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                                                               What Lies Beneath?

Legend has it, that every hundred years if you smell a sour wind and hear the bobcat cry a terrible noise the beast has awaken from deep below the cryptic catacombs. No one knows why and no one knows how. Until this very day, because of some foolish girl that pushed the legend to the test! Little did she know that she was in for more than just the legend a test of bravery you shall say….                          

                                                                           Present day

100 years later


The chilling sound of the beasts roar awakened the goosebumps at the nape of my neck. As the air roared in my ears, my heart thumped to the noise that came from deep below, I  didn’t know what it was but I was eager to find out. As I walked to the opening of the catacomb’s time worn gates, I felt cold sweat trickle down my back, as the bitter wind roared through the tunnel and all around me a dead stench filled my nose. Straight away I grew weary of what I might find, as I started to walk across the impaired ground and pushed the run-down gate, I was entering a  place where demons stalks and the devil rules and all with eyes as red as blood, I was in the forgotten catacombs. Where lost souls are forever erased, where no human is allowed to escape, their souls forever trapped in the vortex of evil. Its blood red eyes pierced the darkness, Searching, hungry for what I fear, feeds off my terror and weakness, I could feel it, it’s presence was here.


I was walking towards the sound of human bones shattering and flesh tearing, I didn’t want to keep on going but I had to. I stepped on something, I don’t know what but it felt sharp. I looked down at the ground and there I saw it, the thing I had been dreading the most, the sound of my heartbeat was engulfing my entire senses under my feet were bloodless bones all shattered into a million pieces. As i walked closer, I could hear someone saying something i didn’t catch what they were saying it sounded like they were telling me to run but i just thought i was hallucinating, this time the wind moved gracefully around me chanting something that sent chills up my spine, here in the woods misty and steep I bid you timeless sleep. Those words terrified me, it made me think of death, at first it sounded like a riddle but then  I realized it was a warning for me not to enter or leave this place that is and forever will be cursed and that whoever steps into the catacombs is forever entitled to the curse


I knew i couldn’t go in there because of the warning but I had to, I wanted to know if the legend was true or not if it was a story or something literal after some time while i was walking towards my death I heard the bone-chilling roar of an enormous beast and the microscopic screams of a person, I felt like I knew where it was from, but everything went silent...The demonic beast must’ve heard me because it was then breathing its unholy breath right in my face. I must've passed out because all I remember is the ghastly smell that still filled my poor nose, the smell still lingered in my nostrils. I was tied up in an absurd knot, trying to find a way out. I searched in my pocket hoping to find a knife of some sort or even my lighter. BINGO I found a packet of small matchsticks and I started to ignite the rope. It worked but now this place was filled with the smell of burnt rope, I had to get out of here quickly. The wind was pushing against my back with so much force i could feel my breath leaving my body


I started to run as fast as my legs could go, the beast smelt the odour I left and it had to follow it to where I was running , the beast was now catching up to me. I feel tired, my legs are like like wet noodles. As I approached the ancient gates an explosion of air smacked me right in the face. I tumbled to the ground trying to regain consciousness, the gate was open and there I was running through the misty, bleak graveyard. I saw a Raven on top a gravestone, carved on it was my name ‘Lezabel Jezebeth’, the day I died was TODAY. I was very confused but had no time to think only run, I want to jump over my own fossilized gravestone but the demonic beast caught up. It caught one of my ankles and had to drag me along the gruesome floor. My minuscule screams were nothing but merely whispers to the sound of his alarming footsteps that shook the whole country. I felt the beat of my heart stop completely I’ve never felt this way before, I wonder why now, why at this peculiar moment.


Blood is leaking from my stained skin I didn’t know where it was coming from, but it was a cold, wet feeling as I look down at my leg I saw a deep narrow gash. My cold blood was gushing out, while the satanic beast looked at my face I saw his crazed eyes look bloodthirsty, like the reason he was alive was to kill. The beast is looking away, it murmured something I didn’t quite get. It said it again, but this time it whispered “help” so carefully it said it like something or someone was going to hear what it had said. I didn’t understand why, but the beast did,  as  it looked into my eyes it looked hurt and for some reason I wanted to comfort the beast but I knew it was wrong. I did what my conscious told me to. So very slowly I am moving closer and closer, “help… help…help” than he started to tear up. It thought that I didn’t see it’s pain but I did. I didn’t see a monstrous beast, I saw a kind, caring beast being unwillingly trapped in this body forever doomed. Forever damned.


I saw an almost exposed bush, with still enough leaves to hide something, I heard a groan coming from there I didn’t understand what it was so I left it after a minute of silence. I heard the groan getting louder and louder, the bush was moving swiftly but very fast and abruptly something shot out from the bush and got stuck in the monster’s arm that instantly made it go insane. He is slashing my face and creating long red lines, seeing blood again made me black out. When I woke up, I was back where I started, this time I saw who was the beast and who was controlling it. I was startled at who it was, it was someone I knew very well. The person was the one person I would’ve never thought of and that was my...



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