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I have written a short storie and value anyones opinion thank you for your time



I have spent my entire existence in a small enclosed community a rural habitation barely registering a bigger picture. I have grown accustomed to being surrounded by such a world. These people have been all each other me included have know. Nothing surpasses in are daily lives without it becoming a public announcement in fact I often have wondered why we each bother to have walls it provides no barer except to the elements. In fact I have often considered that a tanoidod system would be beneficial it would certainly speed the process up by a few minutes. That is until I registered the fact that is exactly what some citizens of this village live for and therefore it would only serve to take away there purpose which community spirited as I am I could not bring myself to see. So there it is you have in a sort passage learned all there is really to know about my home village and I trust a full picture of its style. No dought this canvases as a rather tired and negative picture of my circumstances believe me this is far from the case I was very happy I loved my village with it’s quirky, eccentric characters the likes of which you will never come across in a big city for all of its glamour I loved the history it’s quaint and individual houses and cottages which you will again never encounter in cosmopolitan environment they simply would be out of place. No I was happy and contented why should, I not be this was my home and I had no wish to leave it and be anywhere else the notion had simply not occurred to me. Yes there were individuals who searched for intrigue where there was not but this did not bother me in fact I found as I grew in age surprisingly more fun than before. You have no idea how enjoyable it could be to feed them a thread or trail especially an embellished one. To watch the light in there eyes as they latched on to possible point of interest and tried to distract the facts to no avail. To walk away leaving them empty handed and desperate. I realize it sounds cruel and I suppose it seems that way but you would be wrong it’s actually a great service both the, for myself and the fire it provides them with to live. The endless possibilities it leaves them to speculate on and cover. I have been so accustomed to this familiarity that the idea of anything different or out of the ordinary occurring was incomprehensible. Such this simply did not happen in Brywater I surely would not be the first person to know it anyway I did not mind providing gossip to the contrary it provide a source of never ending entertainment and sport but it did not realize part taking in it. I had to much sense and experience having generated much suspecting to either believe all I heard from others knowing they have most properly guessed or supposed wrong about there news or wish to know. But that is exactly the events that took place completely unexpected I had never considered myself to be lacking or being deprived of anything but it seems no matter how well you know yourself you can be proved wrong life can be like that. You don’t necessarily go looking for trouble or change but it can seek you out.

 Anyway let me explain. Because of the nature of my environment I could not have failed to notice him. I lived in picturesque cottage formed by ancient solid stones surrounded an equally as old and established wall and decorative gate. I loved by home my solitude. I have it inherited from my parents several years ago they died when I was relatively young. It feels strongly of them which I also love and draws me to it they of course had inherited from there parents my grandparents whom I loved and in turn it has now passed to me. I know everyone in this village only to well strangers are instantly recognized and discussed. It was at the beginning of March when as I say I first set eyes on him. It struck me as odd begging was not a common sight in my village it was not the type of big place you would go if you were desperate and hopeful. He wore a long worn gray trench coat he appeared regular height, hair beginning to grey but other wise thick and healthy though dusty and dirty. His shoes where long since pasted there prime brown in origin but of evidently good quality. They reminded me of the type my father always used to ware. The memory was a warming one to me. They would never be gone as long as I remembered. The man wore his core up at the neck head bend deeply down paying no interest or care to those who happened to pass him which, were not many a quite small place as it is. I approached him having no alternative but to pass his route. I could not face passing with out his accumulate meant there were few he would find enthusiastic warmth from in this community I was sure of that.  I bestrode u pone in the few piece of change I happened to have knowing it properly wasn’t a good idea to encourage him but what the heck it would give the village something to talk about there had been a dry spell of that lately. He inclined his head as I did so said noting just looked then reclined his head.

As I walked away considered that look a gaze of both knowing wisdom and myste. As I continued my day I disguarded him from my thoughts completely. It was with genuine surprise that I was faced with the man again as I walked once again down my daily commute to work. Again I gave him a token amount and again he met my eyes but no words only recognition. Over the ensuing days I was astonished to encounter him on the familiar spot with the exact same cloths and knowing expression. I did not feel unease as I handed over the pieces I could and received my look which never changed, no I felt only ever increasing curiosity. It was with this in mind that I took it u pone myself the challenge of divulging all the information I could about this strange new arrival to are circle. I certainly knew the sources to go to if there was any to be had and that they would be only to glad to tell what they could to egger listening ears. There was only ever one place you had to go if you wanted the full knowledge and that was my Auntie Margeray. Aunt Margeray is in fact my Aunt my mother’s older sister not one of those fashionable labels attached to friends of the family regardless of closeness. She is actually the kindest person I know next to my Uncle if you excuse her fatist for gossip. My uncle her husband contrary to her is quite and deep not in a recluse kind of a way he is not shy or reluctant to state his option if fact when the desire takes him he will strongly do so. No he is quite, silent because he is happy to let others participate in conversation rather than bother in what he sees as often a useless pursuit. I find them both sources of strength and love them both dearly they have been there although my struggles after the loss of my parents. There home is comfortable and a descent size but that is not where I may way I knew where my Auntie would be and that had to be local tea room she would be there without fail her part time employment would see to that.


My dear how lovely wont you have a cup of tea.

Thanks, can I ask you something

By all means never stopped you before


Do you know anything about who he is? The man by the street holding out for money from the passers by?


Him no why do you ask.

No reason just curious that’s all


I see no other reason


No I just pass the man every day on the way to work and I wouldn’t mind find some thing about him.

 Anyone would think you only came here to ask about him and not to visit me.


No of course not it’s just he has been here for weeks now don’t you find that a little bit strange this isn’t exactly the first place which springs to mind if your down on your luck and in need of money. This isn’t precisely a wealth hamlet quaint and elderly yes but not littered with gold. People here don’t particularly take kindly to those they don’t know and don’t conform. They may support charity but only of there choosing for there own social reasons it’s a hobby rather than a cause.


How can you say that it’s so unkind?


I am sorry you I adore everyone in this community for all there idosincresays but still you must agree they can tend to be hypocritical in there actions and options.


Oh please.


You know them even better than I do you have lived among them longer no offence so you know I am right.


Oh alright I suppose you have a point but as to this man I have no idea no one seems to make any distance as to determining who he is or his purpose here or the duration of his visit. They have made a quest of it believe me but even Morage can’t make any way. And you know how fixated she is when she establishes a cause for gossip but to no avail. You can’t imagine how frustrated it’s making. No one it seems has treated her the way this fellow seems to be quite out of sorts she is completely unsure how to retaliate. The man simple says nothing to her or near enough nothing which is just as little use as to forming his character. Not that that stops Morage forming her own option on that score.


A cast out that’s what she thinks and is determined that it’s true.


I am sure she is if in dough make up your own tail. 


Oh you will come and have dinner your Uncle is dyeing to see you.


Very well


Hi there not seen you this week.

No I couldn’t’t help it.

Marge tells me you been asking about that fellow on the path.

I just wondered if anyone knew anything about him seems an odd place to choice coming here.

Well I can’t say I know much about that maybe it is maybe it’s not but I would certainly keep away from him that much I am sure of.

Do you know something about him them.

Didn’t’t say that now did I

Come on don’t play around.

Ok no I don’t

Are you sure I am surprised that’s all I would have expected you of all people in this village to give him some sympathy.

I didn’t’t say I wasn’t I am sure there’s a sad story behind his situation but I just don’t wont you getting involved I am full aware of what you can be like once you get a cause in to you mind.

You make me sound crazy I am not that bad.

No of course not I just care, I don’t won’t to see you getting into trouble that’s all.

I appreciate that you won’t to protect me.

I do know lets have this dinner you Aunties made and not go over this any more.


So I took my Uncles advice I knew it was only a matter of time before that man would move on and be quickly forgotten I did not need to get involved. The last thing I wonted was an argument. So the days passed and yet still this strange man did not move we exchanged nothing but the look. Days shifted to weeks and more curiosity was generated but the local inhabitants.


It was the middle of April when it happened when everything changed. The wind had be blowing seeslessly all day and the rain had picked up the beat. It rattled and batted relentlessly. Then the thunder arrived crashing and booming brings with it the colossal lightning. The days work was at an end thank goodness it had been a long day and from the comfort of my own home the show was a spectacle I had always been rather trilled by the sound of the thunder and the display of the lightning the way it illuminated the surrounding black with its force. Never restrained or quiet. I stood entranced gazing as I imagine most people in the village where through my living room window the curtains drawn fully back for the full astounding effect. I had not given the strange a second thought until the moment I watched his spot by the hedged wall being struck. The fork’s falling to the grown, a ferocious climax the crash following instantly the sky a light by the streak flaming yellow. My horror propelled me in to instantaneous action. I only hoped there was something I could do how could, I have been for heartless not to have thought of him before I had only passed him a few hours ago. I ran as fast as I could summon the strength to. I found him lying soundlessly on his side u pone the pavement I could not rouse him as I screamed for a response over the noise and shock him. I could not tell weather he had any marks but as the weather picked up for a yet another round I had no wish to wait around to see. I rolled him over on to his front positioned myself at his head and levered him up into rough sitting slouching stature and heaved and dragged him to the nearest form of shelter I could which was wooded firm bus shelter I could not have managed further so heavy was he. I waited in the wood hut for an undesignated time. The wind and rain mixed with thunder and lightning hammering there full effort over my head. The weather felt even closer now that I was relatively exposed. I was soaked thanks to the wind blowing the rain in horizontally. I listen and felt for signs of life and examined for injuries but I could ascertain none and his pulse still flowed with increasing strength. I hoped he was passed the worst of the danger. The time drew on and eventually I heard him grown and sift. I reassured and comforted him and for a time he lapsed into unconsciousness. When he fully roused, he lay opened his eyes and looked at me peaceful. What happened where am I who are you. Your in a bus shelter I saw you nearly being struck your exceptionally luck it was a narrow escape rest and when you feel well enough I will take you back to may home for the night.

I can’t do that

Of course you can no puts this is on for the night you have had a shock you need rest and warmth and in the morning a thou going over I fetch the doctor over.

I couldn’t

Yes you can I can let you stay out in this you must for me I insist.


He closed his eyes then with an expression of pain and seemed as if he wonted to argue, to refuse but that the effort was too great. I watched over him and waited. After a while his breathing seemed to come stronger and more regulated in rhythm. He opened his eyes and again and tried to sit up.

I think I can move now.

Are you sure?

Yes I can manage just let me lean on you as I walk I’ll manage.

We hopeled at pain staking pace despite the lashing from the wind and the rain Once I flung the door opened, which I had not locked since running in such a hurry. I collapsed into a chair.


Look I know you must really want to sleep but we have to get you dry and warmed up and quickly hypothermia will set in if we don’t let’s get out of these wet things. I have some dry clothes they may not be your size they belonged to my father but at least there warm and try so they’ll do don’t go anywhere.


Hay wake up do you think you can manage to dress yourself?


If you help me I think can manage some.


Ok well let’s start with this coat it’s sticking to you.


It was a slow staggered process that was evidently agonizing to his searing limbs. With considerable effort and assistance we succeeded exhaustion plain in his eyes leaning on me heavily on my body for support be staggered are way to the spare bed room and to the bed into which he collapsed which a drawn out breath. His eyes closed and I think he feel there and then into a semiconscious sleep.


That night I undressed into clean dry cloths dumping the soaking disguarded garments where they fell u pone my meticulously tidy bed room floor the behavior was most unlike me. I cleaned my teeth and patted my hair dry with a towel. After which I too collapsed into the comfort of my covers. I lay awake for some time despite the tiredness fighting to consume me pictures of this strange man coming back and forth in front of my eyes. In the morning I crept down the stairs and silently opened the bed room door and tiptoed over and looked down on him. Then I made my way back to the living room and reached for the phone.  When I heard him move some time later I looked from up from the chair a cross the room from the bed and the book I had been reading.


Hi how do you feel the doctors say’s that you were lucky there doesn’t appear to be any serious damage. I brought you some scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I hope that’s alright.


Don’t go it looks wonderful I may not be up to much talking but that doesn’t’t mean I don’t wont some company especially yours. Thank you saved my life last night


Don’t be so dramatic I didn’t do anything anyone wouldn’t’t have done and you’re welcome.       


You know we have met each morning for the passed month and you have never once said a word to me.


Nor you to me


That’s true well my names Sam, well Samantha but everyone just calls me Sam except of course my parents but there not here anymore to do that so it’s Sam this is were I live.


It’s very nice my names Jet.


Without his coat, and clean cloths a shave I realized that he was a deeply attractive young man. Even his hair did not hold any of the same age I had thought I had seen on are first meeting. His eye held a fascination for me I could not explain.

Now that he was out of the harsh weather and in comfort his smile fell naturally and easily and I found myself craving his company. Instead of giving my life out with my work much of a consideration I actually found myself anticipating the time when I would arrive home for the evening and weekends. We would spend nearly all are time just talking about nothing and everything I came to feel as if I new him completely and yet there still lingered this element somewhere behind the eyes that remained unreachable. I could not deceiver what it could be and yet I felt certain it was nothing to be it would be discovered and in the mean it made not difference. He was intriguing and enticing he never failed to grip my interest. I never raised to subject of him leaving as we grew to understand each other the very notion seemed beyond contemplation the idea of him not being apart of my life seemed beyond considering. He also never raised the idea after the initial assurances that I was happy to have him. I felt sure he felt the same dismissal about the thought of leaving the village. There was one topic a pone which he was irritatingly vague and elusive when I approached and that was the reason for his choice to come to the village of Brywater. It was seemed to be some kind of inter pool he could not explain. But I suspected that it was more a case of would not explain. He had been so open about all other subjects it made me more certain that he was making a deliberate decision to be secretive. Time floated passed in glorious bliss and peace I had not felt for as long as I cared to recollect.  Those in the village as you would suppose speculated and prodded as to his identity and origins and further more his intentions towards me who was after all a single young women who they considered really rather venerable and susceptible to crooks and miscreants since the poor lose of her parents so young in life. What would they think propriety must be maintained after all and this certainly was’not doing so. Always such a sensible young lady they had supposed flippant at times but that had to be allowed for even with such guidance as he Aunt and Uncle. The looks and quite whispers and especially the questions when they could amused me no end. I loved the way they could not ask completely what they wonted directly.


My Auntie and Uncles reactions where however harder to bare I did so hate to disagree or face there disapproval.


It was late one evening when we sat talking about the local inhabitants when we un ominously he diverted the currant of the present conversation.


You have been so kind to me let me repay you. Don’t worry I can help you, invigorate your life trust me I can make you never the same again.


I did not consider anything but utter trust and complete agreement. Somehow I could feel that at this moment I was going to discover what it was that lay deep beneath concealed by those guarding eyes. I waited knowing he would go on.  


I watched with a mixture of fear, and horror as moved his fingers to his inside jacket pocket and removed a pointed neat dagger.

 He placed the little dagger between his fingers a dagger displaying an ebony handle and sharp glinting blade. I was anchored by the fear and yet I was unafraid I barely knew him and yet I trusted him completely I felt entranced enchanted even by what he do by what he had meant change me for ever. How could I be changed? I watched as the light played on the sheen of the blade consumed. He sat directly a cross from me a serious face concentrating on the blade also but with no dought about what he was going to do he was sure of himself. Then he turned his gaze a pone he and reached for my hand which lay rested calmly a pone my knees my feet rooted to the floor. I don’t think I could have moved had I wonted to at that moment.

 Gently his hand took mine in his it was soft to the touch, completely smooth this surprised me I had not expected them to be so. His warm was comfortingly pleasant he held them and looked at me for several minutes them slowly smiled.


I am sorry if this hurts but it can not be avoid it can not be done otherwise I am afraid. It shall pass quick enough and be forgotten. You have nothing I assure you to fear.


The light lit his features as he kept hold of my hand lightly and with the other still containing the dagger drew the weapon towards me. I did not struggle I did’not even flinch. I just sat and waited for the unexpected unaware of anything else surrounding me at that time.

I felt saw him turn my hand over in his so that my palm lay up words and was flat in his grasp. I watched as he aimed the blade for the centre of my outstretched exposed palm so freely given. I watched as he lowered the blade until I could feel its hard shape against my skin. I watched as he continued lowering its metal until I could feel it pierce and entre my flawless flesh. I watched on as it continued to deepen in my skin until I felt releasing its pressure. I saw the blade leave my hand coated in the red fluid I knew to be my own blood. Watched silently as he removed the dagger fully and placed it u pone the table beside him. I looked from his face then down to my hand which still lingered motionless in mid air in front of me. It was red with blood still flowing fast from the long, thin, deep wound. The tingling searing pain registered then as it continued to consume my clean, clear skin.


 I am sorry as I said truly it could not be helped it had to be deep also it is essential. Here let me use the final vital ingredient. You surely don’t imagine a cut to be life changing now do you! No the real secret is in this. He held open his palm then to let me see what we meant. I had not noticed but I guess it must have been in his coat pocket along with the knife and I hadn’t noticed him take it out because I had been observing my hand at the time. In his hadn’t he held balanced a small container a circle in shape formation and make out a substance I hazard to suppose was tin. It had I lid on it cancelling its contents from my eyes I could not imagine what it may hold. I slowly then unscrewed the lid all the while watching my expression. Once it was extracted he reached again for my hand resting on my knee which still bleed profusely and pulled it close to him. Again I did not register a desire to repel his touch or fright though sense would say I should. I took out a hand full of the sparkling black power which was in the tin he had and sprinkled it liberally all over the hand with the open wound. The sensation was a startlingly intense one I will never forget or ever experienced before. Time seemed to stand still the incision the only memento. The blinding mixture of emotions fought there way through me for I could not determine how long the all was still and quite peaceful even after the dept of stimulus everything stopped. The next thing I recollect with any knowing clarity is waking up in the dark room. It took a few minutes for me to remember what had occurred and to register where I was in the living of my home in my comfortable familiar bed the cover raped snuggly round me. I tried to work out what time of day it was how long had I slept I tried to suppose. It dawned on me that the room was dark because the curtains were closed but even though it was still to dark which must mean surly that it was now night. I tried to relax and rest myself and for a few minutes I tried but it was a futile effort I knew I would not rest now. What had occurred?

I raised my self from my warm bed and went for a drink.

Well how are you I thought I heard you moving about you must not concern yourself I realize this all appears rather strange but all will become clear and you shall have no regrets I can assure you of that.

What did you do?

It is an old legacy passed down through the generations of my family in particular my Fathers side.

They were in possession of great gifts that only those who do not know can not imagine.

You shall learn them to soon and everything in your life will differ.


Everything came in a clarity I never visualize possible my mind flew strength seemed to penetrate my very core. He was defiantly right I was different. I felt no danger or anger. He had promised and delivered. Everything made sense he had be drawn here knowing he had a purpose.    


Suddenly the most startling of fact came hammering towards me there was a very good reason that he had survived the lightning storm that he had been unafraid of the weather. Had’t even endeavored to move when it took place and that was because he knew that he would be unharmed by its effects.


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