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Hi My Name is Marquis, I want to start by telling my story. I was raised in a small town called Monticello Fl,but I was born in Tallahassee Fl.I was originally born threw insest unfortunately, But hey I thank God I'm here .I grew up very poor, I can remember as a kid in Monticello I was always treated different and picked on as a kid ,on top of being abuse by my step father growing up so I had a rough childhood. I can remember growing up and My stepfather would beat me time ,After time again and again for years in a stretch and my mom Allowed these things to happen to me bit most of the time she was at work. So while she was working my stepfather would make me stay in the bed all day while I stare at white walls and look at the ceiling from the time I woke up ,until my mom got home from work with no food and water.Growing up in so much fear,anger and hurt caused me alot of pain and hurt .So these things will go on for years while we stayed in Monticello, I can remember sneaking out of bed to go call my grandmother to tell my Step-grandfather to come pick me up and hang the phone up quietly because I was afraid my stepfather would beat me for calling my grandmother. So I would whisper talking to her to tell this to come get me .So this went on from 5 years old until I was about 9 years old and thats when my little brother came and things got worse for me of course because I wasn't his son ,So he Treated me different and would always protect my lil brother and my mom Allowed these things to happen to me as a kid.So by the time I was 11 years old I could out my uncle was actually my father so thats when I realized wow this is crazy and insane to not only find out at such a young age but I just never had peace or understanding to cope with it .So at this point in time I stayed with my grandmother for 2 years until I reach 5 th grade and thats when my mother came and got me and my whole life changed and go worse and moved me from Monticello Fl to Tallahassee. But after I moved my grandfather well step but to me he was my real grandfather because he was there for me hold life and raised me .He told my mother if you take Marquis to Tallahassee im going to died.Next thing you know I moved and not to shorty after unfortunately he passed Away and I was devastated and so hurt.So living with my mom again and my abusive stepfather, was rough because I have to watch him put hands on my mom and beat her but I was so afraid of him that I couldn't do anything plus I did want my lil brother watching that stuff so I would take him in the room so hide him from those things.So as life and couple years passed, by this time onwas in middle school and my little brother was going to school at a daycare down the road from my school .Next thing I know my mom was going threw a divorce with my stepfather and wanted to get away from the abuse so he kidnapped my little brother from daycare to find my mom .Once we got my little brother back we stayed at a disclosed refuge house for awhile until we were able to get a place of our own to get away from stepfather until there divorce was final and then we ended up getting a place .Then my stepfather found us and started stalking my mom, Then out of no where I get a call and My mom said my stepfather came to her job and pin her down in the car and tried to rape here and beat her until she managed to escape. So then at the point she was fed up so she put  restraining order on him.By this time I was in 8th grade at the time.So that's when the depression Started and I became suicidal ,until I met my neighbor down the road ,who later became my Bestfriend and I would go to his house and play video games and catch the bus to school together. This went on for about two years .So by the time I was in 10th grade my mom found out about me smoking weed on school campus  Now I always been a great student I just talked to much and didn't get much work done because I didn't understand it.So I was failing high school ,Next thing you know I get a call to the Dean's office and my mom was in there with everyone ,The sheriff  ,the assistant principal and so she told them about me smoking on campus, So the deputy told me he would be watching me for now one so I stopped smoking. By the next year I dropped out high school to get my GED.Thats when the drinking and Clubbing started at the age of 18.But by this pont in life my mom moved into a house where I linked up with my Bestfriend from high school that I played football with in 9th grade so we got close again and did everything together and hung out all the time for about 3 years then I went off and moved to Orlando with my Aunt because me and my Mom would always clash.So I live with my aunt for about a year until I got sick.So I moved back to Tallahassee after finding out I was type 1 diabetic. So things kinda went downhill from there with more depression because of my Health. Thats when the drinking and drugs got heavy from the age of 20 to 22 years old ,By this time I lost a kid at 18 from a abortion that I'm totally against and got another girl pregnant at 22 but found two years later but unfortunately she had a miscarriage .But by this time of found that out ,I had another girl pregnant at 22 and so she payed for my ticket so moved to Jersey with her .Thats lasted about a month and two weeks later found out she was pregnant so I was trying to be there for her and the child on the way.But after telling me she was pregnant I didn't hear from her for months until she found the gender of the baby, By this time I was searching for a place and a job to take care of them. A few months later my child came and was born with heart problems. But yet she never once let me see him or being Around him other than seeing a picture. So my son passed away after a month and his mom wouldn't allow me at the funeral and she didn't even go herself unfortunately so I cut her off and I lost everything on my end and became homeless so I moved in with my Bestfriend and his family for awhile until I left and moved to Kentucky for job corps.When I was there I went threw alot and finding out that the campus was 88% aids ,hiv,and Std positive so I left after a month.At the time I was 24 years old and So I moved back to Orlando with my cousin and shortly after I met my 4th baby mother. Which I would only see her maybe twice a month after finding out I got her pregnant after the first time. So I would only see her just for sex or Date .So 6 months passed and I end up in the hospital with a herna that was there since birth would've it erupted I would have died instantly .So after surgery I stayed in the hospital about days.So my family talked me into moving back to Tallahassee to recover and two weeks after the surgery she had a miscarriage. But the depression and health issues and drugs increased and continues .Next thing you know im at a bar where some stuff went down and the following day I had a fun to the my head for two hours.So eventually I wanted to change my life and stop the drugs.So right after I went to a friend's music video shoot and thats when I met the Woman who would change my life forever. Which was back in 2018 and We been together since November 8,2018 and I been happy and depression free every since until this day.But I can say I have put her threw alor due to my health issues and going to the hospital back to back for high blood sugar, and the older I got the more my health issues would Increase and I got sicker and She been taking care of me Every since until now. But Thats the Marquis Jones Story, but it's just the beginning with more in store to come. 


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