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About me

Name: Kara (yes that picture is actually me because I know your probably thinking... ok i dont know what ur thinking but yah!! Enjoy)

Nickname: Well... I have a few... I don't really use them tho!!

Birthplace:  Illinois

Current Location:  Was once a place!

Eye Colour:  hazel i guess, i'm not sure! Sometimes they go from green to blue... no blue to green, wait is it green to- aaaaaahhh forget it!

Hair Colour:  Blonde but i think it's starting to turn brown! *tear tear* sad isn't it? No worries I love brunettes tho!!

Height: 5'4, 5'3" something like that!

Boyfriend: Nah... But there is this really adorable guy in my science class!!

Vehicle:  No stupid dad sold it for his own truck!! not like i can drive anyway... but still!!!

Overused Phrase:  Awesome! Whatever! So...? What's your point? Rele... that's great! NO!

My style: Random... me... yeah! Oh annd totally annoying! =D Oh one last thing... LOUD!!!

Personality: Well, hmm... I'm just me! I guess i'm the center of my friends attentions! Okay not rele but... I keep my friends entertained and i love them all. With my parents i'm not exactly the best kid ever, as they would say i have an attitude and i like to smart off to them more than i should! Me i'm like don't yell at me blah blah blah!! (i'm random sorry!!) =D=D=D=D=D=D=D I love french fries from McDonald's. My friends obsess (okay well one obsesses) over who i like and never lets it go until that person knows who it is! Hmm... I guess that wasn't exactly personality... gah...! Well I'm a weeeeeee bit crazy... and annoying... and never shuts up! I love to flirt with guys... my age or not!! *wink wink*



Food:  CHOCOLATE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!! Okay well mayber not always chocolate... it varies!

Restaurant:  Ouback or like Applebee's... something of the sort.

Candy:  Kit Kat bar, and well CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

Number: 55... 13... 78 IDK do i have to know??

Colour:  BLUE... that means I'm totally manly becuz blue is such a masculin color... (something we talked about in class)

Animal:  Dog... i think! No i like... i like... you know i'm not really a pet person! I love my friend's pets though!! =D

Drink: I'm gonna have to go with MOUNTAIN DEW!! or well sometimes coke... depends on the mood!

Perfume: Why the hell would i wear perfume?? I already smell amazing!!!! =D

TV Show:  Secret Life of the American Teenager, come on... u have to love band camp!! (I actually went to band camp!!)

Song: I have lots of favorite songs! My favorite artists are Ne-Yo, Usher, SO NOT BRITTNEY SPEARS!!

Music Album:  I don't rele buy CD's i just listen to youtube all the time! and i guess well the radio... and like iTunes... you've got to love iTunes!!

Movie:  Something like Pride and Prejudice or something!

Actor/Actress:  Hmm.... do i rele have to answer this... i honestly have no freaking idea!!


This or That

Pepsi or Coke:  Coke who drinks Pepsi (well i do drink mountain dew... like all the time tho!!)

McDonalds or Burger King: McDonald's *dances* mhm oh yeah!

Chocolate or Vanilla:  Chocolate duh everyone knows that!!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee:  Hot chocolate again DUH i mean come on who would let me drink coffee anyways when i already bounce off the walls!

Kiss or Hug: Hmm... ki-  no HUGS kisses where so LAST MONTH! or well for me like 10 months ago!! -_-

Dog or Cat:  Neither i prefer like something like tiger or wolf!!!! (Wait those would be in dog or cat families O_O i... uhhhh)

Rap or Punk:  RAP/Punk... oh wait that's the question... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (drawing a blank... please check at another date) =D

Summer or Winter:  Summer!! Beach party baby!!!!!!

Scary Movies or Funny Movies:  Scary movies duh! And like no guys either! Just the girls!

Love or Money:  Money... to many people want love, so i'll take the money!!



Bedtime:  10:00 but like i'm rele going to be asleep that soon, yeah right! (just stay up all night reading... it totally works... or texting if i don't get caught =P)

Most Missed Memory:  I miss my uncle Jon! His best friends killed him in a car accedent from drunk driving! (What a stupid *******!!!) As i would say... swaring isn't nice. But then again... i do all the time so be free to say whatever you like!

Best physical feature:  My hair maybe, but if not that then maybe my eyes! (There a pretty blue hehe i've even been told that's my best feature, but a long time ago! Does that still count?) Or maybe it could me my pers... nope that's not a physical feature!

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Yep... should i be happy about it?? no... yes... IDK!!! I'm going to go with no cuz it wasn't rele a kiss... well it was just not a goo- never mind going on!

First Thought Waking Up: Ugh! *yawns* night! *Mother screams* GET UP! *me* eeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shut the HELL up!

Ambition:  To... be the best I can be! i guess! Or to be like not be a bitch... no that wouldn't be me.... or well uh....

Best Friends:  Sarah, Jason, But i have plenty of friends!!

Best friends on Booksie: Saratopia,  BalletChick, elenamiria

Weakness:  I'm not sure! But i know i have one! Or maybe i'm super girl and i don't have a weakness! Pfft yeah right! Maybe it's being totally insecure! Ok... you're right... i'm soooooooooo not insecure! Maybe its being totally into myself... yah that's definitely it!! =D


Longest relationship:  11 weeks and like two or three days... never thought we would last that long!!! Hmmm.... Why did it last that long??

Ever been beaten up:  Hell no! People are scared of ME i'm not scared of THEM!

Ever beaten someone up:  *innocent grin... would you believe me if i made you a cake and said no??? Actually no i never have... I'm just to nice of a person to harm anyone... but i love to make fun of my friends!!

Ever Shoplifted: Well... no jk never! Gosh i'm not like that! How could you think that??? =O You're so rude thinking that!! Oh wait i'm sorry... i thought you were okay... never mind! =D

Been Dumped Lately:  No... I haven't had a boyfriend in forever!! I could totally use one...


In A Guy

Favourite Eye Colour: Blue but i suppose brown is okay to!! Or green... does it really matter????

Favourite Hair Colour: blonde like me!

Short or Long: Skater boy hair!

Height:  maybe a little taller than me no I take that back I would so want a guy that's like 6'3"

Style:  ...i guess whatever... idc

Looks or Personality:  someone who can make me laugh and feel comfortable around them and who is like so stupid... its funny!

Hot or Cute:  Well... i rele don't care... but if i had to choose..... cute, everyone always goes after the hot guys... not like i wouldn't stand a chance though!!

Muscular or Really Skinny:  More on the muscular side.... =D

Extra: Be nice and caring!! Except me for who I am, I'm totally crazy!! Be there for me and love me!! And always ask if i want to go out on the weekends somewhere... and don't get upset when i bring my friends!! If you can't handle my friends... well then we've got a problem!!


More random

What country do you want to Visit:  Itally, germany, france.... yeah EUROPE HONEY!!

How do you want to Die:  I want to die sleeping or laughing way to much like i always do!!

Mall Lately: OMG my head hurts it's been so long...

Get along with your Parents: Not so much! No!

Health Freak: Why should i be when everyone else in my family is??

Do you think your Attractive: I'm not sure but i'm not horrible looking!!!!

Believe in Yourself:  Sure totally! I've got everything to believe in... I'm smart and funny n I've got all the love in the world!!!!

Want to go to College: Well duh!

Been in deep crap:  Like every now and th- like every DAY, who's not???

Been in Love: Nope not yet... I've loved lots of people tho!!

Do you Sing:  Who doesn't but i could like break glass or much worse, i could crack the cement O_O ooopss!

Want to get Married:  Yes but to whom, i'm not sure! Hmm... i will have to find out in time i guess!! *deep sigh... THIS IS TAKING WAY TO LONG!!

Do you want Children:  YES like 10, no not rele... maybe two... or one! one would be good... maybe I'll adopt =D

Ever embarrassed yourself to get his attention: No cause he (whoever that is) already pays attention, and why not, it's me??

Hate anyone: ...yah kind... hehe

1. Your Name: Kara
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME: Karizzle (Hahahah that's cool)
3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: Blue Horse  (EWWW i don't like that name...)
4. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: Marie Osborn (OOOOOOOh this is a really cool soap opera name!!)
5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: Copkacar (Darth Vader: Copkacar, Luke is your father *His deep breathing thing* haaa... haaa... haaa)
6. YOUR SUPERHERO NAME: Greencoke (Well... I don't think I'd ever get popular with that kind of superhero name)
7. YOUR ARAB NAME:  Apaaujl (HAHAHAHAHAH that's kinda funny!!)
8. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: Lynn (ugh... that's a boring name!!)
9. YOUR GOTH NAME:  Blacknothingness (this goth name actually works for me!! =D no wait i mean >=( yah that's it!!)

alt<---- I like to think i kinda look like this... only blonder!! =Daltaltaltalt=D I think she's pretty!! the PuRpLe boy is kinda cute to... only the redness under his eyes could go!!


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