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      The existence of the “magic kingdom”



one bright sunny day there was a teen girl who went to a high school called M.I.High her name was Jasmine Russo everyone thought she was a geek and a freak no one liked her but they never knew that she was a princess but not an ordinary princess she was a princess of a secret and magical kingdom called “magic kingdom” the only people that know it exists are people with magical powers she only had one friend her name was Elizabeth Gonzalez she had powers of flying and strength. Every night at that world they would go to “magic planet” were it was the morning for them so she would go and rule. She was a very beautiful and fair princess her parents got murdered by an evil wizard called Gerald he was one of the most powerful and evil wizard. Jasmine was training her whole life to fight Gerald so when he comes she will be ready for him he killed her parents when she was just a baby and he said that when the child gets 16 I will come and face her and I will kill her so I would take over the throne and rule the world and train them for evil. Jasmine is getting 16 in one week she was ready for this her whole life; the evil wizard has a son that is going to get seventeen in 5 days he’s son is not evil like his father he loves to do good stuff and every night he would go and feed the homeless he’s dad wants him to be evil and continue the family business  but he never listens he got his kindness and fairness from his mother that died during birth.

 Elizabeth said to jasmine “are you ready your highness Gerald is coming after 1 week hope you are, he’s really powerful” “I don’t care I believe in myself and I was training my whole life so all is left is believing that’s all I will kill him and make him suffer just like how he made me suffer for 16 years and if I die I want you to do all your best to try to kill him and I want you to take over the throne” “don’t say that jasmine you are not going to die just how you said you’ve been training your whole life so you’re ready” Elizabeth said it with a smile.

One day Princess Jasmine went to the market you know to check on her people but she disguise as a farmer so people wouldn’t recognize her she was walking then suddenly she bummed into a boy the boy said in a shocking way “bar den me madam I didn’t see you there,I couldn’t help it but you look exactly like the princess are you the princess?” Jasmine said “no am not excuse me I have to go” and of she went, she went to a dark place she never saw before they were all strange and scary people the princess tried to pass quickly so she won’t get into trouble then out of nowhere a group of big scary guys came around her they tried touching her then she was about to kick them and run but she couldn’t do that because they were to big then a boy came out of nowhere and started fighting them then he told the princess to run away ,then when she started running away she saw a gig fat guy behind the boy so she went and kicked him he turned around and looked at her in a scary way she punched him in the stomach and banged him in the head with a metal jar then the boy came and told her “are you alright? Come on we have to go before those jerks gain their strength back” jasmine said to the boy” thank you for saving me back there may I know your name?” he said “my name is Damon Gerald nice to meet hey you’re the maiden I snapped at the market okay I will ask you again are you sure you’re not the princess? Because you look exactly like her!!” she said “okay okay fine I will tell you yes I am the princess but don’t tell anyone” “I won’t soooo…. What are you doing all by yourself? And you’re a princess aren’t you suppose to be wearing fancy clothes and guards everywhere?” he said in a surprising way,,,then she said “well I know I am dressed like that so I would come and make sure that my people are doing fine”, “so you really care about your people don’t you?” he said ,then she said “of course I do, hey nice talking to you and thank you for saving me back there but I got to go bye and thanks again!!” and of she ran away. Damon didn’t tell her that her father was the one who is seeking to kill her and he thought for a second and had a strange feeling he never felt before and that feeling was called love he went home and his father asked of where he has been for the day he just told him that he went to the market and came back. The princess went back to her castle and got dressed and was ready to go back to the normal world and when she reached there, it was still night so she had some sleep then in the morning when she went back to school her friend Elizabeth asked her where she was for the day then Jasmine told her everything that happened and she told her that his last name was Gerald and that she was kind of suspicious that he might be the son of her parents murderer but he seemed very kind not like his father. Then when she went back to her planet she went to the market hoping she might see him again then she saw him just standing there then she went and said “hi how are you remember me the princess” he said “of course how can I forget am fine how was your day?” she replied” it was fine thank you um… can I ask you something is your father called Gerald the evil wizard?” he said in a shocking way “ya he is and I know that he is going to kill you when you get 16 but I am not evil like my father I hate his evil stuff I got my mom’s mercy, and kindness so I am a whole different person than my dad and I am so sorry of what he did to your parents that was really mean he did that when I was 1 year old I knew about it when I was 8 and never liked my dad since then you have to believe me” then the princess said “am sorry I have to go I have a lot of work to do” and of she went. Then one morning she woke up and it was the day she turns 16 she was waiting for this her whole life so she went to school and it was graduation day so she got all ready for the big day when she went to school she stood at the stage with Elizabeth then Elizabeth asked her “are you ready for the big day?” Jasmine said “I was born ready let’s get this thing done so I would go and face the mighty then when the called her name for her certificate clouds started gathering and thunder then a strange deep voice started calling “Jasmine ,Jasmine I am here for you”, everyone started panicking running and screaming was all was heard and seen then the evil nasty wizard came down from the clouds and said “are you ready Jasmine it’s your big day isn’t it so get prepared because the battle is going to happen right here.”

Then the wizard attacked her with lightning and she was thrown up in the air, then she flew and attacked him with her laser eyes but he protected himself with a magical field then he took out the sword that he used it to kill her parents then when he tried to attack her Damon came in front of him and stopped him and said “leave her alone or else….” The wizard said “or else what you can’t do anything I am your father now get out if my way” and he pushed him away then the wizard went through a sword fight with the princess then the princess gave him a scratch with the sword in his face and it started bleeding then he said “you silly little girl look what have you done you are going to regret this” then he just disappeared, then jasmine went down to the ground to check on Damon all the people were starring at her and they were surprised she didn’t care and tried to wake up Damon and she started saying “Damon, Damon can you hear me wake up your dad is trying to kill me please help me” then Damon started to wake up and he looked at her and said “help me to get up and I will try my best” then when she gave him her hand the wizard came out of nowhere and pushed her to the school wall until it cracked, the wizard came in front of her and pointed the sword at her heart and said “this is the end of your life Jasmine Russo anything want to say before you die” “ya I do look behind you it’s a gift from your son” Jasmine said in a confidence voice ,Damon banged the wizard in his head with a huge tree and he flew away the princess flew to him and took him by his clothes and said “ I am not gonna kill because I am not a bad person like you but I am gonna make you suffer just like how you made me suffer for 16 years so I am gonna take your powers away and you will go to wizardry jail for you entire life hope you enjoy in jail then the wizard called for his son and told him “ you are not my son I took you from the streets so I could raise you and make you my evil assistance but I chose the wrong kid as I can see you are just a week and un useful boy you were always like shame on you” Damon was shocked and surprised but was also happy that he wasn’t the son of a nasty evil man. Then after 1 year Damon and Jasmine got married and had their first baby after 1 year she was a beautiful daughter named Alex had the hair of her moms and eyes , cheeks and mouth of her father and when she grew up when she turned 16 she was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom just like her mom.  And about the people in the world what they saw the kingdoms wizard brain washed their minds for that noon so they won’t remember a thing that happened. And everyone lived happily ever after well of course except for the evil wizard Gerald who spend a lot of time in jail and always said someday my queen I will have revenge then he will start laughing over and over and over again. And well thats all.  


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