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Location: City of Evil, south part in the Bat Country, United Kingdom

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I need to make an announcement. To those who new Jimmy, I need to make you aware of his passing. He died on the 25th May 2013.



I'll be blunt. Life, sucks. Sure, okay, if you see the world through the fake illusion, then congratulations- you are an idiot.

This world is a fu(k3d up mess.

Anyway, a little about me. I'm 16, my hair is black, I am a goth, I do not have a happy view on things. Family life sucks, and that's all you need to know, unless I trust you. I'm a Gamer Girl. As in, Halo, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Catherine (Yes, Jimmy, I have played and will BUY when I eventually have money!) Tomb Raider, Ghost Rider, Guitar Hero, Mass Effect, and the list is HUGE!

My music taste is varied. I enjoy: Rock Metal Alternative Jazz Classical Thrash But I'm willing to give anything a try.  

My favourite bands are: Evanescence Avenged Sevenfold Black Stone Cherry Breaking Benjamin Vanessa Carlton The Pretty Reckless one-Eyed Doll Iron Maiden Nirvana Black Sabbath Slayer Metallica And many more.

I obviously enjoy writing or I wouldn't be here.

7 places I've always wanted to go: Italy Japan Australia Florida California New York L.A My fave books: Maxium Ride Witch and Wizard Hunger Games Vampire Academy Night World And a shed load more, but do you have any idea how long it would take to type them all up?

Good Booksie Writers: Blackdragon99 Megstar1563 SwiftyForevss14 Ghoul24 Chilam Rose Killson Vivian97 Stonedwizardx6x Midnight Jade CanadianIdiot Loretta Jane Check these people out. You will not regret it.   

Jimmy- You are the person I owe so much to and can never repay. You were my world, and honestly, it was so right...but shit happens. You may never forgive me, and I understand that. But please know that even now, I love you. There is no question about it. Im sorry for breathing without you by my side.

Lulu- Little sis, you are the sweetest little thing! You're cute and cuddly, but if you get any sweeter then you will give me a tooth ache! XD I miss you alot Coco, and I really hope you get online soon because I'm worried and protective over you. >_< COME BACK I MISS AND LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- This has nothing to change to it. Everything should remain the same, because my feelings and view on you hasn't changed either. So I will say this- I'm sorry I had to leave you. I hope you find a way to forgive me.

Robsie- You, my brother, are awesome also! (See that? Illiteration people! Yeah, I probably spelt it wrong, but who cares?) You understand me too, and are constantly telling me that you're there for me if I need you, which I really appriciate. I love you like my own brother, so if you change, I will kill you. End of story. Please, come back. I miss you, and I need you...I'm sorry I left you, please, try and find it in you to forgive me.   Graeme- Your writting actually helped me to concentrate more on my details instead of the characters so much, so thank you for helping me improve when you didn't mean too. You're a great guy with a sick mind. Don't you change either.I hope you and your family are all well and enjoying your lives.  

Rebekah-You are incredibly sweet and completely awesome! We share many interests, and while I may not have known you for very long, I very much enjoy talking to you, and cannot wait for more encounters. You already mean alot to me, so remember you can come to me with anyting, always. This doesn't need editing either, so I will apologise to you also for leaving. Please, try and find it in you to forgive me.

BVBug/Rose- You're music taste is brilliant and so is your personality! You're two years older than me, which is one of the many reasons I look to you as an older sister. I never told you this, but I honestly wish you were my sister, and I love you as such. You're a saftey net for me, since everything I'm going through, you've already been through. You're a light tat guides me through a tunnel, so thank you for that. I love you! Big sis, I'm so sorry circumstances dragge me from you. Please, if you can, try and forgive me. Mad- You know, I cannot remember you not being on Booksie. You've always been there, encouraging me from the start and you have no idea how much I need the encouragement. I have always been told that I'm a waste of space and good for nothing, so thank you so much for everything. I love you too, and honestly, I find myself considering you a sister :) i'm so sorry I had to leave you....please try and forgive me. Tanaya- You are an incredibly sweet and awesome person. You have a great taste in music, and you have a mature yet innocent head on your shoulders, and you had better never change. We haven't spoken much, but I hope to change that since you are so simply fantastic to talk to. I already love you as a sister, so we HAVE to speak more. It apat you are not too mad at me for leaving, and I hope that remains. Thank you so much for taling to me.pears th Yue-You are incredibly sweet also, but you have an undercurrent of fire and determination in you, which I love! You are strong as well as sweet and sensative. You fight when you're needed and you respect others and their choices. You're a brilliant poet and you care so much, and you will ALWAYS fight for the under dog. Yue, you are truly amazing in my eyes. This doesn't need changing either. I'm sorry I was taken from you too, you know...I hope you can forgive me also.  

Jingle-Jingle, you are you so FUNNY! Your positive outlook on the world reminds me that there are still people in this world who aren't ignorant of its issues, but seem them and choose not to dwell on them. Your innocence continues to confuse and amaze me, and honestly? I cannot picture my life without such a bubbly and sweet character as yourself.You are a talented author and my chinese friend. In many ways, you are a little sister to me. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me too.  


So, uh...yeah.  






Most of the time, I'm a poet. I'm making a book at the moment. Any poetry you see on my page is going to be in a book called, "Living In The Shadows." But I have three novels going at the moment. Angel of Torment, ...Zombie... and Huntress-The First Dance With Death, along with a couple other projects, but they probably won't go anywhere. Though, I am quite interested to see how Mortal Nightmare plays out. It is as much a mystery to me as to you...if you're even reading this at all. Please read any of the above. I absolutely HATE fake people with fake accounts. If you are someone like that, then please just leave me alone and leave the ones I care for and love alone, or I will go INSANE on your @$$ and I have anger issues, so I'm pretty scary when pissed.

Believe it or not, there is a construction limit on what you can do on your profile. >_< So, no more random lyrics...well, depends on my bored level.

Anyway, please enjoy my page. :)


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