


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